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  1. Christie, There are other ways to bring your As Built into your plan and put it on its own layer so you can turn it on and off. Reference Layer just happens to be a very efficient method, but not the only method. Here are a couple that do not require access to Reference Layers: 1. In your As Built plan, create a CAD detail and make an "As Built Mask" that can be put on its own layer and turned on and off. I like to make my As Built Mask in red, dotted lines. 2. This Chief video covers several methods, including one of making CAD blocks placed on a remodel layer and placing those blocks on top of walls that are moving. Easy to control seeing them or not by turning the layer on and off. Good luck!
  2. I tried using an external graphics card on my previous MacBook Pro and not only did it not fix the problem, it created others and I wound up having to purchase a new MacBook Pro. I would not recommend going that route. Since I have to use a Mac for work (our entire office uses Macs), I finally decided to purchase a gaming pc today and can finally run the real time ray tracing. I can open files I created on the Mac and work on the ray trace on the pc.
  3. Update: I'm happy to report that the files started on my Mac open up with no problem on my new pc and I'm able to render them in 3 seconds - wow!
  4. Thanks Dermot! So glad to hear that the Mac file can be opened on the pc to use the ray trace! Looking forward to trying that this weekend. Susan
  5. Never mind. I found the threads.
  6. My apologies in advance if this has already been answered, but I cannot seem to locate any threads. I know the new X13 Ray Trace engine does not work with Mac, but is there a work-around? 1. An external GPU with a Mac? 2. If a file is created on a Mac, can it be uploaded to a pc to use the ray tracing capabilities? Thank you, Susan
  7. In the catalog downloads on Chief's website: Lighting section: Lighting 5: Deck and Path Lighting 9: Exterior Chief's core catalog: Architectural / Lighting / Outdoor Lighting
  8. Yes, worthy of a "Like" and another "Thank You" to Chopsaw!! I'm so appreciative of the generosity of everyone on this forum.
  9. I actually was looking for a way to change the automatically generated width, height, depth columns. I'm assuming you are showing custom columns you created and manually entered the measurements into?
  10. Hi, Is there a way to change the dimensions in a schedule to metric from imperial without having to start with a metric plan? We use both European and American cabinetry but I prefer to use imperial, not metric for my plan template. Thanks, Susan
  11. Wow! Thank you for the tips Robert. I especially like the second suggestion. It's funny how you learn to do something one way and then never realize there are several other, more efficient, ways to do the same thing.
  12. Oh boy, now I'm feeling ignorant - where do I find the tool that will draw the 3d molding polyline without having to convert?
  13. Great! Most of the time the moldings specified through the cabinet dbx work just fine, but I will use the 3d molding polyline when there is something unusual, like a short wall, 2 cabinets next to each other that are different colors and the program wants to dominate with one color, etc. The 3d molding polyline gives you more control.
  14. I looked at your attachments. I can't tell you in technical terms why the moldings are behaving that way, but I can tell you that you will have complete control over the molding if you use a 3d molding polyline. In plan view, select a CAD line and draw around your cabinet. There is a tool that looks like a wand that allows you to convert that CAD line to a 3d molding polyline and select which molding, what height, etc. Now you will be able to put your end wall where you need it and the molding will stay in place.
  15. The crown moldings on cabinets can be quirky. The easiest way around the problem is to use a molding polyline. You can take a screen shot of your problem and upload it.
  16. If all you want to do is a quick door change you can simply go to the library, select the door you want and then click on the cabinet door (in elevation or camera view) to change it. No need to open the cabinet dialog box or mess with the defaults. Just select the new door, click and apply to each cabinet and work your way around the kitchen. Sometimes I think this simpleton way of getting the job done is the most time efficient .
  17. Glad to hear you successfully upgraded to Monterey and are having no issues!
  18. Thank you for all of the info and suggestions Greg. Update: Today I met with a tech at the Genius Bar at Apple. 1. First thing she did was connect my MacBook Pro to her HDMI monitor using an Apple brand connector. Successful. No Apple Cinema display like mine in store to test with. 2. I purchased an Apple brand connector for the MacBook Pro to Apple Cinema display thinking the Apple brand would guarantee a good connection. Came home and discovered it was useless. Large display could not even connect. 3. Went back to my old connector with the MacBook Pro and the Apple Cinema display and tried mirroring the screens. Success! This is the work around. 4. Also purchased an Apple brand connector for HDMI to MacBook Pro so I can connect to our HDMI monitor with no mirroring required.
  19. I also tried uninstalling X13 and re-installing. Same problem. A trip down to the Apple Genius bar is next.
  20. Thank you for the suggestions. I have always had the power source opposite the connection to the monitor. I tried changing sides as you suggested, but no luck. I do not have the Apple brand thunderbolt to usbc, but the connector I've been using is one I've had connected successfully for several years now and the monitor works just fine for everything but the save button in X13.
  21. Mark, Good luck! Tech support suggested I reset my preferences and gave me detailed instructions on how to do that through .ini files. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem. Susan
  22. I get the same black, disjointed elevations you show as they are sent to layout. I do not get the black "flash" you show when saving a view though. I reported my black, disjointed elevations to tech support yesterday.
  23. I am using an Apple LED Cinema display 27" with my MacBook Pro 16". I've had the monitor for years (since 2011) and after Apple changed the connectors, I began using an adapter to connect it to my laptop (see attached). No issues - until I upgraded to Monterey and now when I'm ready to "Save As" or "Save to PDF" or create a zip file - I'm not able to. If I disconnect from the monitor and work using my laptop screen I have no issues - everything works normally. I've tried plugging into an HP monitor that I've used successfully in the past and the same thing happens - it is as though the "save" button is disabled. I am working with tech support, but so far, no solution. I think I'm the only one with this issue though. As you can see, no one else has commented on this thread.