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  1. Awesome! That worked. Thanks again Mick. I'm glad to hear that's been fixed in X13 Renerabbitt. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Mick, Kind of funky :-( Because it's an object made to be embedded (a double wall oven), it doesn't render correctly if I slide it into the cabinet opening. Is displays at that back of the opening. So in order to make it display correctly, I have to place it in front of the cabinet, which then it looks off in the plan. I think I'm going to convert the schedule to text, edit it in Word to add the missing info (since I don't see a way to edit in tabular format in Chief) and then paste-special back into the CAD detail. I already tried this, the only thing is that I would have
  3. Hello, The Object Information (e.g., code, manufacturer, description, etc.) for cabinet-embedded fixtures do not display in the Fixture Schedule, even though the fixture itself is listed in the schedule. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and/or how I can get this info to display? As always, thank you for your kind responses. Roland
  4. So the Layout Box Layer Set was indeed the issue. I hadn't seen this setting and was trying to control it with the cross section view, only to be overridden by the layout box setting. So thank you Michael.
  5. Yes, I am. Is this something that was fixed in X12? Thanks.
  6. Hello Chiefs, I've created a custom layer set by copying the "Section View Layer" set and turning on display of fences. I then associate one of my cross section views with this custom layer set, save the active camera, send it to layout, and all is fine...Until I close the cross section and update the layout view again. The cross section view always reverts to the basic section view layer set after I close it, and the association to my custom layer set is lost. What am I doing wrong? How can I associate my cross section view permanently with my custom layer set? As always
  7. Yeah I read it smart Alec, but the terrain is not all the same elevation. So I don't know if it means "above terrain average elevation" or "above terrain lowest point" or "above terrain highest point"
  8. Thank you solver... you solved it! I could've sworn I played with that before, but in any case, this is what controls it. Do you know what that value is relative to? Is it some average terrain elevation? Again, thank you.
  9. Thank you both for your replies. I'm not at liberty to upload the plan, but my elevation data if very simple (no crossing lines) and the terrain is up-to-date. I didn't really understand Joey's reply or how to accomplish what he's suggesting. Again, thank you. P.S. I have a feeling that this is some configuration issue with the building itself, but I don't know what.
  10. Hello: No matter what I do (elevation lines, points, floor defaults, etc.) I can't get the terrain to line up to the top of my stem wall. (see pic) What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks Glenn. I tried that before, but what I need is for the soffit on the gable wall's eave to remain parallel to the ground all the way back to the "High Shed" wall in the back. In my low-pitch roof, a fascia with top and bottom edges parallel to the ground, high enough to hide the entire slope of the roof plane, would make the roof look flat. Again, thanks.
  12. I have a low-pitch shed roof (1/4) with 36" eaves. The soffit covering the eaves mirrors the roof plane, but I would like it to render parallel to the ground just like the flat ceiling inside the room does. However, I don't see a way to do this. Any ideas? I'm using CA V11 Thanks for your help.