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  1. @solverkindly created a video to show how to do this, see the youtube link below;
  2. You need to "break" the roof, or drag it back to allow the exterior wall to be there. Currently your lower "existing garage" roof is going right thru the wall.
  3. Hello - I am wondering if there is a way I can create a Trapezoid shaped window. I found a similar thread but it was for a parallelogram shaped window. I have been playing around with the "shape" tab in the window specification, but can not for the life of me figure it out! I have also looked at other threads to see if I can make a custom window but I could not find that either. I have shown in red what I would like the window shape to be; Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thank you very much for your response! That fix would be amazing @ChiefArchitect! Thank you that did the trick! I see what you mean about the plants not showing correctly, I have shown with / without refractions on, but the trees I use are 3D not 2D? Refractions ON (trees show trunks / branches) Refractions OFF (trees show the leaves realistically) Refractions OFF (Flame visible behind the Glass!!) thank you!!
  5. Thank you for your response - I played around, and realized that it does in fact work, however it is the piece of glass Infront of the flame that isn't translucent enough to show the flame behind it? Any suggestions on this? I ended up just removing the piece of glass for now. I tried playing with the properties of the glass but was unsuccessful. See attached imaged both in "physically based camera", I zoomed into the fireplace so you can see Infront / behind the piece of glass. Second image is the piece of glass removed completely. PBR view - With Glass PBR Views - Without Glass
  6. Amazing thank you everyone for our input on this topic! I will look into Kuula! All the work I have seen looks amazing. Does Kuula also edit lighting for the views? They seem very crisp. Here are some of the current 360's I am working on, still struggling with getting the lighting correct and perfect. Starting to think it's my video card that needs updating?
  7. Thank you for your response. Do you have an example of this? How would I hotlink it, would the transition be smooth? I currently have x14 but am looking into x15.
  8. Good afternoon, Is it possible to have an interactive floor plan where you can click to a location / point and pan around a 360 Panorama view? Here is an example from a trailer company Cardinal Luxury 360RLX ( - Not mine
  9. Good morning Ryan - It is an Image from the Bonus Catalogue Fireplaces No.1, I guess maybe because it's only a 2D Image?
  10. Having issues with the Fireplace Flame Image not showing in PBR view, but shows in Standard view. Images attached of Standard vs PBR view. The image layer is turned on for both. Thanks in advance! Standard: Physically Based:
  11. Good afternoon - Just coming across this thread now! Wow I have really been missing out on this great feature / program!! Any chance their will ever be be "builder" for stone façade / cultured stone type of materials? I know Chief already has some manufacturer catalogs with quite a variety but sometimes it is hard to find exactly is needed for a project.
  12. Hey Susan, I was looking for another tool to make my own stamped concrete that looked like wood, I came across another free program almost identical to what you had shared with me, but it has different patterns / and wood or tile materials instead of all stone. With most things, not everything is free, looks like there are some textures and the options to actually import your own material but would require the "pro" account for $100 / year. Might be useful anyways
  13. Amazing!! thank you SO much! That was very kind of you to do. Have a wonderful rest of your day!
  14. Thank you Susan I do have this library but unfortunately it is too large for what I need. Thank you though
  15. Please see attached from 3D warehouse.