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  1. We are excited to welcome True Residential as our latest brand partner! Join us on Instagram LIVE, Tuesday, December 5th, to learn more about the company and their products. Visit True Residentials website: And follow and like on social media: Instagram Facebook
  2. Find the latest options in solid surfaces from our brand partner, Cambria. Use the update tools within the Library Browser, or download it directly from the 3D Library.
  3. Make sure you've updated your catalogs and gotten the latest release from our partner brand, Greenfield Cabinetry! Learn more about Greenfields product here: Like and follow to show your support! Instagram Facebook
  4. Check out works by some of our favorite artists - our Chief Architect family and friends! We put together this diverse artwork material catalog for you to add a touch of interest to your scenes, and also to highlight some of the talent we know first hand. These pair nicely with our recent Picture Frames catalog and our Mirrors and Frames catalog. We'd love to see how you put these works to use; tag us @chiefarchitect on social media when you share your renderings. If you have your own favorite art and artist you'd like to show off, use these tips to add them to your scenes and your library browser: Importing and Applying a Custom Picture Please always get permission before using or reproducing an artists creations.
  5. Of course! Placing a cube around the individual meshes does not improve the UV mapping within Chief. The purpose of this is to make all separated meshes have the same bounds and volume so that a user can accurately place them at one point - enabling the separated meshes to appear as one mesh. You can them block them together or convert them to a symbol; allowing the objects to be edited as one object. This process ensures the texture coordinates are targeted correctly without disrupting the smoothing of the mesh(es). Note that this process if for Meshroom assets which are generated as one single mesh with multiple texture assignments.
  6. Hello @robdyck, Here is a workflow for Meshroom by AliceVision: 1. Separate your scanned mesh into separate meshes based on texture assignments within your 3D editor of choice. 2. Place a cube around each separate mesh that is larger in volume than your original mesh. This makes the absolute bounds of all meshes equal to on another so that they all have the same origin upon import. 3. Import the individual meshes into Chief. 4. Place all of your separate meshes at the same point. 5. Assign an invisible material to all of the cubes that belong to each mesh. 6. Create individual materials for each mesh based on their texture assignments. 7. Assign the materials to their corresponding meshes. 8. Block all of the symbols together and add them to your user library. Following the process above will result in a more accurate asset than if you were to set your smoothing angle to 0 degrees. While smoothing angle 0 does enable your texture coordinates to appear correctly as @Renerabbitt suggests , it will also result in surface anomalies during PBR raytrace. Unless you are using your scanned asset as a focal point of your scene/render, Rene's suggestion is easier and faster while yielding an almost identical result. The image on the left shows smoothing anomalies due to 0 smoothing while the image on the right shows alignment anomalies due the object being made of multiple meshes. Let us know if this works for you or if this process breaks during any step.
  7. Find various frame and mat configurations that can be resized to suite your favorite art in this new bonus catalog. Download today!
  8. Find the latest updates for Decor Cabinet Company in the 3D Library or through your library browser's update tools! Learn about Decor's product lines here:
  9. More trending lighting and accessories, download them via the 3D Library, or through your Library Browser UI.
  10. So many of our brand partners stage their products among beautiful things. We took inspiration from some of these scenes and created a selection of furniture and accessory items for you to use in yours. Check it out:
  11. Hi Kevin, Can you draw a grass region without using these library objects? You can find the tool under the Terrain Menu>Grass Region. This sounds like a video card or driver issue, support may be able to help trouble-shoot and document this case.
  12. Find a selection of pre-configured grass plots in popular species. Make sure you have a Terrain Perimeter in your plan, then in Plan View, click to place a square of grass. Use polyline editing tools reshape the plot to suit your design, or use the Object Painter tools to copy the properties of the grass to existing areas in 3D Views.
  13. Make sure your have the most recent updates from our catalog partner, Showplace Cabinetry. Learn more about Showplace, and their product offerings.
  14. Get the latest product line updates from our partner brand, Kitchen Craft. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings: