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    Room Schedule - Perimeter

    Thanks, Joe - I agree it would be easier for Chief to just add perimeter as a column haha. Appreciate the input! - Joe
  2. JoeSelby

    Room Schedule - Perimeter

    Measurement - I'd like to add a room schedule that shows interior area and perimeter length. Like if you create a room polyline and open the object it shows "Length/ Perimeter"
  3. JoeSelby

    Room Schedule - Perimeter

    Is there a way for the room finish schedule to display the perimeter of the room? Thanks! - Joe
  4. Hello, I've been having an issue where my interior dimensions will move to the other side of the wall. For example, a room I dimension to 12' wide with interior dimensions will suddenly read 12' 3 1/2" as the end point has "jumped" to the other side of the wall layer. I double check my dimensions all of the time because it appears to be random. I've been working around this, but now a client has complained so I'd love to find a fix. Has anyone else had this issue or know of a way to stop it? This happens on all of my plans. Thank you, Joe
  5. That worked! Thank you, Eric!
  6. Thanks, Eric. I tried changing my 6" stem wall to have the air gap and brick but the main layers still won't line up. I tried building the foundation with the exact same wall I'm using for framing (Brick -6) and the walls still don't line up correctly, although they will when I use the "align with all above" tool? I may just start copying and pasting the 1st floor exterior walls to the foundation and then change them to the 6" stem wall.
  7. Like that except the slab will be flush with the top of the stem wall. So the top of the stem wall and slab will both be "0" floor height. But yes, the frame will be built directly on top of the stem wall like your cross section shows.
  8. Thanks, David Yes - the main framing layer is only 5 1/2" Stud and my foundation wall main layer is only 6" stem wall
  9. Hello, When I ask Chief to build the foundation based off of the 1st floor, the foundation main layer (6" Stem wall) never lines up with the 1st floor main framing layer (plate). When I use the "align with wall above" tool - the foundation shifts so the stem wall lines up with the edge of the veneer - in this case brick. I'm in Oklahoma, and we typically center the stem wall on the footing and use the footing for a brick ledge. My work around has been to copy the dimensions from the first floor and paste them onto the foundation and then manually move the walls around so the stem wall lines up with the outside of the framing layer. Does anyone know how I can set up the foundation to build this way? I have attached the plan I'm working on. I also copied the dimensions from the first floor so you can see where I'd like the stem walls to line up. Any help is much appreciated, Joe / OKC Bennett,_Michael_1-10-19.plan
  10. JoeSelby

    Oklahoma City Usser group

    Hi Marc, I would be a part of a Chief group in OKC. Craig, are you still looking for help? - Joe Selby