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  1. @robdyck, very nice of you to give me this symbol. Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks for the answers. In the meantime, I found this video that shows a way to get what I want. Unfortunately I am a beginner and my native language is not English, so it will be very difficult. I also need to always convert inches to millimeters because both types of measurement systems are not displayed in the video.
  3. How to make interior dimensions to fit the default dimensions for rooms displayed by the CA? Why that is not by default?
  4. @Alaskan_Son, thank you very much! I have already assigned the key combination Ctrl + Alt + S (Spin). The spin can be reversed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + S again. Very cool!
  5. This thing is possible? I didn't find anything in Help.
  6. Thanks again @solver. You have a lot of patience with me. Surprisingly, if I apply the stairs to the foundation floor, everything is OK, but it does not appear in the plan on the 1st floor. In 3D View everything is OK. I think I'll leave it at that. Thanks.
  7. The stairs corner is disconnected only if I built Monolithic Slab foundation. I don't know why.
  8. Thanks for your supports. I made some tests. In the left side of image even does not work but in the right side I made a test and it works. I don't know what to say ... I check my plan again. LE: When I built the foundation the stairs is disconnected.
  9. In that case does not work. Maybe I don't know how to work correctly with the program.
  10. Yes, I upgraded to v11. From the videos I've seen it looks like the corners of the stairs is joined only for decks and porchs.
  11. @Alaskan_Son, you are perfectly right!
  12. How to Show/Hide Temporary Dimensions: Menu Tools->Toolbars and Hotkeys->Customize Toolbars Now in Search box type Temp Find Temporary Dimensions, click on it and drag it on your toolbar Now you can check/uncheck Temporary Dimensions anytime as you wish
  13. Thanks @solver, but I don't understand. Can you provide an example? I know how to make stairs with two sections or more and I know about landings but in that case does not works because the stairs are the same slope in the same sense.