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  1. Naturekast just went live today and has a lot of stuff that might be close to what you're looking for.
  2. Yes you can, just make sure you have a compatible version of Chief that works with whatever catalog you purchase. For example, you won't be able to use a new X13 catalog if you are still on X12.
  3. Sometimes when panels get moved around or turned off the "Show/Hide Selection Panel" Chopsaw mentioned can be somewhat collapsed. Try making sure it's toggled on and dragging the two windows apart as shown in the images. Lemme know if you still have issues and I'll help run it down.
  4. Hey sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, the way the tile builder is currently built, any image inputs will be reduced to grayscale/black and white. Fixing it so colors show is on my todo list, but it wasn't a trivial addition so I'm on hold till I get a chunk of time to drill down into the details so I don't break it. Sorry!
  5. Gotcha, we're reaching out. Also, remember our success rate with manufacturers goes way up when they hear from you guys that you want your favorite brands in Chief.
  6. Sure thing, added to my todo list, Stone in general is something I'd like to do a big update on when time allows. Keep posting requests on anything stone related and I'll try to knock as many out as I can when I start the update.
  7. Good point, I always forget about the hide surfaces tool.
  8. Hey Rob, glennw is right, your best bet is a material. If you got a picture of what you're trying to make, we might be able to point you to a material that might get the job done for you.
  9. ^ Pretty much that ^ We update as often as possible and usually manufacturers reach out to us with product updates to be implemented but if we haven't heard from a brand in a while, we'll reach out to them to check for updates. -For brands that seem to have gone stale, feel free to reach out to both us here at Chief Content and your specific brand. Usually, that's enough to jumpstart a conversation on what needs to be updated. -For brands that are updating at a good clip but you see things that are missing, let us know what you need and we can either find it and add it or have an explanation why something might not be supported yet. Cambria did indeed update recently, but won't be launched till the 2nd to coincide with the updated products launch. After June 2nd, take a look and get back to me with stuff that might be missing that you need and I'll get the ball rolling.
  10. For something like garage doors, you'd have to export the door out as a dae/3ds/etc and strip the grill geometry off in a 3d editing program like blender... Most things in the 3d library are imported from software like blender or 3ds max, so we can't enable "exploding" on these kinds of objects. Exploding is usually limited to things combined together in Chief after import like kitchen island sets, dining table sets, cabinet combos, etc. Hit me up if you hit any snags going in and out of chief with your door. GL!
  11. Hey McConnell, The Tile builder has a hex and cube (I think its called "Rhombus Pattern") tile set up that might help you out. One thing to note, when working with Hexes in the tile builder, increase the resolution to 1024 to reduce the jaggy edges, 512x512 doesn't play very nice with non 90° angles.
  12. I'll put those on my update list! There's always updates coming for the builders but it's depends on my current content workload. When I get caught up, I go back to my list and knock out as many things as I can, so don't be shy with the requests. I need to know what you guys need.
  13. You got it, I'm due for another run at the builders here in a bit, I'll add a pattern generation map to the exportable maps. The grout controls are already using an edge detect with a static, preset pattern to get the grout thickness so I just gotta run those patterns to a new output, easy peasy. I just started a big update for a catalog but after that I'll see if I can squeeze in some of the last couple months requests.
  14. You guys figured it out. Sorry for the late reply, I'm on vacation. The grout thickness is indeed limited to the overall texture size in substance player since we need at least three pixels to make the most basic groove (preferably more) and on a layout of 10 tiles, that's 30 pixels. A 512x512 image gets you 512-30 = 482. So 482 pixels left to cover 10 tiles gets you 48.2 pixels per tile, which isn't a lot when scaled across some of the larger format tile layouts. So if our simple groove of a downward sloping pixel, a flat pixel, and an upward sloping pixel "\_/" can't be any smaller than 3 pixels, and if you have 512 pixels for the whole image, the grout line can only be so thin, no matter what the grout slider is set at. Increasing the pixel count up to 1024 or 2048 gives you a lot more play with the grout slider since you have more pixels to play with and the ratio of 3pxl grout to 48.2pxl tile is a lot clunkier than 3pxl to 201.8pxl (at 2048x2048.) So more pixels gets you thinner grout and sharper detail on your tile (and cleaner edges on non square tiles btw) but larger files takes more memory so just be aware of this and try not to flood your plans with high res maps everywhere, just where you need it.
  15. Hey Rob, -To get your tile as the correct size (12" x 24" per tile) you need to count the number of tiles in the image. Large 2:1 shows 2 tile across and 4 tall, so 24"x2 across = 48" and 12" per tile tall, 4x12" = 48", so your scale in Chief will be 48x48. -Grout lines can be controlled with the "grout width" slider under grout controls but if it still looks to large when you get it in Chief, you'll need to bump up the resolution in substance player ("Output size" at the top) this will give you more pixels to work with so the SP can make the grout smaller. -If your tile isn't seamless, usually the offset slider is the culprit. I can't see what your offset is so I can't be sure but the 2:1 large was seamless at .5 offset, so maybe your offset is off by one tile length? let me know if this wasn't it. Could be a couple different things. Let me know if you hit any more snags.