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  1. Chiefer

    Cax13 RTRT

    Raw renders with x13's Real-time Raytracer
  2. Can you send me your scene? What's your latest Chief software?
  3. need gratis rendering of your scene in a different software?
  4. Try to reduce the ior to at least 1.25
  5. Clearly a graphics cards issue.
  6. same problem here with lights not on during daytime (x13) any solution?
  7. Lumion is foremost a real time machine but haven't introduced RT yet...this means Chief is the leader in RT-RT now?
  8. Try TM2020, it's the cheapest out there at less than $300. The free version has the same function as the paid but only limited to 2k resolution. Here's a sample:
  9. The almost free Twinmotion will solve PBR woes.
  10. Try Twinmotion2020. It's Free for non-commercial use and pay ($189 in the Philippines, less than $300 in the US). It's user-friendly than Lumion.