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  1. Hey, I'd like to hire you to get me through some perenial issues I'm having with CA. Like the wackamole game. Example: I modify a wall in the back yard and 40% of the walls in the front return to the default material. And window jumping from floor to floor, moving up and down constsntly. I'm sick of these issues and want to learn how not to have them. 
    I believe someone should teach people using videos, not how to do things, but how to avoid things like the aforementioned wackamole games. Let me know if you'd like to make some extra money pounding this **** into my thick skull. 
    Here's an example of my poor use of the software. The windows jump more than Jessie Owens.



    1. Renerabbitt


      Ha, I love your sense of humor about it, I'd be willing to help out but have a packed schedule this week and into the next, would you be willing to work nights? alternatively, I can go through and fix the model and record what I did to fix it. I ran into a lot of mishaps in just the first few minutes of looking into the plan, it could be very expensive to fix them all, maybe you'd like me to outline some of the fixes and let you run with the rest?

      A question about the wall modification. What do you mean by modify? what are the steps you are taking to modify it? Try and be specific and that can help me help you. I noticed that you are using the same wall type for all walls. Common practice would be to use different wall types for different construction assemblies. Only use the painter tools for texture changes on like assemblies...otherwise you should change textures in the wall type definition dbx.

      I've mentioned before that you shouldn't be dragging wall heights in 3d, you should leave them default and control the top plate and sill levels in your floor structure settings. It creates a lot of problems when you manually change the heights. I manually change wall heights on maybe 1 out of 100 plans.

      The interior walls and structure really do lend themselves to the overall construction of a home in CA. It is very difficult to build an accurate shell without the interior walls and floor levels. For instance, you could very easily have built the floor plan and then auto built roofs and the roofs would've taken only an hour or less instead of taking hours to assemble.

      All this being said, very impressive and complicated house you are putting together, you're going to be a beast of a modeler if this is the pace you keep. Feel free to give me a call if you like and we can talk through it.

      (925) 300-7004

  2. rockyshepheard

    I've been saying this for years...

    You cannot stop CA wackamole. Example: Locking ALL layers will not prevent CA wall materials from changing. If all layers are locked you should be unable to change anything. I always lock all layers except what I'm working on (like roofs) and still mateirials change and windows and treatments move, floors disappear, on and on. Looking for positive feedback.
  3. rockyshepheard

    Walls of first floor staircase missing in 3D but shows in plan view

    I noticed I have no working plan view menu or annotation menu. This could be related.
  4. See illustrative view. CA file attached. And if that's too easy for you, how is it possible that deleting an object could change wall material (all the way around the house) to the default? Thanks Gurus! R gilkey close.plan
  5. rockyshepheard

    windows and treatments reference wrong floors

    Hmmm. I thought I once know of a Move Up One Floor button. Thanks. I'll try cut and paste.
  6. I stupidly creates of windows and related treatments not looking to see what floor I am on. (I place them in 3D usually). I might be on floor 1 and place a window on floor 2 wall and vice versa. The consequence is these jump all over when seemingly unrelated objects are manipulated. I need to correct these. Is there a way to select a window find out what floor it is referenced to If good leave alone If wrong floor select correct floor ? shit.plan
  7. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    You are aptly named. You solved it! Thank you. What I have learned. The baseline needs to be the same height AND aligned on the outside edge of the wall. I just wish I know how a baseline moves up on down without me specifically changing its height it in the roof plane specification DB. I actually could not even do it there without it modifying one of the two inputs that I demand not change...the fascia top height and the pitch. If such a differential in the baseline height occurs again, I will simply move it up or down in the Transform/Replicate Object DB. Thanks again. Happy SuperBowl! R
  8. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    The problem is once the basline height is wrong you can't do anything about it. If I try to change the baseline height, it necessarily changes either the pitch or the facia height. I will try just elevating the plane 4" using Open/Translate Object DB.
  9. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    Oh, I see how they differ in height of 4". I can't see how this could possibly happen. When you create a plane the baseline height is determined by the wall you place the plane near. So does this mean the right wall height was 4" below the left wall height? That should not happen unless a wall is dragged up or down. Thanks
  10. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    I know that the overhang is off 4" but should that not matter if the baseline is directly on the outside edge of the wall?
  11. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    Can you clarify how the right plane baseline is off 4"? 4" from what feature?
  12. rockyshepheard

    Please help...2 planes meet perfectly in 2D but not in 3D...

    Thanks! That is strange. I see them both as aligned to the outside edge of the wall. Isn't that the only requirement?
  13. I am attempting to make a perfect roof by making one plane and saving that file. When perfect I save the file as roof1 and do next plane and save file as roof2. As usual it seems impossible to even get 2 planes to work both in 2D and 3D simultaneously. So consequently much fudging happens. Not a fan of fudging. I triple checked all of these... 1. Walls have correct dimensions and angles. 2. Roof baselines are in correct position. 3. Roof pitches and fascia heights match. 4. Left-most plane is aligned with vent, window and front of garage. Can someone please show me how get these two simple planes to align perfectly in 2D and in 3D (such that my planes do not cross over each other in 2D )? I have watched all videos on manual roofs and spent hundreds of dollars on CA training but I have never learned hot to successfully do this. Admittedly, I have not read all of the manual...but some of it. Thank you for looking. ROOFPLANE2.plan
  14. rockyshepheard

    Placing window at level of floor

    Nevermind...I got it. I had a ceiling turned on. Thx