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    Very Nice, Sam! (As Always) ~Cheryl Crane
  2. The customer did not want a grab bar right now. There's blocking for future installation when he changes his mind.
  3. ADA Baths don't have to look institutional!
  4. I never had the pleasure of meeting either of you, but certainly wish that I had. If memory serves me his profile was J. Ellis Rue. Sorry that I can't shed additional light on the migration, It sounds like you've got solid advice. You are in Arkansas & I'm in HSV, Alabama - maybe we can meet in the middle and have dinner in Memphis when the plague has passed! Glad that you're back!
  5. Thanks, Dermot This was a brain phart on my part. There are times when is hard to be a 1 person shop. Fortunately, ChiefTalk is here to help! This should have been obvious to me, with the experience that I have - BUT. I am so thankful that ChiefTalk members pick me up, dust me off, and send me in the right direction again.
  6. Hey, Rob! Daphne is a lovely town in a great location. We like to go down, eat lots of good seafood, visit the Fairhope Dog Park, and stomp around Mobile. We are reformed Floridians, so going to the beach isn't a 'thing'.
  7. ahh the understairs closet - and i didn't draw the stairs because I'm just doing the kit. Thank you! i couldn't see the forest for the trees thanks gentlemen
  8. What's up? I can't get rid of the @#$%^ Invisible (Room divider) wall? The Owners finally agree that we need a knee wall to support this oversized CT. They insist that 6 stools be there. I can't draw a continuous knee wall due to the Room Divider Wall. How can I make it go away! Berstell Jay +
  9. This is a Typ Office in a Retail > Office Suites Conversion.
  10. DzinEye, Thanks for the excellent symbol! It works very well! That said, I'm going to have Alaska_Son make a video for me. I followed the CA instructions up to the point of trying to insert the muntin and just ran my head into a brick wall. Many thanks for your time and willingness to help! ~Cheryl
  11. I need to make a KraftMaid 'Raliegh' door style. I don't see a video by Chief Architect, and I haven't been successful with their videos on Custom Muntins for Windows or doors. If you have made one, please let me know. Many Thanks, ~Cheryl
  12. Yeah, I'm OK only lost a few min work. I knew something was nutty when I couldn't get the same results that you did. I went into the archive file and found one that I sort of trust. It's only a kitchen, but I hate the feeling of little confidence. I've sent a zip of the last auto-save that has data to tech support. It's been my experience that the engineers are awesome at forensic work. I doubt that it'll remain an issue. Mark, I so very much appreciate your assistance and thoughts on this! ~Cheryl
  13. BOOM and there is no file! sending to Tech Support for them to study