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  1. Good afternoon, I am having issues with a fascia board missing. I have tried re drawing it, moving it up / down / side to side slightly and nothing seems to work. Not sure if this is an easy fix but I can easily draw a polyline! Thanks in advanced.
  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and give me this information. This is very helpful. I am going to download it right now, I didn't know it was free just to try! Greatly appreciated!
  3. Do you export Chief Architect to Twin Motion?
  4. This is amazing! For someone who knows how to use Chief Architect pretty well, is Twin Motion hard to use? What other programs do you use here? And how many hours did this take you?
  5. Thank you for your response / settings to use - I did however watch that whole playlist from Chief. Thank you!
  6. LOL! Okay yes makes sense - thank you for your help. Do you teach for a price - about ray tracing? When you do the GPU / PBR Renders - Do you let them sit for a little while? For a number of "samples"? Or do you just export them right away?
  7. Hi Robert, Thank you so much for answering. I have downloaded that Grass Texture - and Wow thank you for sharing it does look a lot more realistic! I have tried doing a GPU (PBR) Render which I agree is nice it is so instant! I guess I wasn't using that as I had read it was better for Interior views vs Exterior. See the attached view using the GPU / PBR rendering. I have an image background but I also have all 3D plants used too. Looking at your photo gallery - wow they all look so good and so realistic! Great Job! Have you ever or is it possible to turn the lights on inside the house with the exterior view? How did you get the grass to gravel or driveway transition to look more rugged?
  8. Good morning, I am still pretty new into Ray Tracing both CPU and GPU. I seem to have a pretty good grasp on the interior GPU with playing around with lighting / sun light etc. However - the exterior Ray Tracing, you can see it looks to be foggy? I have attached before / 100 passes / 200 passes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also not sure how to make the ground look more realistic? I tried adding small shrubs and rocks. Thank you!
  9. I was able to solve the problem! I ended up calling the support help line for Chief, I hadn't copied over the referenced files, only the manufacturer libraries / bonus libraries.
  10. I tried in-installing / re-installing and it's still showing all the texture files as missing. Very frustrating.
  11. I think the problem is, I didn't get the pop up or by accident exited out when I first downloaded X14. I might try un-installing X14, and re-installing it.
  12. Hi Joe - I thought that worked, but it seems that the textures are missing?
  13. I have read these and they do not answer the question I am looking for? It talks about backing up libraries but not importing from X12 to X14?
  14. Hi there - I am upgrading from X12 to X14, I have been able to export / import my hot keys and User Catalogues, any ideas how to export / import the Chief Bonus Catalogs and Manufacturer Catalogs without exporting each individual library?
  15. Hi Dermot - this is the same article I tried before. It only explains how to back up / export, not import back the files.
  16. Good afternoon, I just received a new laptop. I have backed up my bonus / core / manufacturer libraries and data files using the link - However, to Import them into my new laptop I am having to open each individual library. Is there an easier way to import them all at once? thanks in advanced!
  17. I guess their is no option for X12?..
  18. Good morning, would anyone know how to show the dimensions text horizontally and not parallel to where the dimensions is being taken? I am tried looking in preferences / setting / other chief talks with no luck. Much appreciated!
  19. Good morning, I am helping a college who is having issues exporting a Chief File into a CAD . dwg file. The issue is, she had imported a .jpeg of a clients survey to draw over to create a site plan. Now trying to export the file to CAD, it will not export the .jpeg with it (that we sized / rotated into place). The other option would be just to import the .jpeg into CAD and re-size / rotate to fit, but wasn't sure if their was an easier way. See the files attached. thanks in advance for the help! McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.plan McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.dwg
  20. Hi there, Do you have a polyline solid in front of where you are taking the elevation camera? Have you tried actually printing the layout to PDF - is it still there? Please send over your file. thanks, Angela
  21. Hi Alan, Where are you dragging the sheets? In the print layout screen? Try the "update all views" button. Angela
  22. Hi Wilson It looks like you changed the footing size to 12", but need to go into the Room specification of the Deck (on the main floor) and under the deck tab check off "automatically regenerate deck framing". Then it should update for you! Angela
  23. Hello, I am having issues with using the "active views" on Sheet Layouts. I just recently found this and thought it would save me a lot of time. What I'm having an issue with: 1. It seems to be very slow, but I'm not sure if that's because of the file size? Or because I know have a bunch of Active Views for both Exterior and Interior 3D views? 2. After sending an active view to the layout sheet, It works great until I "File Save as" a new file (when I have to make changes to a design). When I go to "Relink File" and "Update View", it re sizes the image back to the original size, so I then have to resize / zoom the image back in large to fit onto the Layout. Any ideas on how to keep the active image resized and only have to relink / update the view? I have attached some Images to help explain. thanks in advance, Angela
  24. Perfect thanks guys that worked!