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  1. So I have had this client for sometime now and the delays have gotten out of hand. I need a constant income coming in so I had to take on additional clients. I told my client that I would have to delay their project due to the lack of response. They wrote back short and sweet that they wanted all the files pertaining to the project including emails, renderings and CAD files. Now don't get me wrong as this was a good project and I liked the clients but there were too many red flags continuing and I really didn't need or want this project any longer. Now the question is, Do I give them the plan and layout file only for them to realize that they will not work with any other designer unless they are using CA or are these the rights of mine and I don't send them at all? I don't want to spend my time and convert each sheet to a CAD file just to get them off my back. Oh what to do! Thoughts and input would be helpful.
  2. Rene, do you think you can slow this down a bit and add some voice over for clarification. I had to watch it 10X just to get one portion of it. :-)
  3. Ryan, Thank you for you expert advise. I knew it was something as simple as that and I just missed it. Chris
  4. my address has changed and I want to update the existing layout sheets with a new template. How do I go about doing so? Anybody got any ideas of how to make this change.
  5. I have a situation in which I am remodeling a house and the orientation of the house is not parallel with any of the lot lines. So I have setup the project so that the house is parallel up and down. My problem now is the client wants a shop/RV garage that would be parallel to the front property line. What would be the best way to start this portion? Should I create a new job and rotate the site so that the Shop is not parallel up and down. My problem is, this is in an HOA and they want to see how the shop would look like the main house. If I rotate the site I cannot rotate the main house. Do I make the main house a block and how do I do this? I have attached a copy of the site so you can see what I am talking about. New Castle site.pdf
  6. I too am in the area and specialize in remodels. I am located in Middleton just down the road from Eagle.
  7. I am and just that fact that you told me to merge was a great tip. Never used it but that is great and will try to do this more often. THx
  8. Nice work Jonny! If you have Vectorworks then why are you on Chief? Do you use Chief as well. Love the way Concepts looks with your Design and wish I could have that same with Chief. Not going to get started on another program though.
  9. I am not sure what is happening but my average file size is getting crazy high and is loading my system up with huge archive files that I am constantly having to remove. My average file size, and mind you these are pretty large projects, is between 85 to 150 MB. Does this seem pretty large to you guys? In addition I am finding that there is a huge lag time now and that I am constantly seeing that little rotating circle spinning and it is creating a big delay on my workload. Any suggestions? I would submit a plan but I can't go over 25 MB and these files are much larger than that. Another thing that is driving me crazy is, I go to change a material and I see more than five color:white (for example) and there is no way to purge those additional materials. There are multiple things associated and shouldn't it be associate by that one material without creating more than one. I just don't get it.
  10. I am not sure what has happened but when I create a trey ceiling my vertical sides of the depth that I have called out are not showing. Am I missing something? I have tried turning on all the layers but that still does not fix it. I am having to create a molding around the perimeter of the trey celling to cover it up. Any thoughts?
  11. cjanderson66

    Black is the new White

    This is a full house remodel from the interior to the exterior. I finally found a client that is willing to take my thoughts of not doing a White Modern Farmhouse and go with a dark color like SW Iron Ore. This will be an amazing home in the hills of the Bay Area that is sure to get noticed. Burrill Proposed EXTERIORS.pdf
  12. Yes, tried that and that did not do the trick. Once again this was something that was in the side panel that Chief (I think just added in X12). It is not just for window, I saw him do it on flooring for all floors...
  13. I recently saw a video a user posted that he made a change to one object that made that change to all the objects but I can't seem to find that video again. My client now wants to see all the windows on the project changed to black windows the way I originally had them at the beginning of the design. Instead of opening each window at a time, is there a way to make the change all at once? I know this is a simple answer but I am struggling to find it and I sure wish I would have saved that video. This was not something from the eyedropper is was in the side panel like the project browser. Hoping someone can help me on this one. Thanks all.
  14. Excellent job David especially like your watercolor technique
  15. Gene, I don't do this a lot either but if I remember correctly all you have to do is go to your defaults, floors and Rooms, floor level, floor 0 and edit the rough ceiling height. This will change the entire floor hieight for the whole level and not just room by room. Chris
  16. Thanks Michael, I knew it was simple as that. Delete and trim,,,
  17. I have designed a very large deck and the client wanted to take 2' off in one direction and another 3' in the other. I have custom framed the deck framing per the engineer and don't want to change the framing. The problem is that I need to rebuild the deck in order to not show the decking from overhanging the framing. Is there a way to just rebuild the decking and not the framing of the deck itself. as you can from the rendering shown below you can see that the decking overhangs the decking. Everytime I rebuild it it changes the framing per CA.
  18. CAD Detail from View is available in all line-based views, including plan view and any 3D view using the Vector View Rendering Technique. See Rendered and Vector Views. The funny thing Robert is that I looked that up and when I saw in all line based views, I stopped. I didn't even think about the fact I was in Technical View. Thanks again for your help.
  19. Damn your GOOD Robert. I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks
  20. It was there it was just hidden from the drop down menu
  21. Here you go Rob... As you can see it does not give me the opportunity to make a CAD detail from view.
  22. I have created a section view and added text to it. Why is it that once I have done this that it will not let me create a CAD detail from View?
  23. I have come across this situation a couple of times but can't seem to figure it out. I have drawn a site plan based upon a survey and then had to rotate the plan to make it so that the walls will be parallel X,Y to my screen. When doing so it seems that now my X,Y&Z have been rotated as well. How can I rotate my X,Y axis so that it matches my plan view?
  24. Mike, The B&B is the standard white board & batten texture but what I did was change the material color to white and then on texture tab in material color checked the blend with texture to make it stand out a bit more.