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  1. Roof trims like gable flashing valley gutters and where roof meats wall flashing
  2. X5 has no DAE export or import abilitys it first came in with X6
  3. I have never herd of anyone getting version 8 to work on windows 8.1 i think you might be a first on that
  4. I don't understand sloped ceiling over 2 little rooms I thought that was the look you wanted can you explain sorry if I am missing the obvious
  5. With vanity walls break the invisible wall where the walls butt it
  6. You could slide the door bottom up to the top of the base board then you will get a base board under the door not fiscally correct but easy fix for base board
  7. I think I remember x6 had a bug that did just that when it was first released or in beta stage and it was fixed, this May be a new example of it
  8. I got it working but you need to check i have not messed your model up as was moving things all over the place trying to get it working
  9. I would be happy talk about chief on the phone if you like Mobile 0402411843
  10. Trying to use Chief X1 on windows 8.1 but render views are not to good, has any one had any luck getting it to work
  11. Any ideas as to why I cant login to this forum using chrome but it works with mozilla fire fox Also I must say I am sick of having to login in all the time, I miss the way the old forum worked if I was on my ipad it auto login, if i was on my desktop it was auto login now i am forced to re login every time i change device and i change devices a lot
  12. This scheen grab should explain
  13. I also have no problems recommending it for Australia use , i f you find your self struggling to learn it I some times help with screen sharing to help with the learning curve witch I would guess is easier than other software program's
  14. Gable In the roof tools there is a roof gable line tool if you only want a part of a wall to be a gable it should be explained in the help read the help on stairs if you can't access the videos
  15. You could use street view to check if the property does have a slope I think it would only work if the property is sloping up from the front Sorry you are using apple maps i missed that
  16. Mark3D

    pdf files

    Your doing good but they just need a screen shot of the dialog box from after you tell it to print it has a lot of setting and you may have a setting wrong
  17. You should be able to grab the top of the wall and pull it down in a 3d view
  18. Lew that is incorrect when Broderbund had it it was made by chief I use to have it but after that some one took it over , I think version 4 and below was chief
  19. I will have a go if you can't find what you need my email if needed
  20. Using chrome i have to sign in every visit or am i doing some thing wrong ?
  21. Look in the defaults settings it is in there
  22. You can tell chief to generate framing for selected walls and roofs it a new feature of x6 just select the wall and in its tool bar you will see generate framing and only the selected object will be framed