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  1. Perfect thanks guys that worked!
  2. Okay thanks - we have our technician coming in today to take a look. thanks !
  3. Sometimes when I specify a room as a "deck", it will automatically make the rim joists (not the deck joists) a different material like siding vs a wood material that it should be. Any ideas how to change this without painting every rim joist. (see attached photo) thanks!
  4. See the images below - having issues with the texture material and standard view. Not sure if shadows / lighting are the issue too? Not sure if my signature is working, Angela Cox Chief Architect X12
  5. Thank you for your response. This seems to solve the issue! But yes only issue is the size of the file!
  6. How do you create panels and combine to a door? are they polyline solids? Trying to find something where the glass panels are the second row down from the top. Not the top row. thanks, Angela
  7. I have a work desktop that I recently got X12 on, I used to have X9 and have every bonus library etc. on it. When I made the switch it seems like not all the bonus libraries switched over. In addition, I will switch from a desktop to 2 other laptops I have at home to use X12 for different projects. Every time I open a file that I have imported SKP files or loaded different textiles / materials from internet photos they go missing when I open the file on another computer / laptop. Is their any way to fix this / make it easier to link material files that are missing / or have a
  8. I wrote and bolded it in the very first post. Will do it when I have time..
  9. thank you! I was speaking to a colleague who has X12 who has that option. Unfortunately I am still on X9.
  10. I have solved this issue. You can use a window as a sidelite - and change the size to be the width of your sidelite / height of door, sash / frame dimensions to get your desired dimension of glass. I was wanting a half lite for a typical 83" high door. See attached images of specs. Then I created a rectangle and made it into a 3D Molding Polyline for the bottom panel detail. This also solved the operation indicators don't show.
  11. Hi there, I am using Chief Architect X9 I can't seem to find a sidelite that is "half lite" only 3/4 lites or full lites. I'm wondering if theirs a way to customize an object to make the glass smaller? I have attached an image - this is the closest I could find. I tried looking on the 3D warehouse but had no luck. (Using the Simpson Door Company - Arlington Sidelight) Also - does anyone know if on the elevation view you can get rid of the door operation indicators only on the sidelites? thanks in advanced. Angela
  12. Thank you!! I just had to change the Rendering Technique! thank you both for your help.
  13. I am using Chief Architect Premier x9 I have exported my chief file to a 3D viewer file so a client can look at it. When I went to open the file though, most materials are not there for example the siding is just shown as one solid colour vs a horizontal pattern. thanks in advance. Angela
  14. Thank you that was it! I went to the default setting for Dimensions and for some reason had those items checked off. Thanks again.
  15. I am using Chief Architect Premier X9 My defaults seemed to have changed so that when I select a window - it is now showing temporary dimensions of the window casing / center of window / trim. (see attached screen shots) How do I change this to only show the window opening to wall stud? thanks in advanced! Angela
  16. Thank you!! Got it figured out. Thank you everyone for your help!
  17. The "Delete Surface" is blurred out?
  18. Okay thanks - The "delete surface" is blurred out.
  19. Hi there. I have opened it into a new plan. What is the smoothing angle?
  20. Thank you for creating this - Can you save it in x9 though? I can't seem to open it.
  21. I am drawing someone's existing furniture to put into their new home design. I would like to modify the "Home Gym Weights" Object to remove part of it - is this possible? I am using Chief X9 Please let me now if anyone has any recommendations / solutions to this issue. thanks, Angela
  22. Oh wow okay nevermind that does work!! I thought you wrote "block" not BOX. Awesome thanks everyone for your help. Angela
  23. I have tried that, it doesn't explode unfortunately.
  24. I am drawing a cross section using 2D CAD lines (to get more detail than the automatic cross section Chief creates). I am having issues finding a Batt Insulation Pattern to use. I am using Chief X9 - Chief Architect has a Block under "CAD Blocks / Detail Components / Insulation / Batt / 5.5" R-21", but unfortunately it is only 12" x 5 1/2" of size, so if I want a smaller or bigger section, it stretches the block and the proportions change. - I found a free .PAT file online (attached), but It needs to be in a specific location to work, the minute I move the po