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  1. Vancouver, BC (which has their own, separate building code above and beyond the BC building code) is by far the worst... especially if it’s on a conditional lot.
  2. You have the room specified as a "Balcony". Change it to a bedroom and it'll correct itself.
  3. Build your foundation w/ the slab at top option. Then in the foundation level, at the top click on Edit > Default Settings > Floors and Rooms > Current Floor and then click Edit. In the new window that pops up, third option from the top, change the value of "Floor (C):" to "0". It's currently set at -12 5/8"
  4. No problem. Are you able to attach your plan file so I can take a look? It'll be much easier to help you
  5. When you're building your foundation, are you selecting "Slab at Top of Stem Wall"?
  6. 35 for windows, doors & trim. 120 for terrain. 10 for everything else.
  7. I'm just using the "Adjust Material Definition" tool, clicking on the glass of one window, changing the material color to gray and then changing the shading contrast to 0. This will effectively change all glass to inherit the gray fill.
  8. The only thing with this option is that I prefer to have a color fill (gray) for the glass in the windows & doors. Unless I'm mistaken, this option doesn't allow that and the glass will just appear as white.
  9. You could also save a copy of your plan file before you start changing the colors for future use
  10. Thanks, Mick. I always include shadows in elevations as I like the depth that it creates. As for the colors, I'll just use the "Adjust Material Definition" tool and change the material colors to white, and change the shading contrast to 0. For the windows, I'll change the material color to gray, and a shading contrast of 0. Unfortunately doing this will also remove the colors from all 3D views so, if you like to include actual color representations this won't be helpful.
  11. Correct. If you're looking to include color perspective views in your drawings then this method won't really work for you.
  12. Plot lines with color fill. All material colors changed to black, white and gray.
  13. It depends on where you live and what the going rate is, but you should be charging no less than $50 an hour. Anything less is just a waste of time. If I have a client that has contacted me for renovation or new construction drawings, I typically charge anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot. Dont be afraid to quote what you feel your time is worth.
  14. Exact same boat that I'm in. All municipalities here require a separate set of structural/seismic plans that are stamped by a professional engineer and are submitted alongside the architectural plans. The engineer also is required to conduct site visits to inspect framing and is ultimately required to sign off on the framing for the entire structure (Called a Schedule B — Assurance of Professional Design and Commitment for Field Review) As a result, the framing tools that are included in Chief, while powerful, go completely unused on my end.
  15. When I add the insulation to the underside of the slab, Chief seems to generate it at the correct level. You can then create a new concrete wall type w/ the insulation on the inside. Then, use that wall as a ponywall and set it to be 6" in height. In the section view, you'll just need to quickly adjust the insulation hatch for the 6" concrete wall as it'll be above the slab.
  16. Here are a couple that I've used. You should be able to adjust the scale to whatever size you want 0015-carrara-marble-hexagonal-texture-seamless.zip 0014-porcelain-hexagonal-texture-seamless.zip
  17. My pleasure, Ben. Glad you figured it out
  18. You're drawing the gables incorrectly. Try this:
  19. Ben - you need to draw the gable roof planes so that they are perpendicular to the shed style roof. In that photo I think you’re drawing the roof planes incorrectly and in the same direction as your shed roof.
  20. Hey Ben As stated in my previous post, I'm thinking that you're drawing your gable roof planes incorrectly. I've made a quick video of me editing the file you provided us. Unfortunately no sound this time around: