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  1. I produced a 360 using rtrt set at 500 passes.. put it into a cheap google glass (using iPhone and clicking on glasses button)and had the framers on site viewed it.. they were amazed. I have to believe a better vr glass would be better… but this view on these cheap glasses truly is still very good.. it really does represent design. This model was not tweaked much.. I am sure the likes of Renee could fine tune more but I just exported 360 to try quickly on site. https://accounts.chiefarchitect.com/360/view?share=408837380345528 360 rtrt 500 passes
  2. i was hoping that enough of us think it is a problem then CA might look at adjusting now...not x14, as it came out in x13 and was never properly fixed...
  3. I agree Renee...trees are awful..
  4. Do we need more control to make line thickness thinner over renders?
  5. Thanks Michael, i was thinking it needed to be a macro, i just dropped it in the label of the polyline and good to go.
  6. looking for a polyline metric area label...can anyone tell me how to do this? In an imperial plan
  7. steve but then how do i show the deck rail in plan, just draw in lines for it?
  8. only issue with increasing rail wall thickness is it shows up on plan that way, fixes 3d view but not plan view?
  9. I want to make a view set for bp submission for renovations and I would like to turn off the cabinet and counter fills and save as a active view. Can someone tell me if this is possible and how to do it?
  10. Chief said maybe a windows update triggered it, it is now disabled so that should stop the issue.
  11. Got it fixed, i had to disable this program Nahimic
  12. i installed a number of versions... so if i roll back it will just go back to one that didnt work either...
  13. installed 460.79 dec 9, 457.51 dec 2, 465.55 sept 28, nothing works now for 3d camera...
  14. i am going to install dec 9 version and see if that works
  15. I just updated to the dec 15, 2020 driver update and now Chief wont even open a 3d camera, it just spins. I have escalated and put in a ticket, any other suggestions? HELP!!!
  16. Michael, you weren't kidding..i had to save it 5 times for chief to save new time...how would you even know to do this after you saved it say 4 times and it didn't work? This took me about 21 mins to render, 1604 frames, 783k surfaces, 15 fps
  17. I want to do a walk through and stop and pause in certain views using a walk thru path, is there a way beyond slowing the speed after a camera?
  18. Yes I understand, when I spoke to su they said someone might have a download since my license is still valid, just not sure how to get from one computer to the other
  19. thats why i need help, this link does not give me su2018
  20. i have a license for sketchup 2018 and i have a new computer. you cant download sketchup 2018 anymore, anyone have a download for this?