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  1. That's my point, it's good at the technical stuff but there's no aesthetic element to Chief when it comes to planning documents.
  2. That's really nice, but almost too detailed for the planners. Out of interest, how long did you ray trace for? And is there photoshop as well?
  3. It seems I've caused a bit of confusion, so I'll add some images to demonstrate the kind of drawing that I need to do. CA just isn't able to produce bird's eye view images of this quality.
  4. Chief is good for 3D concept art and for interior renders, but for creating site maps it's terrible. What's a good software to use that isn't super expensive? Thanks!!
  5. It's just a standard house that I want to turn into a symbol, in order to drop onto to various site plans. I just press the "build new floor" button when I've built the walls, so it shouldn't have different values.
  6. Hi, How do I hide the horizontal line that's showing where the upper floor is in the "line drawing view"? I've added an image so you can see what I mean. Thanks.
  7. I switch photon mapping on and it seems to have worked! The image is on pass 2 @2% but it shows that it worked. Out of interest, how long should each pass be taking? Or does that depend on the individual image? Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. The photon mapping box was unchecked, I've raised the sunlight to 20 and the Ambient occlusion to 5-10. Fingers crossed... Update: It's done exactly the same thing, but it's brighter outside...
  9. Hi, I was using a very old, low-spec PC to test out CAX7 and started a ray trace which, naturally, turned out quite grainy. I have since bought a new PC, and while the image is much sharper, the light seems wrong for some reason; it's way darker than the previous (grainy) one. Is there a trick to getting the light in the dark room to match the light in the grainy room? I've attached pictures so you can see what I mean. In short: I want the light to be like it is in "Grainy kitchen.PNG", but with the sharpness of "Dark kitchen.PNG" (which is somewhere between passes 5 & 6). Thanks.
  10. Mate that's amazing, thanks so much for making that video; I'll be trying that out right now. Thanks again.
  11. Very nice of you but I'll be in bed by then, plus I can draw lines on it anyway, as it doesn't show up in cross section view. Thanks though.
  12. I'm not frustrated, I just want to cut/shave/trim/whatever the edges of a 3D model, and I don't understand why they've made that so difficult.
  13. Something big with one what? That will delete the whole thing. Also, I learned of the Trim button in the Chief Help Guide (image attached)