Material Region outside corner issue


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2 minutes ago, Larry_Sweeney said:

is this "corner problem" considered a BUG?


I don't think so. The Wall Material Region tool applies material to a wall. There is no wall between the material regions on the 2 walls.



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3 hours ago, Larry_Sweeney said:

Is there a better solution for making the "tiled wainscoting" than using material regions so you don't have to deal with the outside corner issue? Adding p-solids for filling the corners could develop into a real PITA problem.  


Wall coverings, pony walls, double walls, moldings, symbols, cabinets...or polyline solids for the whole thing (instead of both a material region AND a p-solid).  Quite a few options.  For me personally it always depends on the specifics.  

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7 hours ago, solver said:

I use moldings for things like this. X11 has various enhancements, but nothing that cannot be done in X10.




Of course the major drawback to this tool is dealing with openings.  Material regions do auto-cutouts.  This is exactly the kind of thing that drives me nuts about Chief.  Its brilliantly simple until you quickly find the gaps that require messy work-arounds.


Material regions should, in my opinion, go around a corner or at least have the option to.....or moldings should have the option to cut out openings in both vertical and horizontal areas.

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1 minute ago, johnny said:

Its brilliantly simple until you quickly find the gaps that require messy work-arounds.


Well said.



I'd probably use a pony wall with all the correct layers and make use of the wall cap feature if needed.

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1 hour ago, Chopsaw said:

Apparently @Kbird1 has it figured out but still not sure how he does it.


It doesn't work in situations like above where you want the Tile proud of the drywall for example though a pony wall works fine in some situations for that , just make a copy of the walltype and add the tile to the exterior or interior side and it auto joins on the Corners.





Using WMR's for corner boards is a bit limited as the WMR cannot be thicker than the main wall surface or you lose the corner......same as above......but in a pinch it maybe okay though Eric's trick with the Solid up the corner could fill it fairly easily , pretty slow way to do Corner boards though , they really need to recess like all the other exterior casing and trim does to the Sheathing layer.


image.thumb.png.a49eb2284ac854ee8540e34a619e9c13.png     image.thumb.png.12b92767da889b1db83b042fd4d7e7c0.png    make it any thicker and you get the notch in the corner   image.thumb.png.e984ddb114b4058946793e3a94957f77.png 


a single WMR will join fairly nicely to a wall of the same material though.......





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