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  1. In my opinion, the out of the box PBR sun settings are strong enough to cause sea turtles to lay eggs in Cour d' Alean.
  2. What's awesome about CA is there are usually several ways to do what you want. I'd start with a soffit because they love recessed lighting and molding (if any is desired). How about letting us know how it turned out?
  3. The sheer drapes are wonderful.
  4. I certainly agree and discussed it, but alas couldn't get them to bite. Trying to do this as inexpensively as possible, they have kids in college.
  5. I took one off the Warehouse that's decent. This is just a little bar for a basement rec room. I wish that they would agree to a panel beside the fridge - but..
  6. I don't know how I have made it until not noticing that we don't have any Pizza symbols. Might you have any pizza symbols that are CA friendly (low poly count, good materials)
  7. Many of us that specialize in kitchen & bath work don't use the auto CT feature. Here are my settings for what you are doing. I hope that this helps you in the future. Best, ~Cheryl
  8. Plz add a clipped back corner cab, either diag frnt or hinged, too.
  9. The Cab that receives the DW is more than a CT, it's also, the toe (i color Charcoal). More importantly to me, it can be sized quickly and NKBA dims attach to the sides as 24" (most DWs are slightly smaller - and the symbol may or may not be true.) You can change what the NKBA dim's go to. If you really don't want the Cab, how about just placing the symbol in the plan? CA X11 will ask if you want to place it in the plan without the cab - just press yes. Suppress Label, done.
  10. From the album: X10, X11, & X12 PBR's by Space Stagers (no post-production rendering used)

    This is a relatively small home built in the '70's with an 8' plate. The Owners wanted a new Kitchen in the space of the orig. Master Bedroom and Bath. That space is only 12' wide and together about 23' long. They raised 3 kids in the home and now are empty nesters. They needed the big kitchen when their kids were living with them and still want it even now. Next year they hope to remove the Sliding Glass Doors build a family room addition that will connect to the kitchen. Great People - Fun Project!

    © Space Stagers

  11. From the album: X10, X11, & X12 PBR's by Space Stagers (no post-production rendering used)

    The Owners cook together and wanted a 'work station' prep area with its own sink. It's in the corner between a fridge and Wall/micro ovens. One fridge is for fresh produce kept at 39 degrees, and the other for meats, dairy, & leftovers at 34 degrees. They have dreamed of a 2 cook kitchen for a long time.

    © Space Stagers

  12. Love the lighting fixtures
  13. Seeing this thread spawned a couple of reminders: 1. We were using X10 last year and you may need your X10 key, 2. Mark has been a tireless stalwart in improving CA for practical Kitchen & Bath work. He ALWAYS responds to the needs of other CA Users QUICKLY. He is the EverReady Bunny (showing my age) of K&B help. He's an amazing Human Bean!