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Tile Builder got a small update today...To get the latest version just download it again from the beginning of this post.


For the 1:1. 2:, Large 2:1, etc Offsetting with the slider worked fine for 1/2 offsets but 1/3 offsets would always have one row out of place, breaking the seamlessness. I upped the count on most of the basic layouts to the lowest common denominator between 2 and 3 so a 1/3 offset and a 1/2 offset should always be seamless.

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On 7/1/2021 at 11:19 AM, ro81nson said:

I'm also seeing a lot of contractors using Techo-Bloc pavers. They have a great Designers Toolbox available on their website but it would be even better if they collaborated with Chief to get their patterns, styles and materials in the Catalog!





Did you ever figure out how to get the techo-bloc files into chief?

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Sorry for the late reply but I've been busy.  We've reached out to techno bloc earlier this year but haven't heard back yet, but I plan on swinging by the booth at KBIS this year to try and get the ball rolling.  I'll keep you posted.


Till then, I just put up the Masonry and Stone Builder at the top of the post for users to make custom pavers and stone layouts.  I ported over some layouts from the tile builder to make some of the more specific  techo-bloc-ish layouts an option.


Most of the bones of the Masonry and Stone builder are lifted form the tile builder as well so if you're familiar with the tile builder you should hit the ground running with this one.  As always, if you find issues or want something added just hit me here on ChiefTalk and I'll either fix it or get it on the update list.


Have Fun Gang!

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