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  1. Is there anyway I can change the lable to 2nd floor & start a drawing labeled 2? When i open the plan & i see number 1 & click on A comes up for attic I would like it to say 2
  2. go to the top right where it says file scroll down to default settings / scroll down to dimensions / click on that you also can setup & use nkba which is under the deault plans a little furthe to the right
  3. I called up a diffrent sheet size in a layout when setting up some defaults & instead of going to the plan window i had a senior moment & just started plotting stuff in the layout file .If it was in a plan file i wouldnt have this issue I can redo the drawing but it would be easier having page 1 & 2 in x10 Worst part is i dont use chief everyday How are you doing eric i hope you & yours are okay in this crazy world !!
  4. I stared a drawing & made a big mistake !! I started drawing it on page zero . All the info on page zero i do not want on page one , is there anyway I can fix this This was a sub division plan i had all the lots , roads , tax map #s , owner name , and address #s on page zero . I want to have another page / page 1 without the lots , tax map , and address # s & just the roads . Any help is appreciated I am using x10 UNFORTUNATLY I DID THIS IN A LAYOUT , I OPENED A LAYOUT & STARTED USING BOXES , It says i can not open another layout
  5. Hi I would love to chat with you further is there a contact # i can call
  6. I would love to discuss this further with you is there a phone number  i can reach out to you


  7. The file name appears when i open the program under recent plans & in the archives . Then when i click on that file i get a window that says file is corrupt
  8. A site plan , what is the you tube link for ?
  9. POWER OUTAGE i see the file in the archive but cant retrieve it , it also says auto saved file a couple times !! Never had this before any suggestions
  10. Yes I do have all these lots plotted on a 13 x 19 sheet , i might be able to trace over that plan
  11. I am hoping there is someway to create a small sub division in chief x10.The sub division is 120 2 acre lots . I need it so I can plot road & drainage areas for asphalt . This would also help to note lots that might require drainage pipes in front of existing & potential driveways.I would like to send thise to a 13x 19 layout sheet. This doesnt have to be 100% accurate I can write road dimensions on the plan
  12. been going in baby steps LOL i can get to that point it has been crazy where i see a greyed outline around certain edges & the dimension tool wont appear:( even wheni click on certain lines if i enter 7/8 it shows up at 1 "& then click on it it shows as 1"boy this is driving me nuts would anyone be able to do a phone call sometime ??
  13. I am using x10 how can i get a blank page 11x17 that i can edit the borders ? Please step by step
  14. Thanks Happy New year What are the best times to call ???