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  1. I have seen some concerned posts regarding a new 3D plant catalog we offer for sale that is not available to Chief SSA users. After some explanation, the original author decided to remove the post, so I wanted to be sure everyone else has access to this information. Please let me clarify, if you are a current SSA member, you have had access to these objects AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, for years. We have not changed that. You can get the full selection of 3D plants here: This is a large catalog of ~600 3D Plant objects. For various reasons, we restricted access to this large catalog for our Home Designer products since its initial release; one reason is performance. To better support Home Designer users, we have begun breaking the big catalog in to more manageable sized chunks, like the recently added 3D Plants - Edible Garden catalog. Home Designer users don't pay for SSA, (for Chief Architect users, SSA provides access to the majority of catalogs, plus many brand catalogs that are not available in any form to Home Designer software products). You'll see that this HOME DESIGNER ONLY catalog is not accessible via SSA for this very reason. If you are a Chief Architect SSA user, please do not purchase this HOME DESIGNER ONLY catalog, instead, download the inclusive catalog at the link above. You'll see in the description for any catalog on the 3D Library, there is a breakdown for the products the catalogs are intended to serve. Please review these details before downloading and purchasing catalogs to ensure you are the intended audience. You can also set up a filter for your view of the 3D Library, so you aren't bothered with the noise of catalogs that are not available for your current product. The 3D Library's interface will show any catalog with its corresponding Software version number. X12/2021 is the code base that generates our most current Chief Architect Products and our Home Designer Software products. Your best bet is to leverage the product filters so that you get the most clear view of product compatibility. A final note, as part of the process for managing this particular catalog, we have made some updates and improvements to our 3D Plants and the accuracy of the data. This is still a work in progress, but if you already have the 3D Plants catalog, remember to update your library to get the most current additions and data for these objects. Thanks! Adrean Stephenson,
  2. Chief_Content

    Chief Library gone wild?

    Hey @Designer1 it looks like @robdyck is on the right track. It appears that there is a name collision between the images referenced for this backdrop and the material in Barker Cabinets. We typically try to using a unique naming system when setting up any materials, image, and backdrop references in the catalogs we distribute, but it seems that we missed this one. As Robert mentions above, you should be able to copy the Backdrop with the trouble from the Core Catalogs, then paste it into your User Catalog. You can then edit the backdrop, and re-associate the correct image to the Backdrop in your User Catalog. In the meantime, I'll ask our team to look at this and see if it is still an issue in the X12 version of the catalogs; if so, we'll do what we can to remedy the issue in our updated catalogs. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. Chief_Content

    Looking for a square undermount ss sink

    Hey dskogg, I think this might be what you are after... You'll need to size a CAD object for your counter top hole and block it together with your sink CAD block. Making the counter top CAD hole smaller will let you hide the flanges.
  4. Chief_Content

    Downloadable Catalogs

    Chief Architect's Content Team has recently released new and updated catalogs. Visit the 3D Library to download these and see what else you may have missed. Brand Catalogs: Dacor The Quarry Mill UltraCraft Cabinetry Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.12 Family Command Center Commercial No.3 Facilities Management Design Trends No.1 Maximalism / Biophilia Door Hardware No.5 Interior Knobs Kids No.2 Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers MEP No.7 Exhaust Fans Style Palettes
  5. Over the years, the Content Team has been working to provide state-of-the art tools to improve your designs. In 2018 we added realism to your kitchen designs, in 2019 we helped bring super-shine to your floors. We are happy to be working on your behalf again with the release of our latest utility - Home Accessories. You'll find easy ways to quickly emphasize traits of the houses you design. Make your smart house smarter, your cottage cuter, and your southwestern more... well, western. Visit the 3D Library soon, these will only be available for a limited time!
  6. Chief_Content

    Downloadable Catalogs

    As we wrap up 2019, we are glad to get an opportunity to look back at the catalogs we've been able to release and update for our users! Have you gone to the 3D Library and Downloaded catalogs in the last few months? If not, here are some of our recent offerings you can expect to find. Brand Catalogs: Aspire Cabinetry Barker Cabinets The Galley Woodland Cabinetry Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.11 Signs Docks and Waterways Lighting No.14 Mirrors MEP No.6 Specialty Electrical Man Cave No.6 Sports Fanatic Man Cave No.7 Audiophile Materials Fabric / Wallpaper No.2 Tack Room We've also made updates to a variety of catalogs, make sure your use the Update Library Catalog feature to ensure you have the latest content!
  7. Chief_Content

    Sherwin Williams Colors

    Thanks for bringing this up @RobUSMC. We import RGB data sheets directly from the paint brands to create the catalogs. We'll reach out to ensure we have the most current information.
  8. Chief_Content

