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  1. I am a Florida P.E., and architectural designer with a special residential niche. My designs and plans are used all over the United States. Most states do not require a seal but my products are always completed to the best engineering standards. All my Florida projects are sealed by me. Final plans include roof layouts, sections, architectural plans, electrical plans, site layout (but not site engineering), foundation and framing plans, general notes, elevations, etc. I am sought out by many interested in this niche for my design and engineering expertise that spans many decades (I was also a general contractor for many of those years). I would give you a completed and approved design with all engineering strategies worked out - what I need is someone to get the plans finished to my standards. I would supply some finished plans to show the level of work expected, fully knowing that any applicants would bring their own know-how and experience. Payment could be hourly (with a not to exceed) or perhaps a fixed fee based upon my design. Would need an NDA, and my work is copyrighted. Level of work would not be full time, yet, but could become so. I would work with your current operations. If this fits with your agenda, let me know. We can chat.
  2. Appreciate the responses. I figured it out. I am running a 4K screen when I moved my CA window over to the standard high res screen the material selector began to work. My theory is that it was video card related and had to do with its ability to run the high-res 4K screen. Solved.
  3. I saw that in the forum. My GeForce experience shows I have the latest.
  4. My "Select Material" function has stopped working. No longer able to set material defaults of any kind. I can use "eye dropper" to change materials in 3-D view so there is a workaround. However changing material defaults is much better. This has always worked in the past. I am uncertain when it quick working. When I open the material window it shows the current default. When I click on "Select Material" it hangs up and no other input is accepted. Only way out is to hit ESC. Any ideas? Ken Chief Architect X3-X9 Windows 10 Desktop PC 64 bit Core I7 CPU @ 3.0 GHZ 32 G Ram NVIDA GeForce 980
  5. I've been a CA user since version 7. There's always been a quandary when upgrading. I have several large and involved homes in the design phase - not yet up to construction plan phase. If one is "in progress" on a project in X6, should he or she dare continue the project in X7? Would be really good to simply open these projects in X7 and continue where I left off. Opinions?