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  1. Right, without stile in the corner. The rest of the cabinets are PO face frame. Thanks
  2. This is reminiscent of last May's thread on Open Wall End Cabinet. I am absolutely positive that I've done this successfully before. Maybe I just made it from poly solids, I don't know. How do we just have open shelves showing in a Wall Corner Cab? Eric? Rabbit? Chopsaw, Yoda? Graham? Mark? (I know that I've left out many of our most helpful Chieftans - but remember, I forgot how to do this.)
  3. Sometimes I go to the Download Bonus Catalog to quickly scan through the 'Beauty Shots' and reacquaint myself with symbols and their catalog name. I wish that there was a way to search the CA site for something like 'Pot Rack". I think that would help a lot.
    Very Nice! Hope that you'll keep sharing.
  4. I spoke with Cameron w Tech Support and I'm fully functional again. He said that type of error message is usually a Win10 error and not a SEH that CA generates. I knew that my Libraries were all intact because I could place a cabinet and change a door to another Manuf. That let me see all the folders. But. I couldn't open the Library directly. Cameron suggested that the Library had simply gotten squished and all it took was to pull down below the Search Library area. He was correct, I'm all is well. We don't know what caused the Win 10 error, but it was probably corrected in all the rebooting. Thanks to all that checked their systems for me, It's so great that there is someone caring on this forum pretty much 24*7*365.
  5. David & Mick, you guys are such assets and friends for all that you do and give to the CA community. Thank YOU! In my frustration, I zipped an older iteration of the Allen's new kitchen. But, I see that the same issue exists, and it extends to all my other plans. Mick, I think that you are right - it has to do with the error message that appeared when powering down. I'll call tech support. My sincerest Thank You for caring and being our 1st line of support. ~Cheryl
  6. I could not get my Library to display after running the Updater this morning. I Closed CA X11 and set the computer for a restart. Saw this message: B1InitializeLibrary failed 0xc0000185 When the computer came back up I still don't have my Library. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance!
  7. This has never happened before when adjusting materials - CA X11 just stops responding when the Adjust Material tool is used on the Backsplash. Other materials in the plan adjust easily. Any thoughts? The Backsplash is a very similar pattern to what the customer is using. It is from David Michael Designs. ccc Allen Connie+
  8. Thanks, Ross! I think that I'll try Graphite Light for Notes & Callouts. It looks like a clear clean font. I love Encino Caps for Labels, but some of the numbers are difficult. The last thing we want is numbers that are difficult to read.
  9. This afternoon I had Chrome, the Snipping applet, and CA X11 open in the attached plan. I was adjusting the depth of the cabinet atop the Broom Pantry to the left of the Ref. BOOM! CA closed and 9 error messages appeared on my screen. I tried to get screenshots with the Snipping tool - but no doing. I just downloaded 9 photos from my phone to a File. There are too many to upload here, but here's 1 shot of 3/9. Did a cold boot, when the computer came back up it essentially said that there was -0- (NO) video card. Downloaded the drivers from Nvidea. Nvidea saw the card and the driver is the same that I installed last week. Rebooted. CA sees the card. PBR isn't working - please see the before crash and post-crash comparison. This is cabinetry in a BarnDaMinium. There are no windows! Ceiling height of 144" I just ordered a new vid card from Amazon. RTX 8 gig. I cherish your thoughts! Thanks in advance for sharing them, ~Cheryl Levi Dustin
  10. I've been using Mick's method, but I'd love to have the Room Divider work correctly without a workaround. Goo to know about the Doorway. Thanks!
  11. Mark Thank you! The spots are a good idea that I'll make std practice. Only I will NOT have them create shadows. I really don't want shadows on the CT. I'll just give up on robe lighting unless I'm asked for an electrical plan. To date, I've never been asked to specify the ribbon lighting other than by brand. I don't conceive of anyone asking for the distance between LED's or the lumens per diode, Mark, at risk of looking out of date, what's IRL & YMMV? I really appreciate all who took their time to explore this issue and who gave me ways to improve my workflow.
  12. Geeze, maybe I need an exorcist? I also note that you have 2 megs on the video side. It's funny that when we were able to go from 8 lights to 100 I thought WOW, I'll never need that many! I counted each segment of the rope light as 1 when I should have counted each LED. I'll try the emissive poly solid and not worry about shadows. Good kitchen design should have layered lighting as to lessen shadows anyway. Thank You for the assist with how the plan ran on your machine. I appreciate you.
  13. Thanks, Steve. I have been wondering if maybe my default template file has become corrupted because I've been experiencing this for about a month. But if you are easily able to work with this file, then maybe it isn't corrupt. Did you turn off the rope lighting? I was hoping that the Gremlins would leave with Halloween!
  14. Well, turning off the rope lights certainly helped - a lot. Ribbon lighting has become ubiquitous to kitchen design. I think I'll use a polyline with an emissive material to represent the ribbon lighting. Otherwise, if I wait until the end to turn on the ribbon and adjust materials I have chased my tail right back to slow rendering. Thank you both very much for helping me. Huckleberry was more interested in the tennis ball than looking at a CAX11 file.
  15. Changing or adjusting materials or other modifications are abysmally slow in both standard view and PBR. This on a machine that did the same tasks quickly a few months ago. What can I do to fix this? Plan view & Vector view are running fine. I give customers PBR's but I've never had a rendering that didn't require adjusting materials. Is this a Win 10 update thing? I'm at wit's end Here's a poor quality video that I did with my cell phone. The plan is also attached. Dill Marti (That's Huckleberry's voice letting me know that a tennis ball is under my desk. The joys of working from home 8-) ) Thank You for your thoughts, ~Cheryl
  16. I start with 350 lumens. My default interior lights are 50.