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  1. justmejerry's post in Window specifications dialog was marked as the answer   
    Ed for windows you have three choices - absolute relative to 0' - 0", from floor(sub-floor) or from finished floor. Don't forget you will have your rough opening(whatever default you set) as well for header height.
    Basically most things are from floor height which is usually 0 for things that are measured to like camera...not sure if it would measure from terrain as some thing on outside can have that behaviour.
  2. justmejerry's post in Layout page printing elevations too dark was marked as the answer   
    Preferences - appearance - color off is grayscale. Print with color off.
  3. justmejerry's post in Stairs going up to second floor are blocked by the floor. was marked as the answer   
    You can do as Jared said by using some invisible walls or railings and wall combo and create room defined as open below...or just use the auto stairwell tool as in the picture below.

  4. justmejerry's post in Little "s" of mystery was marked as the answer   
    Those would be the "step markers" on the footings. They have their own layer so you can hide them.
  5. justmejerry's post in How would I draw a recessed beveled window? was marked as the answer   
    I am assuming you mean the bevel of the wall? Several possibilities if so from moldings to p solids.
  6. justmejerry's post in Roof over Linai was marked as the answer   
    Check your wall heights in structure dbx. When you have them all the same it works no problem. The main part of the house was off from your default and lanai was at default.
  7. justmejerry's post in Wall Hatching on a Half Wall was marked as the answer   
    Richard just create a wall type and select whichever fill you would like.
  8. justmejerry's post in Elevation dimension error on PDF save was marked as the answer   
    If you print with live view I get the same issue, however if you click plot lines then it prints properly.

  9. justmejerry's post in Ghost Door was marked as the answer   
    Almost looks like wall isn't there, looks different than the other two with doors. Maybe a no locate wall with layer off?
  10. justmejerry's post in Starter Tread was marked as the answer   
    Was going to add, it is in bottom toolbar when you have stairs selected.
  11. justmejerry's post in What is causing this? was marked as the answer   
    Those would be the arc or radius makers. I have only got those from importing dwg. They should have their own layer if that is case.