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  1. Hi Farzan

    I am working on workshop plans and am having trouble with the roof and 2nd story plan using attic trusses. Are you able to help with this?Bay City Layout 24 X 36.layout

    I am sending you a PDF since my Chief Architect file was too big to send.

    Bay City Layout 24 X 36-A2-A4.pdf

    1. ChiefUserFarzan



      got your messages and checked pdf and yes can help you accordingly.

      my email is

      you can share there.

      Thank you.


  2. Thanks everyone I have awarded the contract
  3. I am looking for someone to render the the front facade of a commercial building for presentation purposes. This is not for construction drawings or permit. I have attached the floor plan and a section sketch of the front of building. I also additional photos I can send the interested party. The kicker is that I need it for Wednesday Sept 23. Richard Section sketch.pdf Cheeky's Adergrove 2-Floor Plan.pdf Front elevation.pdf
  4. Sinking into the ground is an excellent idea. Didn't think of that. You are the master. Thank you for the info. Cheers,
  5. I could import this one but thought i could break up the individual stocks but not so. I did like your previous one but how do I change the material length different from object length? In future should I download sketchup 2015 version for my x8?
  6. This was the one. The problem with the other one you sent was that when reducing the length the color shading did not match up with the ribs.
  7. I have attached one of the files I tried Thank You multiple bamboo in base.skp
  8. Thanks Chopsaw but not having any luck with this. This is my first time trying to get something out of 3d warehouse. When I download a file I get the message that it a read only file. When I import it to Chief I get the message that it was an incompatible file. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
  9. Does anyone have or know how to create a individual bamboo stalks? I want to use it as a room divider like the attached image and I would need various lengths. I am using X8 at this time. Thank you in advance.
  10. That is great Mark, wish I had those skills. Thank You! Richard
  11. I might give it a go if I have the time Thank You
  12. Anyone interested in making a object for me or an existing library for sale that includes something similar.? Using X8 Will pay
  13. You are right. I just always left it on default setting. Learning as I go. Thanks for your help.