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  1. No the walls are supposed to be double walls. The outside wall is the metal building structure and the interior walls are framing walls. Here is a better picture of that roof.
  2. Hello I have looked around and can't seem to find a similar issue. I did auto build roofs and chief did the roof exactly like I wanted it even though the garage walls do not say full gable wall. Only issue is that even though chief generated attic walls they don't show in 3d view on the sides of the gable wall even when I call it a gable wall. And the wall material is missing from the top of the gable wall not sure why but I can just do a backsplash or something I guess. Also not sure what you would call this and I'm not sure if I like it or not yet but I'd like to know how to extend the walls
  3. Yes it will be two residences separated by the garage.
  4. Hello I'm sorry I've been sick the past week. Thanks for the responses I am working on a budget and I guess at the moment I'm just looking for exterior wall thickness. I thought maybe there was a standard size for x size building. The structure will be straight column and will sit on a concrete slab foundation with piers. I know that the structure and foundation will have to engineered taking into consideration the soil etc. My client doesn't have a building site or a MF for the metal building yet. He just wants something that he can show the city building inspector and the metal building MF a
  5. Sorry meant 104' and 38' with a 5:12 roof I live in snow country
  6. Hello fellow architects I have a new client that wants to build a Barndominium essentially a house inside of a metal building. I am familiar with the concept but I have never designed one. My questions are where would you start as far as the metal building is concerned. I would imagine that its much like the truss company they provide the plans and I just have an approximate idea until I see them. I'm wondering if any of you have some input would a metal building mf provide me some basics as far as size of straight columns and beams. and approx. placement. Also my client was wanting a 4" concr
  7. My friend had an architect draw a house for him and he did not realize that I did that stuff. I have heard several things about this architect ripping people off with expensive plans with few details. So I told my friend that I would redraw the plans for him and he wants to make adjustments anyway. I figured I would use what the architect has drawn and go from there but I already found things that don,t look right. Also some rooms are smaller than I think they should be so I might just have to start from scratch.
  8. I thought I did but I'm confused by the different measurements I guess I just need to do what Chopsaw said and measure from the framing. I'm still learning some stuff and I just want to make sure I get things correct. How do you guys normally place your walls on the plot plan. I have the perimeter and the set backs drawn and I place my walls and then I use the point to point dimension to make a line from the perimeter to the wall and I select the wall and click on the dimension and type my desired dimension from the property perimeter. for some walls I do the same between walls as my temporary
  9. Kevin Orona Plans.plan I guess it did not fix the top exterior wall should be 36' 6" and shows different the bottom exterior wall shows 48' which it should be and it measures different. Kevin Orona Plans.plan
  10. I appreciate that but I think it fixed itself. Not sure what happened but I just redrew all my walls and now they look right. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  11. I removed the house wrap and It did not change I redrew my dimensions and I am still getting weird numbers. Not sure what to think. I appreciate you help on this
  12. I checked the dimension format and it looks good but my dimensions are now both looking wrong. I did type in my dimensions and I checked to see that they start at the drywall. I have not tried removing the house wrap. I haven't done any materials lists yet probably not a feature that I will use much. The builder knows to put house wrap on anyway. I will try that now and see what happens.