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  1. Chiefer

    Real Time Ray Tracing in X13

    Lumion is foremost a real time machine but haven't introduced RT yet...this means Chief is the leader in RT-RT now?
  2. Chiefer

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    Try TM2020, it's the cheapest out there at less than $300. The free version has the same function as the paid but only limited to 2k resolution. Here's a sample:
  3. Chiefer

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    The almost free Twinmotion will solve PBR woes.
  4. Chiefer

    X12 RT

    Thank you!
  5. Chiefer

    How to create life-like grass?

  6. Chiefer

    How to create life-like grass?

    Try Twinmotion2020. It's Free for non-commercial use and pay ($189 in the Philippines, less than $300 in the US). It's user-friendly than Lumion.
  7. Chiefer

    roof planes

    Yes, post it
  8. My suggestion is to try to master least for interior renders.
  9. Try to apply it to show GI on every corner. The bed seems to float too.
  10. Is this with Photon Mapping on?
  11. chief RT engine is no longer base on POVray...Chief's own RT is called Phoebe..
  12. Try to offset light source from base to 6"