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  1. Chopsaw's post in Need to create pass through folding window was marked as the answer   
    I think your best option would be to draw that as a door with a raised sill.

  2. Chopsaw's post in Traced Background Layer cannot find and turn-off was marked as the answer   
    Yes you can select and delete but your original question was to turn off the layer as it may be useful again later on.
    If you dock the " Active Layer Display Options " it should tell you what layer the PDF is on when selected.
    X14 uses the " CAD, Default "  layer for imported PDF's.
    Note that Eric posted an X15 screen shot above.
    Be aware that there may be plenty of other things on the CAD, Default layer so that is why they changed it for X15.
  3. Chopsaw's post in Cad Box to Polyline was marked as the answer   
    3D solid is not possible in a Cad Detail View.  Sorry.   Paste back and forth perhaps ?
  4. Chopsaw's post in Icon? was marked as the answer   
    That is just a reminder that you have "Auto Rebuild Terrain" turned off and have made a terrain modification that is not displayed.  Your terrain needs to be rebuilt.   No reason to have that turned off unless you are having significant computer performance issues.

  5. Chopsaw's post in Adding a step-down porch to an existing plan was marked as the answer   
    You are likely overthinking this one.  Decide what size the step is going to be and place a dash ahead of it for your floor level of the deck so it is a negative value.  Done.

  6. Chopsaw's post in People not showing up in camera view was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like maybe you are trying to use the 2D people.  They are primarily meant to be used in elevation views.
    Try these or do a search on the forum for 3D People.

  7. Chopsaw's post in MACROS for object dimensions, area, volume was marked as the answer   
    It looks to me that what you are building would most suitably be a symbol so just do the math....

  8. Chopsaw's post in Polyline fills with solid black despite changing fill color was marked as the answer   
    It looks to me as you may have colour toggle off in your section view.  
  9. Chopsaw's post in Adjust Sizing Stretch Planes of ZLine Range Hood was marked as the answer   
    The Specification Dialogues are a little different now but it all works the same way.

    Gives you this:    Which is actually the default setup in x14.

  10. Chopsaw's post in View Layout at Actual Drawing Sheet Size on Computer Monitor was marked as the answer   
    Yes,  Always print to PDF to review before printing.  PDF viewers should give you a magnification level setting...  ie 100%
    Then print from the PDF for most predictable results.
  11. Chopsaw's post in Terrain Icons was marked as the answer   
    That is definitely a bit odd but x14 is the same.  Fortunately it only appears that way on the child toolbar.  So you get rid of the problem when you graduate.  But all the same quite confusing for new users.   Might be a good idea to submit it and find out what the issue is.
  12. Chopsaw's post in Send to layout default scale was marked as the answer   
    Try changing the scale of your drawing sheet in plan.
  13. Chopsaw's post in Split a Roof Plane was marked as the answer   
    You can usually just place a double break and then tear a strip completely out for a quick method on a simple plane.
  14. Chopsaw's post in Porch Beam to Roof Misalignment was marked as the answer   
    It looks like you may have the opposite problem as discussed here:
    Same solution though I think.
  15. Chopsaw's post in 3D Viewer - way to check surface count for posted models or in Chief besides during export? was marked as the answer   
    I have not noticed any significant changes in the viewer for quite a while now.  At least in comparison to the number of suggestions.
    Your status bar will display the number of surfaces rendered in a 3D view for a short time after it finishes rendering if that helps.
  16. Chopsaw's post in Exporting layout to PDF converts images to Grayscale was marked as the answer   
    Sorry I don't have a Mac but it should be the same I would think ?

  17. Chopsaw's post in "Ceiling Beam" To Follow Roof Pitch? was marked as the answer   
    Soffits can work depending on the situation.
  18. Chopsaw's post in Macro to pull/draw data from Wall > Object information > Field > Value was marked as the answer   
    Hi Buzz,    Give this a try.....      %custom_fields["Assembly"]%
  19. Chopsaw's post in Stop Chief Architect from opening full screen was marked as the answer   
    Try to grab the header and pull it down to expose and edge you can work with.  Mine seems to behave predictably.   What version are you running ?
  20. Chopsaw's post in No Wall schedule in Layout? was marked as the answer   
    Yes.  It is convenient to have schedules visible in plan view and there are benefits to that but having the schedule in a cad detail does make it easier to send to layout.   Or zoom in to send and use the  "Current Screen" option for less trimming.
  21. Chopsaw's post in Help With Computer Build was marked as the answer   
    Are you currently running 2 1/2" Sata SSD drives ?   I am pretty sure there are others that would be grateful to have the system you are running now but if you have 4K for an upgrade that looks like a pretty sweet build. 
  22. Chopsaw's post in Easiest way to add/subtract distance from an existing floor plan? was marked as the answer   
    We have a stretch cad tool but what you are looking for is Edit Area.  Another tool you will find handy is temporary dimensions.  Select the item and then click the appropriate attached dimension or temporary dimension and change the measurement.  Or drag and tab for a dialog to enter the exact distance to move.
    Don't be shy about letting us know what software you are coming from as there are a lot of others that have successfully made similar transitions. They can help you with terminology you will understand.   You can actually put some of that information in your signature along with your important computer specifications so it is available to those that are helping out.
  23. Chopsaw's post in Roof on Round Room Only was marked as the answer   
    You could always copy that round wall over to a blank plan and auto build there and just CTRL + ALT + V  back a forth until it looks good.
    Depending on how many sections you use you may want to trim the overhang to get a smooth fascia.  It is just a (roof) polyline.
    06 Options
    Enter the Segment Angle at Curved Wall, which is the angle for roof segments automatically generated to cover a curved wall. A smaller angle produces more roof planes. Note that in some instances, slightly smaller or larger values will be used instead of the specified angle.
  24. Chopsaw's post in Is there a way to manually draw a shoe plate w/roof framing tools? was marked as the answer   
    You could use purlins in the surface layer and jigger the offsets top and bottom to set that up automatically.

  25. Chopsaw's post in ridge vent qty was marked as the answer   
    Yes that is how it works and always good to verify as there are certain situations when it does not work.