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  1. Chopsaw's post in How to fix a texture alignment issue was marked as the answer   
    See if Global Symbol Mapping fixes it.
    Check Global Symbol Mapping to map the texture and pattern using the same origin on all objects. When unchecked, the origin is defined individually for each object.
  2. Chopsaw's post in Conservation Orangery was marked as the answer   
    I think I would just do my best to attempt to work with the layers of a roof plane to do that.  Obviously no tiles or shingles and replace the sheathing with glass. Modify rafter size, spacing  and material to look like frame/lead work. And possibly a few extra moldings or p-solids where the roof planes fall short.  Good Luck !
  3. Chopsaw's post in Multi Copy Question was marked as the answer   
    Use Transform and Replicate not Multi Copy.
  4. Chopsaw's post in X13 works fine, but X14 keeps freezing and crashing - why? was marked as the answer   
    Try turning off "Display Idle Timeout Dialog" in Preferences and see if that works for two of the units.
    If it does let us and tech support know and they might get it fixed faster.
  5. Chopsaw's post in Material List -> Layout, need to add Roof Material Schedule w/ Qty to Layout sheet was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried a Custom "Roof" Schedule ?

  6. Chopsaw's post in Unable to change my primary contour labels to metric. was marked as the answer   
    That would certainly be a nice feature to have but I don't think that there is any way to get there as the software is now.
    You would need to transfer your site plan to a metric template and reference it on your layout, or if there are not many elevation lines as pictured I would just do the conversions and paste a text box over top but you may end up with some funky decimal places converting feet to meters.
  7. Chopsaw's post in custom truss webbing not showing in framing camera was marked as the answer   
    As Gene is suggesting it may well be possible to auto generate that condition but I have not tried.  When manually editing trusses you can't use a "General Framing Member" as a structural component of the truss.  You need to copy and modify an existing "Roof Truss Member" from the same truss envelope. General framing members can be used to trim with but will not show in your framing view even if the layer is turned on.
  8. Chopsaw's post in <Beginner question> Dimension not matching was marked as the answer   
    Yes. Set your dimension default to "Sides" rather than "Casing" for Openings.
  9. Chopsaw's post in Parcel Map Tracing Challenge was marked as the answer   
    What would be nice is if surveyors were a little more OCD...
    Between the survey not quite closing and Chief's defaults it gets a little tricky to make it work the way the survey is drawn but that is the point if someone has an issue with your interpretation they will request the original survey so it had better match.
    If this is what you are after shoot me a PM and I will try to explain.

  10. Chopsaw's post in terrain hole below cantilever, how to fix? was marked as the answer   
    Select the terrain and then the "Make Terrain Hole(s) Around Building(s)" and then you can manually edit it.
  11. Chopsaw's post in Draw a cube with different textures on each side was marked as the answer   
    Draw a Box and then "Explode Shape" and paint away. 
  12. Chopsaw's post in Changing Length Format in Schedules was marked as the answer   
    It is completely possible but not quite as easy as it should be.  You will need to have a little knowledge of Macro's and Ruby as well as the new Number Formatter that was introduced in X12.
    Maybe start here: 
    Read through this:
    Or post your plan file and I will see if I can set up an example for you.

  13. Chopsaw's post in Any guess on my walls surfaces are phasing in and out of existence? was marked as the answer   
    Change your "Exterior Wall Surface" back to "Default" at the top of the list of "Plan Materials" and you should be good to go.

  14. Chopsaw's post in Ceiling Sloped Exterior Walls was marked as the answer   
    You should be noticing some " Ceiling Break Lines " in plan view when you have a condition such as that if the layer is turned on.
    Unfortunately the only solution is to raise the roof or reduce the thickness of the roof structure.
    If that does not make sense you may need to post the plan file for someone to help you out with it.
  15. Chopsaw's post in EDIT IMPORTED SYMBOL was marked as the answer   
    Bring it into your plan file and delete all the surfaces of the unwanted piece and then recreate the symbol.
  16. Chopsaw's post in Square Half Post was marked as the answer   
    You can go and change your Material Default after the fact but that would be the long way to do it for sure. Not that the half post is the first detail that you would logically think about. 

  17. Chopsaw's post in Putting mineral wool for sound insulation in most walls was marked as the answer   
    Don't make a new layer unless that is how it is actually going to be designed with a thicker wall.   Normally just put a checkmark in the "Ins" column of the main layer.
    If you want to show it in 3D you will need to put it in manually.
  18. Chopsaw's post in Library backup was marked as the answer   
    Yes Right after Program Files (x86) if you.....
    They don't want to make it too easy for you. 
  19. Chopsaw's post in Problems replacing backdrop was marked as the answer   
    For each camera be sure to "save" it and go to the Backdrop tab of the DBX (Dialogue Box) apply your custom backdrop and it will stick.

    When you are ready to explore Plan Defaults click this tool: 
  20. Chopsaw's post in Elevation Callouts very small in the default Kitchen Plan was marked as the answer   
    The size of the callout is determined by the text size that the Text Style is using for the Cameras layer.  You can also adjust the callout size manually in the camera DBX but that does not set the text size so it is usually best to leave that set to "Automatic".
  21. Chopsaw's post in Corner NanaWall was marked as the answer   
    I turned off Casing, Sill/Threshold, Lintel, Jamb...   Just the Door. 

    In my posted example I was able to place it beside the Pass Through but you could temporarily reduce the Pass Through if necessary.  Then just drag it overtop in 3D and tweak the precision in plan view.  Not completely sure if the two doors can close at the corner the way the software is currently working but Nana likely has a special 90° adapter for that anyway. You could add a symbol for that and turn it on when the door is closed and off when it is open.

  22. Chopsaw's post in Numbers rounding incorrectly was marked as the answer   
    Rob,   Change your " Site Plan Dimensions " default to " Distance Rounding " and I think you will be much happier and get the results you are expecting more consistently.  Personally I would add the " Unit Indicators " to your cad line Displayed Line Length defaults in this situation but that is up to you.

  23. Chopsaw's post in Polyline Default Setting for Label was marked as the answer   
    I may have made it more complicated than necessary...   See if this causes any errors.
    PARK 1
    %(area).to_f.round.to_s.insert(-4,",")% pi .ca
  24. Chopsaw's post in walls showing different? was marked as the answer   
    Ok then set them to display the upper portion to match the other walls.
  25. Chopsaw's post in Rotating Dimensions was marked as the answer   
    No sorry.  Unless you want to upgrade you will need to paste a text box over top of the dimension in X12.  Not very practical though.