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  1. Likely an image would be the way to go with something like that but the lighting and background would need to be just right.
  2. No. Sorry the plan needs to be closed when you zip and upload the file. No data contained.
  3. Is that watercolor RTRT ? Perhaps you smoked your video card. Not very impressive regardless. I do think I remember that they included that with X13 primarily for testing purposed though.
  4. Looks like Auto Frame was the culprit. Although you do have a lot of symbols - decor etc. and a rather high surface count 4.5 M My results were actually similar to yours, about 15-16 seconds for a structure adjustment and 30 sec to generate a 3D view. I guess I will be keeping my old computer set up as it is for a while longer.
  5. If this is actually true and not just something you did not notice at the end of a long work session. Which is highly unlikely even for a new user if: Then tech support needs to be clear that it happened that way. This would indicate a much more serious problem with the software or your hardware, but it would benefit us all to find out the problem and solution so please post your results here for the rest of us.
  6. True but wouldn't it be cool if you could set that up and then just turn it off until your client asked what is inside the walls.
  7. Something like this perhaps and maybe a little insulation and vapor barrier added as well.
  8. Just fooling with it now..... Transparent symbols I believe was the method. And or Wall Material Regions for the framing layer reveal.
  9. You can do that with wall layers now in X13 but to show it on a roof I think is more than just a little bit misleading.
  10. Here is an old thread with a few more details:
  11. I think we have most likely seen all the updates that are going to happen in X13 so we are right back to Kramer having a little too much wine.
  12. Yes and No. If you model your own Newel Post complete with bracket and pier footings you can create a symbol from that and apply an offset to it. The down side is there is no control of depth from grade unless you are working with flat terrain all the time.
  13. Yes that is what I remember from all views before. If you were to send that in it might encourage them to have another look at the situation and possibly get it right this time for X14.
  14. I think we need to be careful here in what gets requested. Yes the line weights need to be finer and we need to have more control over them but simply putting it back to the way is was is not acceptable either as there was no correlation to the way it looked on your screen and the way it would render. If you wanted something that looked great when it was rendered you needed to have a line weight setting in plan that was about 20x the proper setting as compared to X12 settings and it looked like a chisel tip marker had been used. So if you ever needed to do an on screen presentation it would require resetting all of your line weights or showing a client an embarrassing mess. There was a quick patch applied but it needs to be fixed properly rather than just removing the patch so that there is a proper graphic representation provided on our screens as well as printed or digital presentations.
  15. Excellent. It can be done with ruby but you need to ditch a lot of the other benefits of a Chief Schedule and start from scratch. A few extra clicks would be a great time saver if it could be done automatically.
  16. The problem there is that I think the main goal was to get a total volume calculation and I don't think you will get it that way with a stock schedule.
  17. Chopsaw


    Yes there are preset categories for room type which most likely can work for you or if not you may need custom categories.
  18. Pretty sure it needs to be requested. I think the X8 viewer can be downloaded without a formal request though.
  19. Thanks Joe, It has been a few years since I looked at that. Time to refresh.
  20. They should maybe think of that since their marketing team is going international. It is interesting in your example above that it does not follow the same default formatting as you get when you select "Use Default Formatting" for a label display, as when you tell it to display as a string. That seems to be more than just a little bit inconsistent. That really should have the default thousand's separator, should it not ? That is why I dumped the formatting all together and put what was required back in manually even though it is not a clean as I would have liked. This may have been a little better but still fails under 1,000 %area.round.to_s.insert(-10,",").gsub("sq ft","")%
  21. Just don't go under 1,000 French sq ft with it or I will need to revise for you.
  22. I may have made it more complicated than necessary... See if this causes any errors. PARK 1 %(area).to_f.round.to_s.insert(-4,",")% pi .ca
  23. Give this a test run: PARK 1 %((area.round(0))*10).to_f.round.to_s.insert(-5,",").chomp("0")% pi .ca