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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for all your help. Mark3D helped me with it and was able to get my house facing in the right direction. I can now show the landscaper what I want. Cheers and thanks to all.
  2. Hi. I don't think I have got zoom. I'll go see if I can get it. I can look tomorrow if that's okay.
  3. Hi glennw. That sounds really complicated. It's going to take a while to process that and figure it out. I really don't think I can do it though. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hi Mark3D, I've tried putting the house on that DWG plan but I can't line it up with the driveway. It is supposed to be parallel to the driveway and in line with it from the western side. Here's the link to the plan. I can't find the handle to rotate it.!Are-_sUztG_A3zNiSItyhAs_NA6n?e=an0Die
  5. Thanks so much glennw, John_Charles, jasonN, DavidJPotter, solver and Mark3D, for your advice and tips on where I put my terrain,sig and tutorials, how to show my plan, and what it looks like in a dwg. I don't know how my terrain ended up on the framing set. I'm working on the tutorials now. Thanks Mark3D for helping me out by putting the dwg on the plan for me. Giving it a go now. I'll update on my progress! Cheers. Coralie
  6. Thanks solver. I just fixed it. Things have changed a lot since I was here last.
  7. Hi. Not sure what you mean. I can't see my signature in the post but my profile says x9?
  8. I couldn't upload the file even in a zip. But here is the link. Does this work?!Are-_sUztG_A3zJ-jac6Md0Wf7Ig?e=rlJaZR
  9. Hello. This is a plan of my house and I can't work out how to create a sloping block. In fact, I can't even see the terrain on my plan view to even try. It shows up on my overall perspective view though. I know the house model isn't perfect as I couldn't get the roof planes to join, but it is pretty close. I'm now trying to work on the landscaping side of things. I have landscapers coming in August to start moving earth around and build retaining walls and such, and I thought I would try to give them some pictures from my model on what I wanted. However, I can't get the terrain happening. The house is elevated on poles and the block starts at the top in front of the house and slopes down about 15 metres I think to the end. There is a flat pad out the front for the driveway, and a flat pad underneath the house. I am attaching the dwg ( which I can't open) and I think this shows the contours on my plan. I can't upload my plan as it is too big. It is in my One Drive. Do I provide a link to that or is there some other way to upload it here? I'm sorry, I can't remember how all of this works very well. If anyone would be able to put the contours into my plan I would really appreciate it. Thanks Lot 8.dwg
  10. That looks good too Greg_NY61. I will give it a go. Cheers Coralie
  11. Thanks David, I will go around and check out all the default settings as you suggested. Cheers Coralie
  12. Thanks solver, I'm working on it and will let you know what happens. I went around and checked the pitches and think I've got them right now. Cheers Coralie
  13. Hi. I have a roof design that isn't quite working at the moment and I'm not sure how to proceed. I've drawn my gables over the main areas where I want them, I don't know whether to add more of them or not. I have a section through the middle and I don't really know what type of roof t put there. The main gable roof along the back won't join with the flatter section beside it. The height of the main living area is 5000 mm. The trusses and roof are protruding into the rooms beside it, but I dont really know what to do about this, Can anyone help with this design please? Thanks. Wongawallan_Road.plan