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  1. We are proud to announce that we've added Moen as a digital catalog partner! Learn more about Moen and give them a shout, thanking them for making products available for your designs. Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
  2. As a result of some user requests, we have created a catalog of Wood Cook Stoves. Use them in kitchen designs and as heat sources, perfect for cabins, off-grid, and tiny homes.
  3. We are pleased to include Ballerina Kuchen as our latest brand partner addition. Download the catalog today. Follow on Instagram:
  4. Thanks @SusanC! We are getting really great feedback and sharing all of your voices requesting branded catalogs through posts like these. The beauty of tagging your favorite brands in social media posts (and including @chiefarchitect) is that the brands will actively see these requests and hear you, their customer, asking for an easy tool for specifying (and buying) their products. What's more, your peers have the opportunity to see these requests and to add their support and double-down in tagging the brands as well. Here is a direct link to the posts: Facebook Instagram Remember to include the '@' symbol in front of the brand name so they get a notification. Everybody wins when more digital catalogs are available inside design software like Chief Architect! Log into your Facebook and Instagram accounts and tag your favorite brands and @chiefarchitect too! Thanks everyone for helping grow the voice of Chief Architect users.
  5. Get the latest color collections from the most popular brands for 2023. Update or download today!
  6. We've revamped and updated the Canyon Creek Cabinetry catalog to reflect their latest products. Make sure you download and update your library catalogs to ensure you are accessing the most current data! Learn more about Canyon Creek on their website.
  7. This limited edition traditions catalog features objects from around the world used to celebrate the new year. Download the catalog and comment with your guess on the region each represents. The clock is ticking, get it before time runs out.
  8. Gidget the Shelf Elf will be available in the 3D Library for a limited time from December 21 - 27, 20222. Get him before he heads back to the North Pole. Gidget the Shelf Elf.mp4 Download Now!
  9. Over the next few days, we hope that you get to take a moment celebrate the things you are thankful for. In honor of the season (for a limited time) our content team is hosting some autumn colors to use in your scenes. Download the catalog now on the 3D Library before it gets raked away!
  10. @lashleydesign, What a great question and a great challenge! I think this is the perfect place to challenge users for a new Tip and Trick! I took you up on it and made a very rudimentary version - I think you could expound on the idea really easily. Here are the steps I took: Create a base cabinet and set it to the height, width, depth you would have in a murphy bed. Change the face item to a single door. Set it to "Door, Hinge Bottom" Choose "Specify" for Shelves to turn off automatic shelves. From the library browser, find a "mattress", I used a queen mattress. Copy it to your User Catalog Choose "Open Symbol" from the mattresses context menu, and on the "3D" panel, rotate the mattress so that it is oriented as its "closed" position. I set mine up to be a tilt down from the end of the bed (oriented so that the pillows are at the bottom and facing away). You could set yours up to be sideways if you like. In the Cabinet specification, Front panel, click "Specify" next to "Appliances/Doors/Drawers" and browse to your mattress. Now you can show this cabinet door opened or closed to show the bed in action! I bet other users like @Renerabbitt can add even more ideas here to elevate this object. Thanks for the fun prompt! Here is the plan file if you'd like to dissect. Murphy
  11. Blum manufactures cabinet hardware including soft-close hinges, slides, metal drawer boxes and lift systems that are designed to last for the lifetime of the cabinet in any application throughout the home. Find Blum in the Chief Architect 3D Library and include this high-quality hardware in your next design. To learn more about Blum and the products they offer, visit their website.
  12. An additional note, if someone would like to be an advocate but isn't active on Social Media, all is not lost! Sharing resources here, as @SusanC has described, can still be done. I think the key is crowd-sourcing the communication. If you are pursuing a brand, the community (including Chief Architect teams) can back you up! I think it comes down to communicating with each other the action being taken and the brands of interest. Post the brands you've contacted and the method of contact (this can be via phone, e-mail, social, direct, etc.). Let us know if you have successes! If in a public forum, share the comment here and/or tag @chiefarchitect and/or e-mail If you are willing to be an advocate, let everyone know here! We can include you in messaging so you have an opportunity to add your voice for the brand you'd like to see! We'll likely move this thread away from the Suggestions Forum, and move it into a more appropriate location, but the entire conversation should remain intact (tags and mentions preserved). Thanks to everyone who is interested in this pursuit, every voice matters.
  13. Hi @sea_lyons, I hope you were able to figure out your licensing. Some of the catalogs previously listed should be available for you X13 license. Hopefully there are some useable options for you. I also wanted to share that we did a 2nd pass on the Kitchen Vent Hoods catalog to include a few plaster options as well. This update is still only available in the X14 file format. Good luck with your project! I hope it turns out beautifully.
  14. Thanks @SusanC; this is a proven technique that has opened multiple doors and conversations with brand partners. For everyone, our content and social media teams are more than happy to backup brand partner comments and requests, just tag @chiefarchitect, or otherwise let us know that you are pursuing the addition of the catalog - we will join the conversation! These introductions between brands and Chief can be powerful when they come from people with shared interests.
  15. Moso® develops and creates bamboo products for interior and exterior applications that meet the highest technical requirements and quality standards, enhance the beauty of applications and are made from the sustainable, renewable resource Moso bamboo. Download Moso Bamboo from the Chief Architect 3D Library today. Learn more about Moso on their website.