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  1. The best way to match the clour is find out the correct RGB numbers.
  2. Can be achieved with PDF Pro DC. You can email it to us and i can do it for you.
  3. Hi Glenn, Can you please explain the process of adding the round moulding to the railing. Thanks
  4. This a good Video.
  5. OSB needs to be vertical not horizontal. See you file attachedG1368979260_ericgaragesuite2.plan G1368979260_ericgaragesuite2.plan
  6. I was talking about the stairs side. Though I see here in your last post works well with small angle. I think it depends on your default setup may have something to do with it. Your file works perfectly.
  7. Hi Mick, I dont see the mitre connection of the stairs working if the connection of the two stairs are less than 180 degrees.
  8. Checkout this Video
  9. Michael, how i couldnt do it, like i said the stairs started on the floor level of the structure, what default of the stairs did you use. I Used Glenn suggestion of the individual stairs giving the heights and very happy with the results. Need to tweek a bit, though love the results. Thanks so much everyone.
  10. Michael, I did try that and the stairs start on the floor levels of the house.
  11. Exellent, thanks everyone. I though there would of been a easier way.
  12. Thanks for all suggestion, very appreciated. I endedup making room for the stairs to work, though i cannot get the floors to show up between the stairs. all walls invisable. Elevation in Cad Impoort Lindfield.plan
  13. As i see it, i need to build a room with 5 floors and adjust the floor levels to the measurement from the stair section (From Pic attached). With all invisable walls. Would be good if i coulld use slab tool and draw the stairs from slab to slab. Ryan, Im a builder not an Architect and when i build i strive for 100% when it comes to detail. I need to workout the steps to be all equal. I like to nut it all out before i begin. I create a 3dmodel and nut out many details that are not visable on a2D plan. Here a link to this model the Architect sent us. You can see the stairs clearly on the side of the house.
  14. The stairs as shown on the first post, Three steps then path, three steps then path and so on. No winders.
  15. I know how to build stairs though because they dont relate to the floors of the house. Im asking which is the best way to build them
  16. Have external stairs next to the building. Do i need to build rooms in order to build the stairs?
  17. Glen, I was talking about the opening above the stair. If I use the, Automatical generate a stairwell above these stairs, i get the curved balustrade in the corner. If i manually build the railing around the top floor i get a clean opening around the staircase. Stair Sample.plan
  18. The stairs worked out perfectly except when i used the "Automatical generate a stairwell above these stairs, I got a curved balustrade in the corner. If i make the openning manually with railing walls it comes out correct. Glen i see you didnt use the auto tool.
  19. Yeah Mick allowed. See dwg of what we can do here, taken from National Construction Code. We can have six in one landing.
  20. Thanks Glenn, perfect.
  21. Here are the plans Stair Sample.plan
  22. The stairs have been largely improved, though im having a few issues. The handrail at the top of the stairs dont quite reach the top on the left. The handrail on the right side cuts into the the floor. Cannot see anywhere to adjust the handle rail distance from the edge. The stair floor opening i use the auto opening. Lastly i would like to finish the three winder on the outsde corner to a point.
  23. Building this house model and have run into a few issues. Cannot line up some walls and when i have a pony wall intersecting with a main wall it cuting in and leaves a rebate. Please see attached pics and offcourse link to model.
  24. Chief doesnt like walls next to each other running parrallel. I used soffit tool to make it work.