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  1. The first Schedule Number is 1 and then you need to place the proceeding number from the last number of the previous schedule. level 1 D1 to D6 level 2 the Schedule Number has to start D7.
  2. Hi Glenn It is set to 1, maybe i should remove the 1
  3. I have a multi story house and the door schedule are seperate for each floor. Every time i add a new door schedule the door number start from D1 every time. In the schedule the floor number changes though how can i get the doors to dispay in a consectutive numbers e.g. D1 to D40
  4. I think this is what you want. What you asking does not work. The door has to finish flush with the inside otherwise the door will bind when you open the door on the inside edge.
  5. Thanks Mark I found the issue with the wall under the dormers. I was placing the dormers first then the wall. When I placed the wall first and then the dormer it worked perfectly.
  6. I cannot line up the wall under dormer windows. See in second pic the windows drop down in the wall below. 1017 18 Princes Street, Hunters Hill.plan
  7. Here is the plan, and the plan is in the model.
  8. Trying to build rooms inside roof. Any help much appricated. Plan attached and pdf in plan in trace layer.
  9. See link below,
  10. Thanks Rene I made the glass wall railing so i could control the height and noticed the railing style was panels. When changing to soilid they became visible.
  11. On the elevation camera i cannot capture the edge of the glass panel in the shower. Even if i change the glass to full colour. Also is there a way to automaticlly capture the distances of the fixtures. I used NKBA auto dims and all that was visable was the centre of the towel rail, no heights. and no dims for the shower rail.
  12. How do we display tile textures in plan view?
  13. Is there a way to view tile texture on wall elevation camera? No prob with 3D camera though i was wondering how i can view the tile texture in colour in the wall elevation camera.
  14. Thanks Mick I changed to (all) and worked perfectly
  15. Thanks Mark Yes using notes and creating custom categories for the individual room. Works good now. I did another bathroom and when i added the glass shower wall i lost the numbers of the note marker in this room, I changed the room to match the room for the Lables and still dont appear, any suggestions? Both rooms are Ensuite 3. This is from one of the notes in shower area.
  16. Creating a custom schedule for each bathroom and seem to be missing the first row and the number 1 Watched a lot of videos through cannot understand what im missing.
  17. Hi Joe


    Did you recieve my email?

  18. I see the codes can be changed directly into the material list, though i would like to predefine them. Im setting up with buildertrend though i have my specific codes
  19. Can the cost codes be edited? Thanks
  20. Hi Robert, Sorry i had two code Columns. Thanks again