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  1. I have messed around with a very similar situation of a wall framed on top of a couple of courses of CMU that looks really strange in a framing view without the concrete blocks visible. Ideally you would assign the things you want to show in a framing view as framing but that just leads you into a huge mess. I think I ended up making a duplicate that I could put on it's own layer which could be turned on and off as necessary.
  2. It appears as though you are properly aligned so it must be a material issue. If the materials are actually supposed to be different then technically you should have a division line right ?
  3. Just off the cuff but I think if you make it floor mounted then you can input an elevation and raise it off the floor up to the ceiling... + 96" or something similar. Similar situation with soffits if you want to search that it comes up regularly.
  4. It is not a great solution either as it is a challenge to keep the leader lines attached any you will need a little bit of macro know how unless you are happy with %length% displayed in inches.
  5. Not with automatic line length display unfortunately. As soon as we get proper labels it will not be a problem. I sometimes make a duplicate line and make it the blank line style then move the whole line but it is extra stuff to keep track of. The other options are to use a dimension line or a referenced line label.
  6. Joe has a system. You could check with him or I think you may be able to find it with a search.
  7. That would work fine if you had a survey crew doing the framing. They would love it.
  8. I would definitely draw to 1/2 or 1" increments using the snap grid rather that dimension rounding, as setting dimension rounding to 1/2" can at times give your an error as large as 1/2" so then your contractor is not simply out by 1/16" but a full 1/2" which might be as significant as the windows not fitting into the rough openings when they arrive.
  9. I think it must be the 5K screen resolution Glenn... Perhaps Heidi has the same ? I just don't seem to get those results with a Windows Machine and a 1080 screen resolution. I do like the last one though. What setting is that ? Rich text is Vector so that does help in all situations to make it clearer. Where as room labels are not.
  10. Symbols have plenty of category choices when they are created so those have default layers but a symbol can be moved to any layer so it is best to select it and open the DBX and check or have ALDO open when you select it and it will identify the layer for you and it can be turned on or off. I assume the symbol is just for background orientation and not actually using it for section views.
  11. Just as a test try Rich Text with the same font and same color and the same size. It may have as much to do with your screen or video driver as much as anything else. If that makes no difference then feel free to post a test plan that displays the same issue since you don't likely have SSA with X10.
  12. So this is a screen shot of layout in X10 ? How does it look if you print to PDF ?
  13. How does it fail ? Did you get this far ?
  14. No way to have a visible snap grid unless you are ok with using screen shots. I have done construction lines before but I think it is much easier to just use a polyline with a grid pattern fill style.
  15. Sorry I don't think technology has come quite that far yet. Have you checked the 3D Warehouse to see if someone has taken the time to model it ? If the manufacture can't provide a 3D model in some format then you will need to find one similar or model it from scratch. Perhaps post the image and manufacturer and model info and someone may be able to help.
  16. Tools > Layout > Referenced Plan Files...
  17. Also Angle Style is typically set to Quadrant Bearing for a Site Plan.
  18. Ouch.... "Hole in Ceiling Platform" Scalpel not Dynamite. Unless of course you have a second floor above as Chief does not seem to know the difference between a floor and a ceiling.
  19. It has been a while since I did it but should be easier now with a modern version. Place the light and make a ceiling hole that suits it then select both and make a new symbol maybe.
  20. I don't have time to test it at the moment but I think you can block a hole to a symbol and then remake the symbol. I have a terrain object that works that way so it may work for a ceiling mount as well. Let us know if you can get it to work.
  21. Yes there is that problem. I was just experimenting with a possible solution that I have not tried before but it seems all I have found is another irregularity with the software.
  22. Yes if you want to use a fence it is assumed that fences are made with wood or metal in a vertical orientation. You might be better off using a wall.
  23. This may not be exactly what you are asking but for instance if you are billing on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule then what I do is place the Total Duration total into the notes of the date you are billing so the the next time you bill you can just subtract that time from the new total. You can also note that you have invoiced for the hours to date and even go back and mark it paid if you like. I also have a system of doing it in excel that works but it is quite complicated and I rarely use it anymore because of the time involved.