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  1. That was City Blueprint Italic - 6". I changed to MyHand 4" and didn't use a CAD Block. I've been playing with various fonts/sizes and it seems that the Grid and the Font aren't coordinated. Some of the lettering will be at the top of the cell, some on the bottom, and some centered vertically within the cells. In other words, it seems arbitrary. Fortunately, CA offers more than one way to accomplish what I want. That said, I think that it's a bug.
  2. Clean & Crisp. Thanks for sharing, ~Cheryl
  3. Chopsaw, I didn't report it as a bug as I was pressed for time. Like You, I changed Fonts and it still happened, so I deleted the CAD detail and pushed the Cab Sched. out to the periphery and rocked on. Please report it as it's been confirmed. Thank YOU for following up! ~Cheryl
  4. OK - I know that I'm missing somethin'. I have not seen this before. What would cause text in a schedule to run downhill? This happened when I made a CAD Detail from Current Screen.
  5. Thanks for sharing this Layout!
  6. Linda, I'd love to learn about your needs! My email address is Thank you for considering me, Cheryl
  7. Mick, FYI to update: CA Staff is looking into BOTH issues; the Crown Cut and Lighting Fixture finding the wrong surface. I so very much appreciate your time confirming the unwanted results.
  8. Okay-dokay, Place a can light in the shower, pull a camera. Where is it? I assumed that it would be on 1 of the 2 ceilings. It's on the lower one apparently (Shower) - so I raised it. But, it isn't flat, it is following the roof slope. I think that it is because to not have the crown split, the "Flat ceiling over this room" is unchecked. I don't see where the "don't follow slope' is now. This little bath has become a continuing saga, and it is going to be nearly every bath I design in X11. (!@#$%^)
  9. You were spot on about the "no flat ceiling" + "shelf ceiling", Mick. This is a ver X11 thing. The training video on building Showers with Railings atop Pony Walls needs to be updated to include changing the ceiling to a shelf type with no flat ceiling on this room. Whew! Many Thanks, ~Cheryl (I hope that this thread helps save someone else an hour.)
  10. Michael, thanks for looking into this. The shower area should be 4" lower, that said, no telling what I have because I diddled so long and deleted /recreated walls. Thank you for the compliment and your time!
  11. Why is the Railing Pony wall cutting the crown molding again? I thought that we had moved past this. See Photo Walters, Barbara (yes that is her real name) This was done in ver X10. Notice that in the closet I threw a 1/2 wall that might be used for a bar and it did NOT cut the crown - and it isn't marked a Partition wall. I've been in this bathroom too long.I'm tired and missing something right under my nose. I liked the "Remove Molding this Wall" button because as I remember, it removed molding only on 1 side of the wall. With "No Molding this Wall", neither side has molding. Yes, I know about molding polylines, and I hate them! Your thoughts are appreciated. Crown Molding
  12. Thanks for the chuckle out loud, CA Staff! The Water Puddle with Deep Yellow /Glod Seeded Glass is simply AWESOME!