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  1. The 'Pattern' tad allows you to select a pattern which is different from the pattern in your material. For example, if your material is a standard grid and you would like it as a herringbone, select that in the 'Pattern' tab and then click' 'Keep Pattern/Texture in Sync'.
  2. Sounds like you need to offset the material a bit so you don't get a line in the middle of your tile. To correct this, use the 'Adjust Material Definition' tool (the rainbow tool). In the 'Texture' tab, use the 'Offset and Angle' section to move the material on the X or Y axis (click on the 'help' button at the bottom for a more detailed explanation of how to do this. You should also take a look at this article:
  3. You can open an X11 file in X15, you just can't do it the other way around.
  4. The lower toolbar should appear once you select an object. This article may be of help
  5. I use GIMP to manipulate images. It's a free download with lot's of features and plenty of tutorials available online.
  6. This is often caused by not having a roof over the room.
  7. Easy mistake to make.
  8. What color are your displayed layers?
  9. Try drawing a regular wall (you can make it narrow) and then install a large window with a very thin frame. You can then add your mullions with the standard tools.
  10. Make sure your CAD lines/CAD block are still selected when you click on the window glass.
  11. Follow these steps: Draw your desired mullions on the window using CAD lines Select the CAD lines and make them a CAD bock Then click on the glass and the load mullions tool will appear on the lower toolbar Click on the load mullions button
  12. Select your CAD lines and then make them a CAD block.(on lower toolbar) then click on the window glass. Once you do this, the load mullions button will appear on the lower toolbar.
  13. You can easily make the mullions from poly-lines
  14. In addition to Gene's excellent suggestion, you could also draw a framed wall and then install full height windows with mullions and very narrow frames.
  15. I did a wall like this which was just a sliding glass panel with narrow frames...
  16. You could put everything for the finished basement in a separate layer set or you could just create a second file for the basement only.
  17. It's just your ceiling surface. Two lines for front and back (it's dimensional).
  18. Make sure you close Chief before you upload the file.
  19. No, the Chief .plan file. All I can se on your image is a ceiling surface.
  20. Looks like an additional ceiling surface, can you post the plan?
  21. For your block wall, right click the symbol and select 'Transform/Replicate Object'. Once you are in the DBX, you can specify how many degrees to rotate the wall. For your slabs, you can build them from poly lines to your desired shape and then convert to a slab or solid.
  22. Open the model in SU, right click it and then choose 'Explode'. From there, you should be able to delete the items you don't need and export what you do..