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  1. Chopsaw's post in Rotating Dimensions was marked as the answer   
    No sorry.  Unless you want to upgrade you will need to paste a text box over top of the dimension in X12.  Not very practical though.
  2. Chopsaw's post in List of available CAD blocks incomplete was marked as the answer   
    The list should contain all the cad blocks that you have in your template plan in "Cad Block Management" as well as anything that you have active in the plan file.  So if you want to use the cad block from a symbol in your library place that symbol into your plan and the cad block should show in the Available Cad Block list.
  3. Chopsaw's post in 1" Scale Detail Template gone in X13? was marked as the answer   
    It is in the X12 and X13 Residential Template files and likely others that I did not check.  You may have deleted it from your own template but you could reload it if you like.
    There should be virgin templates stored here by default :  C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X13\Templates

  4. Chopsaw's post in Question about Camera Callouts Filled Arrows was marked as the answer   
    Close the camera view perhaps ?   The fill is just for the purpose of printing.
  5. Chopsaw's post in Rafter size not displaying correctly in section view was marked as the answer   
    Usually both  are the best practice.  You may have a soffit setting issue but hard to know without the file.
    Welcome to Chief Talk.
  6. Chopsaw's post in What determines how high your first floor is above ground level? was marked as the answer   
    Terrain> Terrain Specifications> General> Subfloor Height Above Terrain:
  7. Chopsaw's post in Light through wall partition was marked as the answer   
    Try placing a polyline solid through the wall connection and apply a lead material to it about 1" thick.  If that does not fix it you might want to upload your file here or send it to tech support.
  8. Chopsaw's post in Auto Wall Framing was marked as the answer   
    Click on your main layer and make sure the default settings on the bottom left are correct.
  9. Chopsaw's post in Deck footing was marked as the answer   
  10. Chopsaw's post in The program is already running. OK, I want to run it anyway was marked as the answer   
    You can so long as it works to share computing resources.  Hold down your CTRL key while you start the second instance.
    It is just not a recommended thing to do.
  11. Chopsaw's post in Importing 3D Symbols - which format is best? was marked as the answer   
    Yes they are likely the most predictable.  The only real issues you will run into are the ones posted by amateurs but they can usually be fixed.
    Other good options are .dae and .3ds
  12. Chopsaw's post in Railing Newel to beam issue was marked as the answer   
    Try adjusting the room height.  Hopefully there are no others issues that will be created by doing that. 

  13. Chopsaw's post in Layer Display selection filtering was marked as the answer   
  14. Chopsaw's post in Adjusting Line Lengths was marked as the answer   
    Just one extra key stroke.  Start drawing and then hit tab to enter the length.
  15. Chopsaw's post in Bearing measurements. was marked as the answer   
    Also it would be helpful for you to fill out your signature and let us know you are using the X12 student version and you will get better answers.
  16. Chopsaw's post in room area macro rounding was marked as the answer   
    Hi Rob,  I think you are running into issues just with your structure.  You need to do your calculation then round.
    %(room.internal_area/50).round%   or   %(room.internal_area/50).ceil%  or   %(room.internal_area/50).floor%
    Does that look correct Joe  ?
  17. Chopsaw's post in Exporting room data was marked as the answer   
    I was going to ask how but Joe had the answer.
  18. Chopsaw's post in Roof Framing and Rafter Tail/Sub Fascia Heights Question was marked as the answer   
    Hi Larry, I found some time for you and think I have most of it figured out.  There are still many other small issues with the plan that I am sure you are aware of but the rafters need to have a soffit if they are going to trim automatically. So I chose a soffit for you and the other problem was possibly that nothing you tried would work because you were using the roof sheeting as soffit layered under the rafters.  Pretty Tricky, you must be practicing being scary for Halloween.  If you have any questions or need a little more help let me know.

    BETRIX 30 Choped.plan
  19. Chopsaw's post in Schedule Text Size was marked as the answer   
    Sure, Open your Schedule and go to the Text Style tab and Use existing Layer or edit the layer or make a new layer or Custom for just one Schedule. Have Fun.
    One other tip that might be helpful if you need to squeeze a schedule in somewhere tight is to Shift select it and Cad block then resize from corner of cad block then unblock. This is a lot easier than trying to come up with just the right fraction for text size.
  20. Chopsaw's post in fliping floors was marked as the answer   
    Sure, under the drop down menu of the Build New Floor tool there are two options for Exchanging Floors.
  21. Chopsaw's post in Problems with 3" increments as default was marked as the answer   
    Double Click you "Select Objects" tool and set Snap Unit to 2" or less.
    Or Default Settings> Plan

  22. Chopsaw's post in Cheek Wall was marked as the answer   
    Hi Vinnie,  Not exactly sure of your situation but hope this helps.

  23. Chopsaw's post in Transparent Background Images not working was marked as the answer   
    Emma, You could try Adobe Reader which is a free version and see if that gives you any more options.  My second option shows up in the Print View options as "Microsoft print to PDF" which also worked when tested.
  24. Chopsaw's post in Basement Wall Won't Keep Paint... was marked as the answer   
    Ross,  Set your exterior pony walls to "Furred Wall" and you are good to go.  Have a great Weekend.
    P.S.  Video worked fine keep up the good work.

  25. Chopsaw's post in porch needs to extend past the rail/ beam so that columns don't overhang was marked as the answer   
    Hi Diane,  I had a go at your porch. Hoping you like how this looks .  Building with the Mono Slab gives many more possibilities.  I have attached your fixed plan file, and this is a summary of what I felt was required.
    I Set up a new Single Layer 6" Railing Wall Type.

    Made your beams 6" to match posts.

    Removed Railing Footings.

    Increased Mono Slab Footings by 4" for post inset.

    Turned on Attic End walls for porch.

    Removed Ceiling for more open feel.

    Dropped Roof plane 4" for more window clearance and full birdsmouth.

    I would also recommend moving the whole porch a foot or two to the right.
    Hoping this Helps.

    Welch DRAW PLAN swap m bed and bath porch fix.plan