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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the helpful reply's.
  2. Having a difficult time creating a plan for a garden shed. The shed has a plywood floor with 2x8 floor joists joists and footings are 12"x12"x12" solid concrete blocks. The floor joists are not being created either manually or automatically. I think the problem may be my choice of rooms, I have tried using unspecified, deck and storage without success. Deck seems to work the best but has planks for flooring which I haven't been able to change to plywood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lou F.
  3. Mark3D, Thanks for your suggestion it helped a lot, chief terrain can be very tricky. Lou F.
  4. Greetings, I could use assistance with the terrain on my project. I created the terrain on floor 0 and 102" below the first floor. The property has an unusual slope but I'm only interested in creating a seamless front yard and walkway as well as stairs from driveway to walkway. The driveway and the retaining wall and the front sidewalk and the front retaining wall show a wavy pattern in 3D perspective view, not a smooth transition as I hoped. Also, when I create stairs leading up to walkway (not drawn) from the driveway the top/bottom dimensions from the terrain make no sense. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have spent days on this problem without progress. Thanks in advance, Lou F. 24wc1_ct.zip
  5. Thanks solver. I got that to work using your tip, not on the symbol I was trying to use "Bulkhead Cover 1", but on the other bulkhead symbol in the exterior attachments library. I was unaware of that tool and how it worked. Great lesson. Thanks again. Lou F.
  6. Greetings, The symbol in the library "Bulkhead Cover 1 " is a hollow symbol which works great for 3D viewing but it has a solid back wall which blocks the opening of the basement door. Does anyone know of a way to make the back wall transparent? I have tried many ways using different symbols but come up empty each time. The transparent wall would make my walk through complete. Thanks in advance, any suggestions would be appreciated. Lou F.
  7. Rlackore, thanks for the input.
  8. Thanks solver, that was the solution. Now I know i can put a wall can be put on a different layer. Thanks again, solver Lou F.
  9. The wall is built on the original roof (layover) not on the second floor.
  10. Thanks rlackore. If there are more than one solution then I need another solution because I can't get that one to work correctly. 1. Delete that wall - done. 2. Shoot an Orthographic Full Overview. You'll see the Interior-4 wall; select it and Open Object. What I see is a Siding -6 wall to select. When I select and extend that wall to fill in the sidewall hole and then change to Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom, the wall then is visible in plan view. Shows up in plan view. So I'm doing something wrong but have tried numerous times with no success. Attached views.
  11. Greetings, This wall will be built on the original roof and should stop at the new addition's roof above. The wall should not show on the second floor (as shown). Without this wall in place there is a hole in the sidewall, with this wall in place there is a wall in the middle of the room where there should be no wall. I have tried moving the wall up to attic and making the wall hidden without success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lou F. horton_remodel2.zip
  12. Thanks SNestor and solver, using your advice I was able to complete the task. I found the awning and redrew the windows using the bay window tool, it took a while to figure out but I got it. Adjusting the ceiling height was the solution for the weird interior look. I now know to send the plan file instead of the backup file. Thanks again, Lou F.
  13. Greetings, The bay window in my plan has problems that I cannot solve: I've been searching through the catalogs for a copper roof for a bay window, I could not find one so I used a conventional asphalt roof which is an not ideal look. Does anyone know of a copper roof anywhere in the catalogs for this purpose? If not how do I fix this roof so it looks correct? The interior ceiling also looks weird, I've tried many times to make it look seamless but am unsuccessful. I have check my structure numbers and they seem right? The exterior view shows framing that appears through the wall, cannot fix this. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks, Lou F. bay_window.zip
  14. Kbird1, Finished one side and have a small issue, when I reshaped in 3D I am left with a vertical line in the siding see jpg.