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  1. Rob, Schedules are an incredible tool in Chief and you are on the right track, there are a number of ways to solve your labeling problem. I'm sure there are more than just these, but these are the simplest: Create a custom column on your schedule or even just make a note in the Comments column that this is a Tall, Wall, etc. Manually label each cabinet and add a "T" for talls, etc. then turn on cabinet labels and callouts on the schedule so both show on the floorplan. We've set up our schedules to align with the way we place the order for cabinets. This way, as the cabinet acknowledgements come in, it is easy to check them against the schedule. Also, I've taken several one on one training sessions with a personal trainer at Chief named Kelly Hauenstein who was incredibly helpful in teaching me the nuances of schedules. I had a list of questions of unusual things I wanted the schedules to do and he was able to show me how to accomplish them. Good luck! Susan
  2. Yes, you can control which cabinets are labeled C1, C2, C3, etc. Double click on the cabinet schedule to open it up. Click on a cabinet and drag it or use arrow keys to move it up or down rows. For example, say you want the cabinet that is showing C42 to be C1 instead. Just click on the C42 row and move it up to C1. Btw, in the schedule you are also able to change the callout to a different letter if you want and you can change the shape of the callout (which is helpful if you have multiple schedules in one plan). Column for notes / comments These are controlled in each cabinet dialog box. Open cabinet dialog box. Go to Object Information. Enter any notes in the Comment field. These show up on your schedule because your designer added that column to her schedule. Susan
  3. Alan, Thank you for joining! All set, I just added you to the group. Let me know if you have any issues finding it. Susan
  4. Recap of options you have for getting your requests heard: 1. Instagram: Chief has started a new user group on Instagram called Chief Architect Catalog Request. This is a growing group of Chief users who help each other out by commenting on each other's posts made for catalog requests. Please let me know if you'd like to be added to this group. Once you've been added, this is how it works: When you go on Instagram, click on Messages and then on Chief Architect Catalog Requests and you will be able to see member's Instagram posts for catalog requests. Double click on a post and make a comment so manufacturers know there is more than one person asking them to place a catalog in Chief. And/or, if you want to ask a manufacturer for a catalog in Chief, go to their Instagram page, find one of their posts, and post a comment - let them know how much you like their products and you'd like to be able to use them when working in Chief and creating 3d renders for clients, populating material lists, etc. Be sure to send your post to Chief Architect Catalog Request so we can help you out by commenting as well. Follow the companies you are interested in and comment or like their posts. Important they know you are a person and not a "bot". 2. Reps: A contact at a manufacturer is a powerful way to get your request heard. Send an email to your rep and let them know how much you love using their products and having the actual 3d models in your Chief Architect software helps clients visualize their product in your 3d renders. Also helps you order their product correctly as material lists / schedules populate with their product info. 3. Online contact form: Contact the company through their website contact form. Believe it or not, companies do read the comments that come through these forms. 4. FaceBook: Comment on the manufacturer's Face Book page. Be complimentary of their products, let them know you spec them often and would like to see them in Chief. Thank you for helping out and if you need help getting started, post on this thread. Getting manufacturers on board tends to be a slow process and requires many Chief users requests! Susan
  5. Ohhh, now I see it and understand that the function is still there, but in a different location, with a different name. I would not have found that without your help though - so thank you Michael and Mick!
  6. Melissa, You are correct, the option to "reverse symbol" has been removed and that was a really handy option. Chief Architect: Why did you remove that option? Can it be put back in? I'm attaching screen shots from X14 and X15 of the same SubZero 36" over under classic fridge. The "reverse symbol" and "flush mounted" options in X14 have been replaced with "suppress adjacent room moldings". Thanks, Susn
  7. Don't give up just yet. Sometimes it takes awhile for new ideas to catch on. I liked your General SP folder of tile - thanks!!
  8. Rob, In the Chief Architect Brizo catalog there is a faucet that looks like the Litze you are showing, but in the Chief catalog it is listed under "Solna". Maybe mis-named in the catalog? There is also a "Brilliance Brushed Bronze" finish available which might pass for the Luxe Gold finish? Susan
  9. We use several different brands and Blanco is one of them. Do you want to see if we can get them to put a catalog in Chief? Susan
  10. Hi Rob, I believe Mark was suggesting you download a trial version of Revit then go to the BIM object link for Bain Ultra and download their Revit file into the trial version of Revit. From there you can open the file and export it into a file type that Chief will accept. Btw, after I posted on Bain Ultra's Instagram page last Friday, I received a message back from them with the contact info for a person at the company who is in charge of 3d formats. I've emailed them and requested a catalog for Chief and connected them with Chief. Susan
  11. Hi Angela, Thank you for the link! I will check that one out. Have you tried Substance Player? I've used it quite a bit for creating custom tile and it can also be used for custom wood and custom fabric. Susan
  12. Even sending a short request through Bain Ultra's contact form on their website is helpful. I'm just one voice and the companies definitely listen if they have multiple requests! Thanks!
  13. Rob, Are you on Instagram? I posted on Bain Ultra's Instagram page requesting a catalog for Chief and I'd be happy to help you add your voice to the conversation. I would also love to see a Bain Ultra catalog in Chief! Thanks, Susan
  14. Angela, There is a "Bead Chandelier" in one of Chief's catalogs for download that is similar to the one you are showing. Catalog is called "Mediterranean No. 2" Chandelier is called "Bead Chandelier" Might be an option if you cannot get rid of all the polka dots on yours! Susan