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  1. Your manually-drawn ceiling plane is preventing that wall from being generated.
  2. Anyone else experiencing this? Create a corner window and add an exterior lintel to them. Chief seems to be wrapping the lintel around the side of the window.
  3. The image shown was snipped from a PDF. When you snip and save an image, are you importing it via File > Import > Import Picture?
  4. If you're trying to do it in layout, you may have to do it this way: https://youtu.be/hR6Ej6dFqtw
  5. Right click on your user library and add a new material / image
  6. I've done plenty of them with Chief Architect. No issues whatsoever!
  7. Funny - I was thinking about this just a couple days ago. Revit operates in this fashion and it's absolutely wonderful. Do you know if this has ever been suggested in the suggestions forum? If not, you should create a post.
  8. Thanks, Michael! Much appreciated I'm just about to go and hit some golf balls, but when I get back I'll definitely create a quick video for you outlining how it's done.
  9. https://cloud.chiefarchitect.com/1/pdf/documentation/chief-architect-x11-update-notes.pdf Should be there at the top.
  10. What about this? A vector view overlayed on top of a technical illustration - both with the same angle. I went ahead and erased the stone and some of the shadows in the technical illustration, bringing forth the grey color present in the vector view. Revised.pdn
  11. I guess it depends on how you really look at it. How would you feel if you bought a $3000 Canon camera based off of a promotional image only to discover that the only way you could replicate the same image was to purchase an $1800 lense that they failed to mention was used to generate the image?
  12. @ Chef... The shadows is definitely what gives it away that there's some post-processing happening here.
  13. You can change the cool and warm colours in the technical options of the technical illustration. My guess is that they changed them to a pale green.
  14. If you click on the bay window, then hit the “tab” button on your keyboard, it should highlight the window. From there, open up the window properties and adjust the window size like any other window.
  15. Here's a rough video for you. Unfortunately there is no sound.
  16. Are you after something like this?
  17. I may be able to help you with this. Are you able to attach the PDF file so I can take a look at it? Also, has the planning department given you an exact list of deficiencies?
  18. Are you able to post the plan?
  19. What about using the "Box Window" tool and raising the floor by 1/16" of an inch?
  20. I once had a coworker that had absolutely no idea that typing in all caps signified yelling. I had to explain to him what it had meant after he had got an email from a client asking why he was being yelled at. The client wanted to know if he could swing by in the morning to pick up his product. My coworker's response along the lines of, "IT WILL NOT BE READY TOMORROW. I TOLD BRIAN THAT YOU CAN PICK IT UP ON FRIDAY" Anyway, I guess the point of the story is that not everyone is a wordsmith, nor is every single person aware of typing etiquette. Edit: a word
  21. This is happening because you have the "connect island room" option turned on (I believe this is on by default). Turning it off will allow you delete the room divider as well as prevent it from happening going forward.