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  1. Start drawing your line in the approximate direction you want it and press tab.
  2. Pop open an elevation camera that is facing the wall in question and you can use the measuring tool and place dimensions and also send that view to layout. Hope that helps and Welcome to ChiefTalk.
  3. You may need to fil it with a 1/2" solid by setting up and elevation view and possibly positioning it in plan view.
  4. There are three options that are automated. A 3D Perspective view, A 2D Symbol "profile view", and a 3D Elevation view. These are all vector line drawings. If you want something different you can label your own column and paste an image over top of the schedule in layout but it is a lot of work to create and maintain if there are any changes.
  5. I believe that behavior is based on the panel symbol. It will stretch but always keeps it's basic geometry. Try stretching a copy to 12' or shrink to 8' and I think you will see that is the situation.
  6. I might be missing something here after laughing so hard, but is that not why we have layout so all those individual PNG files don't get lost and disorganized ?
  7. I would first make a backup plan file just in case and then use edit area to move your main floor to level 2 then once that is clear move your basement to level 1. Not sure it would all work perfectly though so that is the reason for the backup and it may require some cleanup. Last time I used edit area some items were not selected but it was manageable.
  8. You could do it with some fancy math in a macro but I think that is why sections are not usually done on a angle.
  9. How about a pass through and some cabinet shelves ?
  10. There are some cad blocked examples in your Core Catalog but personally I prefer to do a schedule that is limited to what is included in your specific plan rather than throw out every thing under the sun.
  11. Sure but it you want it to be dynamic and swing with the door you will need to make that suggestion to Chief.
  12. Snap a couple of cad lines to your roof plane and the angle dimension tool should be happy to attach to those in elevation view.
  13. It may just be a font or font size issue. Try opening a closing first to see if it auto corrects. Or possibly the old screen resolution problem.
  14. Turn on your Walls, Layers and give the Edit Wall Layer Intersections tool a try.
  15. Pretty sure that is a known limitation with STL files Dustin. "STL file format cannot store additional information such as color, material, facets, or triangles. It only stores information about the vertices and the normal vector. If you want to use multiple colors or materials for your prints, then the STL file format is not the right choice."
  16. Unfortunately the same behavior seems to exist in X14. Seems like a bug to me worse than when you rotate something and it decides to face left when plans are read from the bottom or right side and stapled on the left no matter which way the water swirls when you flush ??
  17. You could send a plan view to layout and crop the layout box if you need it to be live but if you a confident of the final layout and design then it may be easier to work with and edit a Cad Detail From View.
  18. Yes and No. Not in the same view unless maybe it is the other way around and you just want some specific model or object to be transparent you could adjust the material properties. What you likely need to do is look into referenced views for what you seem to be describing so you can combine two camera views. Also this seems to be a question so should likely be posted in Q&A.
  19. You can use the "Stretch to Fit" option but then there is scale to think about if your wall is much bigger than the material image. Ideally you want to find a "Seamless" image file but I have not had much success with that for natural stone as you would need to have all your border stones cut almost in half which never seems to work out so you end up with something that ends up looking a bit wonky every time. It also depends on what distance it is viewed from as if it is just a background item then you can get away with quite a bit but if it is a feature item then you will end up being scrutinized. You may be able to carefully crop what you have and make it seamless but it is definitely challenging.
  20. I am not sure your situation is unexpected. It appears that the "railing" ? wall is building from the sub floor level and your are dimensioning from the finished floor level. It may just be a matter of adding 3/4" to your railing wall height.
  21. Not sure there is an automatic way to do that but you can cut members from one wall detail and paste them into the other and then you would typically only need to edit the connection point. Unless there is a simple way to add that extra layer with a material region or other wise and keep it as one automatic wall.
  22. I don't think you will find a setting for that but it can certainly be accomplished by editing the automatic framing and extending it into the wall so it is added to the material list. A note can specify the pocket size and bearing depth details. However if you want to show a realistic pre construction view then you will need to replace your wall with a solid and place the holes using solid subtraction which is all possible but likely can be avoided.
  23. Enter your initials or user name in Preferences and it will appear on each line recorded in the Time Tracker log. It would work best if each person sharing the file worked from their own terminal but I suppose you could change the user name in Preferences before opening the plan file and it would work if you were all disciplined about doing that each time. Sorting out the hours is a different matter though and requires another third party app.
  24. I doubt you under quoted on that one though.
  25. If you want the subfloor 3" above the terrain then set the sub floor to 0 and terrain to -3 and if you are using the subfloor as your reference point then set the offset to 0 on the terrain specifications and all your inputs will make sense.