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I am a fairly new user to chief and i am trying to figure out how to show the different phases of my project. By this i mean like Existing Plan, Demolition Plan and new wall plan.I am thinking CAD lines and using layer set but this is a little challenging for me so i am wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish this. 

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First thing - do the as is plan and save.  Then from the as is plan do a save as and give it a name

and then start your design. When I was in the business I would do accurate drawings, dimensions for the area I was going to work on

but would eyeball the other areas so they looked correct. Many times only adjacent rooms etc. Usually always put a roof on it to stop 

"light bleed" at top of walls etc.  Light bleed shows up in ray trace views.

I often sent views from the as is plan just to show the transition.  You can however get more complicated with layers and demo walls to

overlay the new or existing design to show demo walls etc. There are threads on this you may want to search for.

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There are several methods, but I think the vast majority of us do it with 3 plan files as both you and Dennis have alluded to.  The basics:


  1. Draw As-Built plan.  Name it "As-Built".  Save.
  2. Use "As-Built" plan but Save As "Demolition". 
  3. Create a CAD Detail From View of your floor plan(s), modify and delete items as necessary, put all the line work onto a unique layer, paste hold position and move to back group.  This will allow you to both see and display the as-built items if desired.
  4. Modify plan as necessary to create demolition plan.  Save.
  5. Use "Demolition" plan but Save As "Proposed".  Modify plan as necessary to create Proposed plan.  Save.
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Learn to use Anno-sets, and layer sets , you don't need to use any cad except for the cad background, to do all of it. Create different walls for existing and new. Create a cad background of the existing as built plan, and put it in the background of you new remodeled plan.Too much to list all here, watch some of Chiefs remodeling videos. I have my own way of doing it, but it's similar. doing all of this, when you remove a wall the cad background wall will show up automatically and that's much cleaner than having invisible walls. It quite a process, not everything is listed here but as you go you will learn.



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I'm contrarian :)


I create the remodel plan first as that is what the clients want to see


when that is "stable"


I do "save as" for the as-built plan and take out remodel stuff

and tinker as necessary to get to as-built sometimes doing non-remodel areas as "rough"

and not showing unnecessary details


various methods for showing demo walls etc




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If you are new to CA I highly recommend the New Tutorial Guide and getting to know the CA Knowledge base (KB) which has many,many tutorials too eg. one on what Michael mentioned with the CAD Detail...


Tutorial Guide and Ref. Manual


***It is recommended to Fill in your Forum Signature too...see mine for how to do yours...

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