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  1. johnny's post in Split Taperd Column was marked as the answer   
    I could be reading the OP's request wrong, but what I think he needs to do is simply make the column as he needs it (full version) from a solid, and then make another block of primitive to cover 1/2 the column and then do a subtraction of the solid to get 1/2 the column. 
    Here is an example of what I think you may be after....

  2. johnny's post in Explode Sketchup Symbols? was marked as the answer   
    I think the difference is that you can't "explode" the objects while keeping sub-component integrity, but you can explode the surfaces.
    You should separate what you want in Sketchup and export/import your "objects" individually.
  3. johnny's post in Dashed Line in Plan View on all Doors was marked as the answer   
    There is a layer called "door headers" and if you select one door you can turn off the layer and they disappear.
  4. johnny's post in What might be causing Chief to create such a funky Attic wall? was marked as the answer   
    I do wish we had a better way to manually select connections between walls/roofs etc.  However, it is a quick fix in the current system:

    (by the way nice house design - is this a new construction or existing remodel of an English tutor?)
  5. johnny's post in Rake Walls at Attic have disappeared. was marked as the answer   
    Here is a vid that may help some. 

  6. johnny's post in CA-8 level of control of wall framing was marked as the answer   
    Brown, yes I too think its a bit odd placement for the option - but oh well. As Michael said too you can override the wall framing spec in the "material" field to what you want.

    However, you aren't limited. If you notice you can create your own material - call it what you want "Non-fir Framing@ 6" OC" and specify that 6" OC in the spacing. Notice you also have control of the "x" dimension as well.

    You can then also create a new wall type, and set that wall type to use that "material" with the 6" OC (or whatever you want). That way you can have any wall framing spec you want per-wall.

  7. johnny's post in Polyline Solids & Molding Line Layer Assigment Options? was marked as the answer   
    Under line -

  8. johnny's post in garden gnomes was marked as the answer   
    There is a "Landscaping Accents" in the dowload library but not sure if it has something like this.  It does say "garden statues".
  9. johnny's post in How To Get Objects To Snap Against Each Other, And Not Keep Moving? was marked as the answer   
    This should help

  10. johnny's post in ICF concrete floor structure (framing) like insuldeck / quad-deck was marked as the answer   
    I guess if I was you I would have gone the symbol way - and then place your "stretch planes" in the correct spot.  Here are the reasons.
    1. You can have the actual shape with concrete and "air" space.
    2. Set the distance from floor, so it inserts the correct place.
    3. Set stretch zones
    You could even place the rebar, but here is a symbol I did for you real quick.  I'm doing things like this to practice with CA.

  11. johnny's post in Frustrated With Chief ....may Be Going To Softplan was marked as the answer   
    To me Chief had a huge learning curve due to all the neunaces - trust me, i've been frustrated many times.  However, this community is about as good a place to get help than anything i've ever seen.  Heck, Scott produces videos of how to do certain things using my project files - its been heaven sent.
    I bet SoftPlan is the same type of app Chief is.  You won't hear an argument from me Chief doesn't need more CAD/Model tools - but Chief is still the best thing i've found for residential 3D design.