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  1. I've gotten the same message. Chief tech support confirms this is the case and to just keep checking, they'll eventually get everything updated for X15.
  2. You can also make the wall out of a 3D solid and then use the break tool to create the shape you need. You'll then have to add your casings, jamb and wall cap separately.
  3. Rather than trying to create the opening with a window or pass thru, make your doorway the full width and then add a half wall with a cap.
  4. Looks like you need to create a manual break in the lower roof at each end of the gable and drag it to the shape you want.
  5. From your top toolbar - CAD / Points / Delete Temporary Points
  6. I do have that in my user library. Unfortunately I did not have it when I did this project several years ago.
  7. I finally had some time to play with the new grass tool on X15. What a great improvement!
  8. Your welcome, always glad to help out a fellow Chiefer.
  9. Here you go Angela. It's a big file with lot's of surfaces so it will be slow to load. Hope this helps - Eric Chandelier, Beaded
  10. This was created in a newer version of SU than what I have (SU 2017). Please find this on 3D Warehouse and then download the Collada file (.dae). I'll be able to import that into my SU.
  11. You can try selecting the Polkadots (draw a box around them) then use the 'Delete Surface' tool (3D/Delete Surface). Otherwise you'd need to do it in SketchUp. If you don't have SU on your system, send it to me and i'll try to edit it for you.
  12. You need to edit the symbol in Sketchup, do you have it on your system?
  13. Try drawing a box around the Polkadots and then delete the items.
  14. I installed 528.49 last Friday, no issues so far.
  15. I'd be happy to help. PM & email sent
  16. When I have a client pay by Zelle, they will often send a test payment for $1.00 just to make sure it goes to my account. This eliminates risk on the side of the sender.
  17. Here's one from my user library...Modern Garage Door 02.calibz
  18. Renderings are my specialty, I'd be glad to help. PM sent.
  19. Thanks for posting all the backgrounds Steve, these will be useful for future projects.