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  1. Thank You. I reloaded the program and that solved the issue.
  2. The toolbar which is normally at the bottom of the screen has disappeared. It has multiple copy options, break line etc functions. How do I get it back
  3. For unknown reason my program default tool bar on version x13 has vanished and I cant get it back. I tried reinstalling the the program to no avail. The toolbar does show up on the older chief version that I have. I have attached a screen shot. I would appreciate any help on this Richard
  4. Thought I should send you a slightly updated chief plan Brocks Tiny House.plan
  5. Hi Steve The client has decided he would like the dormer on both sides of the house. See attached plan When do you think that you can have it done? RichardBrocks Tiny House dormer area.pdf
  6. I dont know if I mentioned the cad section is in cad file management. I have attached it here RichardTiny House section.pdf
  7. I am working on a tiny house with a loft plan and I am not familiar with shed roof dormers. The dormer will be over the mezzanine portion. I am using x13 and have attached the chief file and pdf. i will pay for the work Richard Buhler Brocks Tiny House plan.pdf Brocks Tiny House.plan
  8. I ended up in the hospital and wanted to compete a project that I had started on my desktop with Chief 8. I had not downloaded the program to my laptop before so I did that and entered the product key. The activate button would work after I did that. I had my wife deactivate the license on my desktop but that did not make a difference. I had Chief 7 previous loaded on the laptop and it works fine. Any thoughts what could be wrong?
  9. Thanks Rob I just emailed you the Chief file
  10. I have no experience with changing grades and would pay someone with experience. I have attached the site plan but only need the area around the new house with final grades. I use X13 SHEET A1.pdf
  11. Hi Farzan

    I am working on workshop plans and am having trouble with the roof and 2nd story plan using attic trusses. Are you able to help with this?Bay City Layout 24 X 36.layout

    I am sending you a PDF since my Chief Architect file was too big to send.

    Bay City Layout 24 X 36-A2-A4.pdf

    1. ChiefUserFarzan



      got your messages and checked pdf and yes can help you accordingly.

      my email is

      you can share there.

      Thank you.


  12. Thanks everyone I have awarded the contract