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  1. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    I'll put the species on my list too... I'll also look at adding the scale feature from the tile builder to the wood builder as well so you'll have more control over grain size. That one might be tougher to implement though just because the wood builder is wired differently. Same rules would apply though with texture scaling, larger textures with the same amount of pixels (512, 1024, etc) You'll lose some detail of the wood when looked at up close, but when looked at from afar, you should be fine with a larger surface area coverage. Wood we make in-house is usually scaled for indoor use, but I like the idea of having an option to size up for decking, rafters, siding, etc. Maybe a catalog of large format 16' wood mats. More options are rarely a bad thing. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hey Chopsaw, good catch. It's a bug. The "Uncut" wood is kind of a misnomer since, as you saw, there is some vertical offsetting going on that is kind of hard to see unless you catch a knot on a seam or load an external image like you've found out already. This was added purely to help the wood tile less obviously but I kinda forgot about it when I added the image input to the system a couple years later. I'll add it to my todo list. I'll try to make it so it doesn't slice up image inputs but keeps slicing the wood selections for better tiling. In the meantime can I ask what you're trying to make in case I can help you out in the meantime? If you have a seamless wood texture already, are you using the builder just for image manipulation like color/hue/lightness/etc?
  3. CADustin

    Multi slide door symbol

    I think you're right, X11 got the pocket wall feature... The NanaWall catalog also might help, it just got updated late last year.
  4. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Small update today... Tile Builder A lot of folks have had issues with the scale of the raw materials in the tile builder when working with large format tile so now it has a "Material Scale" so if you have large marble hex tile or 2'x4' offset slabs, you can scale the tile material till it looks correct. -Each Tile Type has an independent scale slider. -Scale goes from 0% to 500%, if anyone needs more than that, let me know. As always if you have any questions or find any bugs let me know here. To see the updates you'll have to redownload the from the first post on this thread.
  5. CADustin

    Nickel-gap ship-lap *wanted*

    Hey Stephen, If you want to take a crack at the wood builder, it has a shiplap option. Under "Cut" just scroll down to Shiplap - Seamed or Shiplap - Seamless and export. Hit me up if you hit any snags.
  6. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hey Vixen, I'm not very mac savvy but I've seen some problems like this perusing to substance forums for other questions. This seemed to be the closest thing I've seen to your error... So try opening the player and going up to Window > Reset layout...I hope the issue is that easy to fix. Another thing I see sometimes is substance trying to save or work from a restricted folder location. Maybe try moving the builder.sbsar locations to a place you know is accessible. If these don't work, let me know and we can keep tracking it down. Also, Davidstvz, if you're having considerable lag, try reducing the resolution while you design your materials, then when you're ready for export, up-rez them to where you need them. Above 1024 can be pretty laggy as you shuffle around more and more pixels.
  7. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Wood Builder update is live, please download the new version from the link on the first post of this thread... -Added a vertical/horizontal orientation selector. -Added resolution sizing - It auto defaults to 512, so be sure to bump it up if you need better clarity/smaller seams. -The Image input slot now hides itself unless you select image input on the wood species drop down. -Added "Weathering" category -Age - Ages the wood, looks pretty rough and low resolutions, better at 1024+ -Paint level - adds paint as a ratio of chipped paint over the wood, max paint just covers everything. -Paint Color colors the paint. -Lichen - Yup. -Mold - Gross...but yup.
  8. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Wood builder update is still forthcoming, I found some crossed wires I gotta work out first, so just the tile update first... For specific tile patters/shapes/rotations/layouts I have to manually build them and feed them into the builder which can take some time, so the best practice is to add the shapes/features that add the most bang for the buck as we add more and more options. We try to cover the basics as best we can with the player, but if you're hyper focused on tile or materials in general, maybe take a look at substance designer for custom stuff. If you wanted to take a deeper dive, substance designer can make anything you need, but it's what I use to make chief materials so there aren't any grout sliders or tile drop downs. You have to make everything yourself. Substance player is just letting you tinker around with what I've already made so if I haven't made it for a chief catalog yet, it won't get added to the player. It's super fun software though, so if you find yourself always looking for a specific tile, maybe its worth an afternoon to try and make it yourself with the trial and hit me up here at chief if you have any questions. It's neat software, especially if you're kitchen/bath focused. Maybe we can start feeding other peoples tile layouts into the builder too
  9. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Tile Builder.sbsar got an update today (grab it from the first post on this thread, same place you got it the first time.) Let me know if you guys are finding any issues or bugs, don't call Chief tech support, this is my responsibility to fix and maintain. Changes Made... -Added some new Shape options Changed Large Tile to 1:1 Large Tile Added a 2:1 large Tile Triangle Pattern Elongated Hex Elongated Diamond Added image inputs on each material drop down -You should see a slot to add your image appear when selecting ~image input in the “Tile X Material” dropdown. --This is a little tricky under the hood and whatever you add will still go through the color blenders, I'm still chewing on how to mitigate this since there's a lot more going on under the hood with the tile builder compared to the wood Builder. Added a Material Invert for those that want white marble with grey veining instead of Black marble with White veining, etc. I hope to eventually give you guys more control over the colors of these kinds of things but that's a heavy lift. Till then this should help you guys get darker veins on white marble.
  10. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Also, sorry I missed the question... Yes, the newest versions will always be on the first post of this thread. The second post will have updates listed by date, and usually I'll make an announcement in this thread just to bump it to the top and let people know. If you think you are missing an update, e mail or msg me here on ChiefTalk and I'll check it for you and get you a fresh copy.
  11. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    I see what you mean... I rotated it in windows picture viewer and sure enough, it didn't rotate in substance player but when I rotated it in photoshop, it DID rotate in substance player. After trying it again, in the windows picture viewer, if you click the "Edit and Create" and Drop down to "Edit" that gets you to a more robust edit screen that also has a rotate button. Rotating it here then "saving a copy" on the bottom right DID work correctly in substance. Just gotta save a copy in the edit screen I guess for it to make an actually rotated copy instead of windows trying to fake it. See Attached. Let me know if it' still giving you issues.
  12. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hey gang, great info... - Thanks for the brick list, I'll look into a brick builder next time I get into a brick catalog for Chief or the next time I get a window of time. If anymore ideas come up just put them up on this thread and I'll re-review before I start it. -Lakeside, Good catch. I'll look into adding a rotator to the image input, till them you can just open the image in windows basic picture viewer (or apple equivalent) and rotate it there before added it to the wood builder.
  13. CADustin

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hi Dianne, I think a brick builder would be fantastic. If you have a sec, can you tell me what all you would need it to do? So far... -Mortar Color -Brick Color -Investigate Soldier Brick Options ???
  14. CADustin

    Substance Player - Tile

    Hey Emily, The tile builder has a "Picket" option that kind of matches your shape and you might be able to get what you need from that, to dial in your specifics you'll have to... 1. Export a "PICKET" tile from substance player and bring it into photoshop, you can use the BASE COLOR map to paint whatever stone or colors you want using the grout as a guide. 2. Import your maps and newly colored BASE COLOR into chief and ROTATE it 90° so your picket is going left-to-right. From there uncheck the "Keep Aspect Ratio" in your material dialogue and reduce the width of the texture to squish it closer to what you are after. It won't be exact but pretty close for a 30 second tile...Getting everything super exact exact would require a decent chunk of photoshop time. Hope this helps, if you run into any snags let me know.