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  1. How does Thea work with CA? does it accept imported files from CA or do you export CA files to Sketchup?

    Are you happy with Thea's final rendering  results?

    1. Renerabbitt


      Sorry, just now seeing this, I export as a 3ds from Chief and import into Thea. I think Thea's results far surpass that of software such as Lumion and Artlantis. Also if you have a powerful high core count processor and good graphics card Thea can take advantage of both. I haven't checked in with the industry lately but I believe this is the only software that currently utilizes both graphics and processor for a rendering. 

      I can pump out a very high quality rendering in an hours time, when most other softwares I have tried would take nearly a day 

  2. riggydog1


    Hi All, Does Vray accepts 3DS files from CA? I am trying to find a rendering program other than Lumion. I have Windows 10 with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 3GB card and the test drive Lumion works fine. What are you folks using out there? Much appreciated.