    Spring Catalog Updates and Releases

    We are happy to share recent updates to the catalog content available for download! There is a selection of new catalogs and also some "New and Improved" that have been repackaged and enhanced with more granular selections of objects (see lists below). We plan to continue to add to the selection of these and other catalogs that we offer. Use the 'Update Library' command to automatically get the latest updates, and visit the 3D Library to see what's new-to-you. Our recent releases... New Bonus Catalogs: Lighting No.13 Long Chandeliers 3D Plants - Hanging Planters Exterior Roof Attachments Bathroom Fixtures No.5 Commercial Repackaged / Updated Catalogs: Man Cave No.5 Rat Pack Recreation No.4 Games Recreation No.5 Sports Recreation No.6 Playground and Park Vehicles No.1 Recreation Vehicles No.1 Utility Brand Catalogs: IAM Designs Vadara Quartz Surfaces Sensa Greenfield Cabinetry Siteline Cabinetry Bellmont Cabinet Co. Decor Cabinet Company As always, we love to hear from you! If you have suggestions for new content and branded catalogs, please get in touch:
  9. Hello, newbie here. Looking for substantial library/catalogs.

    Moen, bathtubs (not just std stock), wall panels, ceramic tile, LVP flooring, shower rods (by mfg), vanities (by mfg).

    I need all components to have a tie to the mfg. so it will show up on the schedule.

    Sorry if this is repeat, I'm just getting back into using Chief.

  10. Chief_Content

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Tile_Builder Parameters Here are some of the options you can adjust within the Tile_Builder_Beta. Output Size: Drop down lists with resolution sizes. Random Seed: Click the Randomize button to get different material images and tile layouts. Shape: Choose the shape of your tile. Tile Layout: Choose how you want your color and material types laid out. Offset: Adjust the horizontal offset of your tile. Tile Edge: Adjust the sharpness and size of your edge profile. Grout Width: Sets your grout width. Grout Color: Choose the color of your grout. Tile Material: Selects different materials for your tile. Tile Color: Choose the color of your tile. Tile Color Variation: Randomly adds variation to get non-uniform color. Tile Finish: Drops down to different finish/glazing options. Tile Roughness: Controls how shiny or matte your tile looks. Tile Hue: Changes the hue of your color, good for fine tuning. Tile Saturation: Changes the amount of color in your tile. Tile Lightness: Changes how light or dark your tile is. Update 11-26-2019 Tile Builder -Dropped Beta tag -Added a resolution drop down "Output Size" for bigger/smaller texture options Higher resolutions will let you get smoother edges on non-square tile patterns and the added pixel count will allow for thinner grout lines. Higher resolutions can also clog up your machine and Chief if you use a lot of them, so unless you aren’t getting the look you need, I’d stick with 512 or 1024 output sizes. Map responsibly. -Added Picket Tile and Penny tile to the shape drop down -Changed “thin tile” to 4:1 tile -Added a slider for Grout width. Again, if you need thinner grout then what’s being shown, you’ll need to up your resolution under Output Size. -Added a color selector for tile color, behaves just like the grout color options. If you want an eyedropper, open the color selector and hit “pick.” Color Hue is still included for fine tune adjustments. Keep an eye on your hue if you eyedrop to another color and it’s not matching, more times than not your color is being skewed by the hue slider. -Added a color variation slider to get some non-uniform color. Randomly darkens some tiles to varying degrees. -Added a finish drop down for hand glaze options. Wood_Builder_Beta Parameters Here are some of the options you can adjust within the Wood_Builder_Beta. Random Seed: Click the Randomize button to get different material images and tile layouts. Wood_Species: Select the species of wood you’d like to work with. Cut: Select what kind of pattern you’d like to make. Hue, Saturation, Lightness: Adjusts the color of your wood. Board_Color_Variation: Varies the colors of the wood along cut lines to help show the pattern and ad variety. Roughness: Controls the roughness or polish level of your floor. Image_Input: Added a slot to enter your own wood images and slice/adjust them as needed. Wood_Species needs to be set at "~Image Input" at the top in order for the image to show. UPDATE 4-29-2020 Wood Builder -Cleaned up a lot of the Knotty/Rustic options. They were bad, they should now be less bad. -Added an image input. Wood_Species needs to be set at "~Image Input" and you can load whatever image you want into the builder. I recommend using seamless images, otherwise you might get some strange edges in your boards. -Added a shiplap option in teh "Cut" dropdown Single_Color_Fabric and Multi_Color_Fabric Parameters Here are some of the options you can adjust within the Wood_Builder_Beta. Random Seed: Click the Randomize button to get different material images and tile layouts. Fabric Type: Selects different types of fabric. Color: Selects your fabrics color Color Hue: Changes the hue of your color, good for fine tuning. Color Saturation: Changes the amount of color in your fabric. Color Lightness: Changes how light or dark your fabric is.
  11. Our Content Development Team has been churning out new PBR friendly materials over the past few releases. These are materials that include a combination of Normal Maps, AO Maps, Roughness Maps, and Metal Maps. We use a software specifically designed to generate custom materials for 3D Rendering called Substance Designer. The program leverages parametric values to control sizing, colors, pattern, and other elements to generate unique tile-able texture maps along with automatically producing the other relevant maps need to create the effects that you expect to see in PBR and Ray Trace views. Our process includes generating individual materials then importing them into Chief Architect and distributing the catalogs that you download and use. This converts the parametric materials into static images that aren't as flexible as those that are created in the Substance Designer Program. Much like the Client Viewer and 3D Viewer products that are available for use with Chief Architect, Substance offers a product that allows others to leverage the parametric files to create their own custom materials... without needing to be an expert of the full-fledged program. We would like to invite you to try it out and create your own custom materials from the file we've set up for Tile. How does it work? First of all, a healthy understanding of how materials work inside of Chief Architect is a good starting point, and we just happen to have a couple primer videos ready for you here. Advanced Materials Creating Custom Materials and Colors Once you understand how Chief Architect behaves with different properties and maps, you can dig right in and make your own maps using Substance Player (a free download) and these source files we've set up to generate materials. Just download the Substance player from the link below and use it to open the builder SBSAR files you wish to work with. To assist, we have a quick video showing how to use Substance Player to get your custom maps into Chief Architect: How to use Substance Player in Chief Substance Player (Download) Tile_Builder.sbsar Wood Builder Beta.sbsar Single Color Fabric.sbsar Multi_Color_Fabric.sbsar We'd love to hear what you think. Is this useful? Are there other material types you'd like to try with the Substance Player tool? Voice any requests or questions here, or via e-mail to . Chief Architect is not affiliated in any way with the Substance Designer or Substance Player software programs. Chief Architect will not be able to offer any support for the Substance software products or files. Using the program and files is completely voluntary. Substance compatible files are provided simply as a gesture, with no guarantees, extended to give access to more material options for those who are interested.
  12. Chief_Content

