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  1. SusanC


    Got it - thank you for all of the help!!
  2. SusanC


    Thank you for the suggestions, but I still can't get the framing to show. I made a copy of an Interior 4 wall, renamed it, removed the exterior drywall layer and it appears as drywall on one side and what looks like plywood on the other.
  3. SusanC


    Hi, I am working on an unfinished basement and would like to show drywall on one side of the wall and not the other (at the stairs) so the framing is visible on one side. 1. Is there a way to delete the drywall from one side of a wall? 2. I have generated framing. 3. I have tried the delete surface tool. 4. I've also tried going into the wall dbx and deleting drywall off one side of the wall. Thanks, Susan
  4. Design firm located in Watertown, MA seeking local freelance or part time drafter proficient in Chief Architect. Candidate to assist senior Chief designer with client plans. Please contact
  5. SusanC

    iPad with Apple Pencil

    I have an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Room Planner. Yes, it works well, but I find it just as easy to use my finger.
  6. SusanC

    Angled Walls and dimension lines

    Found it!!
  7. SusanC

    Angled Walls and dimension lines

    Thanks! I did not know about the Additional Allowed Angles feature and I'd love to turn that on, but I've been searching for it and cannot seem to locate it. Are you sure it is in the Defaults?
  8. I am working on 2 jobs with odd angled walls and finding that the dimension lines jump off the angled walls repeatedly and the dimensions will not snap to windows and doors on the angled walls. Has anyone else had these problems and found a way around them? I read through several past threads on angled walls and did not find solutions for these issues. Thanks, Susan
  9. SusanC

    How to draw a railing on top of a portico

    Thank you for the link to the article! I will definitely use that.
  10. SusanC

    How to draw a railing on top of a portico

    Yes, I made the railing a "panel" and then went through the file for "Fences and Railing" and chose the diamond pattern. I noticed there is another file called "glass panels" that I was going to try next.
  11. SusanC

    How to draw a railing on top of a portico

    Yes, just a railing on top of a flat roof over an entry. I've figured out how to draw that - thanks to Chop Saw and another video. I'm trying to give a client different options on the railing design. Any tips on how to customize balusters into an "X" design, for example?
  12. Is there a way to draw the railing at the top of the portico other than placing it manually? I'm sure there is a way to do this, but I can't seem to locate a video or a thread in Chief Talk. Thanks, Susan
  13. SusanC

    Cabinet layer set help

    I agree, watching the training videos on cabinets is very helpful. Also, the NKBA videos will be helpful in learning how to simplify the dimensioning. Everything in Chief is customizable.
  14. SusanC

    Rails and reveals for cabinets

    I think it is possible to accomplish most of what you are asking, but it would be very helpful if you could post a photo or a quick sketch to be sure.
  15. SusanC

    Cloud and file management

    Richard, The description of how you have DropBox set up sounds very similar to how I work with Google Drive. I have access to GD on the web, but I also store a copy locally on my computer. I access the local copy and it syncs up transparently when I am on the internet. What led me to make some changes were the following: 1. A Google Hangout while working on Chief with myself and one other person works fine, but with myself and 2 other people viewing, Chief freezes up. Now I download the file to the desktop before beginning the Google Hangout and upload it again after we are done. 2. Recently 2 files have gone missing. I am able to see them if I enter GD through the web portal and type in the search box, but I am not able to see them in the file they should be located in. Perhaps a subtle issue with permissions. 3. After upgrading to X10 I am not able to open a file if it was created on one of the other computers in our office. I must go to the computer it was created on, open the file, and save it to be read by X10 and then all 3 computers can see it. I haven't determined if this is a Google Drive issue or a Chief issue or both. Susan