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  1. Chiefer

    Pt to Pt Resize Problem

    I did not update yet,,,point to point works with horizontal and vertical only.
  2. Chiefer

    render issue

    Graphics indeed
  3. Chiefer

    PBR VS Raytracing

    I not sure why this is happening to you but turning on Edge Smoothing eliminates the rough edges...
  4. Chiefer

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Tick Improve lighting quality
  5. Chiefer

    Precast Concrete Fence

  6. Chiefer

    Chief to Lumion

    Image from Lumion
  7. Chiefer

    interior condition

  8. Chiefer

    need help with dormer

    Try this using the automatic roof. dormer
  9. Chiefer

    V8 Renderings

    Have you tried the Watercolor Technique?
  10. Chiefer

    Blurry Export Pictures

    Increase the size. Do not export directly to layout.
  11. Chiefer

    Raytrace help

    You can get better results with PBR too
  12. Chiefer

    2d color floor plan

    And it's watercolor with lines
  13. Chiefer

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    Yes, almost instant.
  14. Chiefer

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    Are these PBR?