    Billiard Table

    Thanks Kbird! We are revamping this catalog and will be breaking it into some sub-pieces while adding more variety of similar objects to the new groupings. I've paused service for new downloads on this older version of the catalog in anticipation of transitioning to the updated catalog in the next few months.
  13. Chief_Content

    Catalog updates...

    As 2018 came to a close, so did many updates and additions of X10 Catalogs! If you haven't gotten the latest versions for your designs, I implore you to make this one of the easiest New Year's Resolutions to check off of your list. Use the Update Library command to automatically get the latest updates, and visit the 3D Library to see what's new-to-you. Our recent releases... Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.10 Bells and Chimes Corbels and Brackets No.2 Shelving Corbels and Brackets No.3 Gable Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.1 Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.2 Door Hardware No.4 Doorbells Home Essentials No.3 Security Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman Man Cave No.2 Hot Rod Man Cave No.3 Gamer Man Cave No.4 Brew Master MEP No.4 Fire Sprinklers Storage No.6 Shelving Units Brand Catalogs: Homecrest Cabinetry Kemper Cabinets Omega Cabinetry Schrock Cabinetry PentalTek As always, we love to hear from you! If you have suggestions for new content and branded catalogs, please get in touch:
  14. Chief_Content

    Core Materials Changes in X10 Library Browser

    Hi Friends, We've released another update to Core Materials! From the Library Menu, choose Update Library Catalogs to get the latest changes. In this revision, we've improved the materials in the following areas... expect to see some new selections and improvements to existing items. Lava Rock Naturals Stained Concrete Framing PSL and LSL Materials Additionally, we've made enhancements to the Buechel Stone catalog, including better scaling and more Normal Maps. We also made improvements to the Materials Metal Bonus catalog. This catalog was originally intended for the Home Designer crowd, who don't have access to the Ray Trace and PBR Rendering Technique. The improvements in Material Properties on these look pretty nice in PBR for professional users too! AND... Stay tuned for the next Bonus Catalog release... this should be available very soon, and has even more selections of materials to leverage in your designs. As always, please share with us what you would like to see in future catalogs (, and help us connect with your favorite brands. Tag "@chiefarchitect" along with the brand in your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and "@chiefsoftware" on Twitter.
  15. Chief_Content

    Subzero Symbols?

    Yes, we do! You can download these catalogs in Chief Architect format directly from the 3D Library.