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  1. That would be in your dimension defaults.
  2. I don't think the software will do that natively. I was working on a system that would do it automatically. Send me a PM for the details if you are interested.
  3. It may not be your video card. What card do you have installed ? I upgraded to a GTX 1070 a few years ago and it does the basic rendering in X13 as it did in X12 but not the Real Time Raytracing. It is also possible that you just need to update windows 10 as some of the older versions do not support a high enough Shader Model.
  4. There is another confusing statement..... Maybe you have a magic copy and paste ? Bill's posted example also pulls the data from the neighboring room. The problem is Joe's %ceiling_Height_Label% macro does not work the way the global macro's do. I did not see a copy of Joe's macro posted.
  5. Same thing, Marquee select everything in the cad detail and cad block then the place in library tool should show up on the toolbar when you reselect the cad block.
  6. Copy and paste or put them into your library and then they will be available for any future plan file as well.
  7. You could increase the line weight of the "C" channel and or assign it a bold color. Or abandon the C channel and use regular studs with a filled cross box.
  8. Go to File> New Plan from Template. You can set this as your default in Preferences> General> New Plans.
  9. Likely just a randomly generated attic wall. Jump up a level to check.
  10. Not sure if you drew the beam manually or not but that could be an issue. Otherwise break the railing with a room divider wall segment and change the section at the top of the stair and left side to Rail to Post.
  11. You need to be sure that the specific note type is set to display in the schedule. Also "Include in Schedule" is selected.
  12. Are you by any chance getting an #Evaluation Error# where you are expecting the formatted ceiling height ?
  13. Most likely you have a thin paint layer in your wall definition which should be logical but the software can't handle it properly. It works better to create a custom drywall material of your choice of color and it will wrap around your end walls.
  14. I think what you are looking for is to reduce the font size that the schedule uses.
  15. Yes it will for sure if it will satisfy the client. You can apply the material directly to the entire wall or place a p-solid skin on a segment of the wall.
  16. You can run both on the same computer at the same time but I think you will need to sign out to run one or both on another computer.
  17. You may do better with a photograph of an existing living wall applied as a material unless it is a totally custom design. You could likely do a setup with 3D plants but it is very much a computer resource hog.
  18. Yes that worked. Thank You
  19. No I did not try, is that an option when running the .msi file again ?
  20. Ok thanks guys. My folders do contain what seems to be all the required files or at least they are not empty shells. I will see if tech is aware of the issue since it is why I called them last time because I could not access the file but forgot to mention that fact.
  21. Interesting... It seems like I have all the installed files you have but something must be corrupted.