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  1. I knew it had to be something simple. I turned off that layer when I was playing around with garage flooring and forgot all about it. THANKS!
  2. Inside the house is a monolithic slab with a 1.25" tile flooring. ALL that shows up in the 3d view is a concrete floor and NOT the tile. You can see it in the image I provided. Also, the rear patio should have the same tile as the lower deck.
  3. Yep, tried undo. Also the floor has always been slab. The material is still correct. Attached is the plan. There are multiple levels as well. Main floor, LR, Patio and garage are at different levels.
  4. As you can see from the attached image, somehow I made a change that made all the floors concrete. I was playing around with the slab stuff, but thought I put it all back. Any thoughts on how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! That was very helpful and a better way for me to do it!
  6. Ugh... that was it and then put a doorway in [smacks head]. It was a little bit more tricky for the divide where one of the rooms was angled as the door casing cannot be angled. I had to put a wall in the go to 3D view and raise the wall to the lower ceiling and also make the ceiling in the lower "room" a soffit (Use Soffit Surface for Ceiling Checkbox). All is well... THANKS!
  7. You can see from the first pic that I am missing the wall that joins the two different ceiling heights. I know I fixed this before but am having a brain fart on how I did it. I also attached the wall specs. Any help is appreciated.
  8. This seems to have worked! [fingers crossed] Thanks all!
  9. Every so often this dialog will pop up and never close. The bar gets to about 90% and just hangs and I have to manually cancel it. I am not even sure why it is popping up. It even happens when I am making a simple symbol change or delete. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. If you look at the pic you can see the door casing is all the way to the corner. In Chief I cannot find a way to duplicate the actual install of the door. Anyone got some thoughts on how to move the door all the way to the left corner? Thanks! Chief X11
  11. Excellent thoughts... I appreciate all the input. I like the idea of a soffit so I can add lights. Then I can change the walls to a p-solid. This would allow me to make the edge as a separate color, as I will be using a brushed nickel edge strip on the tile. Thanks!
  12. I currently have a glass wall with a glass door to separate the shower (they are combined with two partial walls for the privacy wall and threshold. The problem is I the tile on the ceiling will end at the glass wall and I need it to line up with the tile on the walls. Ignore the finish for now, it is just something quick I did to show my problem.
  13. I am trying to apply a different material to part of a ceiling. It is a bathroom and I want to apply a tile to the part of the ceiling above the shower only and the rest of the ceiling will be drywall. Something like the Build==>Wall Material Region, but for the ceiling. Any thoughts? Thanks!