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  1. Those look like they may be definition points. If this is the case, in your top menu go to CAD/Points/Delete Temporary Points.
  2. There are quite a few on 3D Warehouse
  3. Logitech Trackball, I'll never go back to a mouse.
  4. I just ran into this problem the other day. Turn your railings into invisible walls then draw new rails (but not 'deck rails') inside the invisible rails.
  5. I have a Logitech M570 cordless trackball, works great.
  6. I got rid of my mouse 20 years ago as it was causing too much pain in my arm. I switched to a trackball (Logitech currently) and my arm pain went away. I also like that it is stationary, no need to move it around my desk. It's also great for remote use when space is at a premium (I can put it on my knee).
  7. Jason: Here's a great site I found for grass and ground-cover: Eric
  8. Chief tech support has recommended to me Studio Drivers not game ready.
  9. Susan: The color assigned to your light sources can affect the color of the scene as can the amount of artificial light and ambient light along wit their respective settings. It would help if you post the plan. Eric
  10. My current kitchen project has a corner cabinet holding a cook-top. The cabinets to the left are 24" deep and the cabinets on the right are 30" deep. I don't see an option to specify the different depths nor can I just drag one end to match he adjoining cabinet. Any thoughts?
  11. Here's a Crepe Myrtle I have in my library... Crepe Myrtle
  12. I don't know why that didn't show up in my search (same search term):
  13. I need to create a reflected ceiling plan but I don't know of a way to do this in Chief. Has anyone done one?