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    3D sectionals- wedge corner

    Thank you!- I'm using Chief X10 and I don't find what I'm looking for in Trimble 3D warehouse or the wayfair catalog. I recently took a chief interiors class in Orlando Fla and mentioned the need for better furniture choices as I do family rooms etc besides Kitchens and Baths. This wedge thing drives me crazy because I need accurate size capabilities for the space plan. Thanks! Crystal Photiou CP Interiors
  2. dreamer

    3D sectionals- wedge corner

    Hello, I am looking for 3d models of sectionals with wedge corner to import into chief- not having much luck. Any suggestions? ... and after that I'll probably need help importing it (rocket scientist here!)
  3. dreamer

    sectionals in chief x10

    Hello Having issues in X10 making sectionals larger and adding fabrics and pillows. Used a wayfair sofa and also the Haupt corner sofa. With the wayfair sofa, was able to change main fabric but not touch pillows and with the Haupt sofa could not adjust size, explode block or change fabric- basically had to user what they gave me! Any suggestions? don't use.plan
  4. dreamer

    Using inspiration picture to work against

    thank you -got it
  5. Hello, Does anybody know how to have an inspiration picture open on 1/2 the screen to work against when drawing on the other half of the screen?