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  1. I believe you should be able to block that info & send it to your library
  2. Please help , When I click on a wall elevation marker in plan view & that view comes up fine ! When I send that view to the layout page the view is almost unreadable I have tried numerous ways in all different sets , camera view , all on set , kitchen & bath & can not figure out where this setting can be I manage to send one view to the layout page that was fine , just dont remember how I did it !! I am using x 10 THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS
  3. Thank you Merry Christmas or do i have to say Happy Holidays Either way Merry Christmas
  4. I am using x 10 & I was wondering if there is a way to show a reflective ceiling plan that I can turn off & on . How would i go about adding that to the main plan ??
  5. I have had different issues with how I use the program !!!! Biggest tip I have heard of is to THINK LIKE THE PROGRAM !!!! This meaning the program operates in a clockwise formation follow that pointer in that formation !! Also zooming in & out has helped me
  7. When I use the elevation camera for cabinets is there a way to change the grey line to a red line so I can see where I want the cabinet to snap to ? The grey line is hard to see with the black lines on the cabinets . If there is a way which default setting would i go to I am using x 10
  8. First of all the program that you choose should be based on a couple issues , 1 : Cost is a big thing , all the versions have different costs related to each program . 2 ; Do you intend to use it many more times ? or just for one project ? Home pro is a excellent program for average people ! Chief Premier & Chief interiors are very professional & advanced with multiple functions . Being computer savy is a very important issue with most of the advanced programs . Try the Home pro version as a free download & see what YOU THINK
  9. I have just starting using a laptop & I cannot find the grey bar that runs vertically to the right of the screen any ideas how I can get that back , I usually zoom in and scroll to the areas I have to work on .Please help
  10. Do you mean , doing the fireplace surrounds ? If so i would be interested
  11. Thank you for the video but i still can not find specific materials like main runners & 2' & 4' tees
  12. Anyone know where i can find all the components for a suspended ceiling ? I thought i had seen it in library
  13. I want to use the end to end dimension tool to dimension the interior wall side . I can not find the setting to do this when i drag the end to end tool it always goes to the outside of the wall& I have to grab the handle to get the dimension to do it on the interior side is there a setting somewhere to change this ??
  14. Is there anyway I can change the lable to 2nd floor & start a drawing labeled 2? When i open the plan & i see number 1 & click on A comes up for attic I would like it to say 2