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  1. Nauti1

    Here I go again - forgetting

    Thank you Michael (Alaskan Son). I did use the wrong terminology and should have use Cad Block instead of Cad Detail. Actually I tried several time to select the entire grouping, but I was unable due to a lapse in memory. I forgot to use the "Shift" key when using the Select Tool and couldn't capture the entire cross section, only one element of it at a time. As they say "Duh". I've saved the 2 Story Cross Section in my Master Layout file for future use, starting with the project I'm now working on for my nephew. Happy Days are are here again! Thank you again - you really made my day!
  2. As I mentioned in a recent post, I was able to find a Cad Block that represented a 2 Story cross section that I was able to place onto a layout. As a Cad detail I was unable to edit it until I "exploded" it. I was then able to edit it & make the changes I wanted. However, the "image" is no longer a Cad detail. I thought I would be able to re-identify it as such, but now find out I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. So, my question is: Since it's now a bunch of lines used to depict a wall cross-section on a layout page is there a way to make it a Cad Detail so I can re-use it or move it around elsewhere on the page, or to another page, etc.? I've researched my CA 10 manual; have tried the Cad menu to create a new Cad detail, but it doesn't want to work as it prefers to do that from an existing cross section. I also tried View to Cad, but without success. Also, is there a way I can capture a bunch of lines in a view & delete them all at once? As before. thanks again for all your help. Al
  3. Nauti1

    Hoping for a recollection & source

    Thank you all for your suggestions; they were helpful. I hate to admit this, but my memory failed me again. Although I couldn't find and "editable" cad detail online for a typical two-story construction, I did find one that I will use. Solver triggered a thought for me to look in the CA Library, i.e. Cad/Cad Block/Residential Cross-Section/Two Story/Two Story Wall Section. It's not exactly what I used before, but I can now edit it to suit. Thank you all again!
  4. Nauti1

    Hoping for a recollection & source

    Eric, I'll look into your suggestions. Thank you, Al
  5. Nauti1

    Hoping for a recollection & source

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your response. I was able to import the Cad file (.png), but as you mentioned I cannot edit it.
  6. Nauti1

    Hoping for a recollection & source

    Thanks Doug,Although helpful it's not quite what I had in mind. I found this image via Google. It is similar to what I had on my earlier designs, i.e. on the master "Notations/Specifications" layout page. This image below is a PDF file & I don't know how to copy it onto the layout I'm working on. If I could do that & be able to edit it, then that would most likely solve my problem. As it is now I cannot simply copy & paste - it doesn't work. Actually, I've found other PDF files that could work with some editing, but my real problem now is how to get it onto a layout page & be able to edit it. Oh well, the search continues. Thanks again, Al
  7. Nauti1

    Hoping for a recollection & source

    Thanks Chopsaw. I hadn't thought of that and have since checked into that option. Unfortunately, I've checked out the Cad Details of the CA files that I have, but haven't found the typical cross-sectional construction details for a two-story residence. I also Googled this, but didn't find the one that I was looking for. I'll keep looking. Thank you again for your suggestion. Al
  8. I've been a CA user for a very long time, starting with CA 5, going through the updates and finally ending up with CA 10.8, a dinosaur I know, but It's still usable. It's been quite a few years since I've done any house designs, but recently my nephew asked if I could design his house. I couldn't say no. So now I find myself re-learning CA at the age of 77 and my memory is lacking. I've managed to come up with a viable concept, but will shortly have to develop construction drawing on layout for printing at a local print shop. So far, it's been slow, yet I'm making good progress. However, I used to have a "Notations/Specifications" sheet which included a "Two Story Sectional - Typical Construction Details" reference construction drawing that I included on this same layout page. So, unfortunately I'm now unable to find it in my files as a separate file that I could copy into the layout I'm working on, plus I can't even find an old house house design that I could copy the image from its layout to my current one. Bottom line is I'm hoping one of you might know of what I'm referring to and can guide me to its location so I can copy it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Al
  9. Nauti1

    I can't get CA to upload

    Thanks Lew. That is exactly how I found the old sight. I was tipped off by Solver in the Chatroom. He gave me the same address you did. Once there I tried the search under my old UN & it worked. Looks like I had 46 threads that helped me a lot when I was learning CA and which helps me now with CA since I haven't used it in a while. I suspect the memory tends to fade after a while, especially as one ages. Life is good!
  10. Nauti1

    I can't get CA to upload

    Well I received some great help from Kbird1 and I thank him for that. I was about to try his last suggestion(s) when I had an epiphany. I suddenly recalled that quite a while ago I had backed up my CA 10.08 program, along with the the files I had created, on a USB flash drive that I had stored in my safe. I found it after an agonizing search, copied it to my hard drive, clicked on the .exe file & BINGO! It worked and I was able to access all my files. Back in business. Now I can take care of an old customer and even work on designing my final retirement home. Now how good is that!
  11. Nauti1

    I can't get CA to upload

    KBird1, the reason I previously provided my Key Code & S/N was simply to prove I owned the CA software, plus I didn't think anyone could use my CA software because I couldn't use it and I have the hardware lock. Please know that I appreciate your concern and halp. Now for the troublesome file. CA 10.08 Trouble Shooting Letter to ART.pdf
  12. Nauti1

    I can't get CA to upload

    This file was originally a Word document & would not upload to this posting. Hopefully this will get through as a PDF file. I realize that my CA 10.08 is no longer supported, but there should be a way that I can use this expensive software after having used it on the same PC for quite a few years. So here’s my story which, because of an email from a friendly CA user (Kbird1) who suggested I save it as a PDF file instead of a Word document, may actually now be readable. Thank Kbird1!