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  1. I guess their is no option for X12?..
  2. Good morning, would anyone know how to show the dimensions text horizontally and not parallel to where the dimensions is being taken? I am tried looking in preferences / setting / other chief talks with no luck. Much appreciated!
  3. Good morning, I am helping a college who is having issues exporting a Chief File into a CAD . dwg file. The issue is, she had imported a .jpeg of a clients survey to draw over to create a site plan. Now trying to export the file to CAD, it will not export the .jpeg with it (that we sized / rotated into place). The other option would be just to import the .jpeg into CAD and re-size / rotate to fit, but wasn't sure if their was an easier way. See the files attached. thanks in advance for the help! McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.plan McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.dwg
  4. Hi there, Do you have a polyline solid in front of where you are taking the elevation camera? Have you tried actually printing the layout to PDF - is it still there? Please send over your file. thanks, Angela
  5. Hi Alan, Where are you dragging the sheets? In the print layout screen? Try the "update all views" button. Angela
  6. Hi Wilson It looks like you changed the footing size to 12", but need to go into the Room specification of the Deck (on the main floor) and under the deck tab check off "automatically regenerate deck framing". Then it should update for you! Angela
  7. Hello, I am having issues with using the "active views" on Sheet Layouts. I just recently found this and thought it would save me a lot of time. What I'm having an issue with: 1. It seems to be very slow, but I'm not sure if that's because of the file size? Or because I know have a bunch of Active Views for both Exterior and Interior 3D views? 2. After sending an active view to the layout sheet, It works great until I "File Save as" a new file (when I have to make changes to a design). When I go to "Relink File" and "Update View", it re sizes the image back to the original size, so I then have to resize / zoom the image back in large to fit onto the Layout. Any ideas on how to keep the active image resized and only have to relink / update the view? I have attached some Images to help explain. thanks in advance, Angela
  8. Perfect thanks guys that worked!
  9. Okay thanks - we have our technician coming in today to take a look. thanks !
  10. Sometimes when I specify a room as a "deck", it will automatically make the rim joists (not the deck joists) a different material like siding vs a wood material that it should be. Any ideas how to change this without painting every rim joist. (see attached photo) thanks!
  11. See the images below - having issues with the texture material and standard view. Not sure if shadows / lighting are the issue too? Not sure if my signature is working, Angela Cox Chief Architect X12
  12. Thank you for your response. This seems to solve the issue! But yes only issue is the size of the file!
  13. How do you create panels and combine to a door? are they polyline solids? Trying to find something where the glass panels are the second row down from the top. Not the top row. thanks, Angela
  14. I have a work desktop that I recently got X12 on, I used to have X9 and have every bonus library etc. on it. When I made the switch it seems like not all the bonus libraries switched over. In addition, I will switch from a desktop to 2 other laptops I have at home to use X12 for different projects. Every time I open a file that I have imported SKP files or loaded different textiles / materials from internet photos they go missing when I open the file on another computer / laptop. Is their any way to fix this / make it easier to link material files that are missing / or have all SKP and bonus libraries on each computer the same (example: if I load a bonus library or SKP file on my desktop it will not show up on my laptops).
  15. I wrote and bolded it in the very first post. Will do it when I have time..