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  1. Hey @TERRELL! We updated the Compact Appliances catalog last summer to include some more appliances and burners that are suitable for Tiny Home Design. I don't think we have a perfect selection yet, but if you haven't gotten this update you may check it out. If you have other ideas for features and objects that would help you do tiny home design, make sure to send them our way! Feature suggestions: Catalog ideas (with images/link references):
  2. To celebrate the creators of the "Dad Joke", the content team has provided the latest in our series of Limited Edition catalogs. Download the Man Cave As Built catalog, before it goes extinct! Happy Father's Day to all the pops, father figures, and purveyors of dad jokes out there. We couldn't have made this one without you!
  3. Want an easy way to see the latest catalogs on the 3D Library? Bookmark or shortcut this simplified link that lists the full catalog selection, by newest additions first. Catalogs by Date Added
  4. Hi RobUSMC, "3D Wall White Matte Ribbon" should work well for you. It uses a normal map which gives it the 3D look you're after. You can find it here: Cactus Stone Tile Ceramic 3D Wall 3D Wall White Matte Ribbon I hope this material provides a good solution for your needs.
  5. Have you been visiting the 3D Library to access the most recent catalog downloads? Someone requested "more Lighting" and we are doing what we can to oblige. We are up to the 27th catalog dedicated to lighting fixtures. You'll also find more bathroom fixtures, materials, furniture, and updates to a variety of branded catalogs. Not seeing what you want? Please e-mail with your ideas; include images and links for the best chance of a quick catalog return. If you have been hoping to see specific brands, please don't forget to reach out
  6. This blog post covers some ways to represent brands that aren't currently available as Chief compatible catalogs. We also offer some messaging to help draw attention to the available brand partner opportunities in catalog development.
  7. These manufacturer catalogs on our 3D Library are also a great resource with a wide variety of seamless rock and stone textures: Buechel Stone Corp. Coronado Stone Cultured Stone Eldorado Stone M-Rock Quarry Mill
  8. Hi @StephanL ! There isn't really a specific tool in the Chief Architect Software family explicitly for breaking up components from existing objects. You may be able to find different elements like feet, hardware, doors/panels, etc. in 3D Library to use to assemble new objects. Here are some catalog that have 'bits and pieces' to get you started, there are many more/other options too! Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors No.2 Cabinet Feet Cabinet Hardware 1 Cabinet Hardware 2 There are plenty of clever Chief Architect users here who have devised
  9. Hi @StephanL our software products offer a tool called "Architectural Blocks" which allows you to group and store your favorite objects as a single unit. Here are some resources that describe this tool: Chief Architect's Features: Home Designer's Features: We'd love to see what you've made!
  10. The content team is continuing to work towards offering more catalogs for download to expand your decor and product options. Here are some of the most recent additions, in case you haven't gotten them yet. Brands: Composit - Luxury Italian Kitchens Mercury Mosaics Nobilia Bonus: 3D Plants - Vases and Pots No.2 (check out this fun announcement video) Cabinet Doors No.2 Cabinet Hardware No.2 Exterior Fence Panels No.2 Hobbies No.1 Gardening If there are brands that you would like to see available as Chief Architect
  11. I have seen some concerned posts regarding a new 3D plant catalog we offer for sale that is not available to Chief SSA users. After some explanation, the original author decided to remove the post, so I wanted to be sure everyone else has access to this information. Please let me clarify, if you are a current SSA member, you have had access to these objects AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, for years. We have not changed that. You can get the full selection of 3D plants here: This is a large catalo
  12. Hey @Designer1 it looks like @robdyck is on the right track. It appears that there is a name collision between the images referenced for this backdrop and the material in Barker Cabinets. We typically try to using a unique naming system when setting up any materials, image, and backdrop references in the catalogs we distribute, but it seems that we missed this one. As Robert mentions above, you should be able to copy the Backdrop with the trouble from the Core Catalogs, then paste it into your User Catalog. You can then edit the backdrop, and re-associate the correct i
  13. Hey dskogg, I think this might be what you are after... You'll need to size a CAD object for your counter top hole and block it together with your sink CAD block. Making the counter top CAD hole smaller will let you hide the flanges.
  14. Chief Architect's Content Team has recently released new and updated catalogs. Visit the 3D Library to download these and see what else you may have missed. Brand Catalogs: Dacor The Quarry Mill UltraCraft Cabinetry Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.12 Family Command Center Commercial No.3 Facilities Management Design Trends No.1 Maximalism / Biophilia Door Hardware No.5 Interior Knobs Kids No.2 Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers MEP No.7 Exhaust Fans Style Palettes
  15. Over the years, the Content Team has been working to provide state-of-the art tools to improve your designs. In 2018 we added realism to your kitchen designs, in 2019 we helped bring super-shine to your floors. We are happy to be working on your behalf again with the release of our latest utility - Home Accessories. You'll find easy ways to quickly emphasize traits of the houses you design. Make your smart house smarter, your cottage cuter, and your southwestern more... well, western. Visit the 3D Library soon, these will only be available for a limited time