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  1. I produce condocs in Autocad, but do preliminal plans in Chief. Have been since '94. The process for me is to export to dwg. The layers have to be adjusted (color, etc.) easy enough. The symbols etc. import as blocks that need to be exploded and cleaned up if used if needed. A bit tedious if needed. The engineers or Architects that I use would never do that. If you don't have a dwg program, I don't think there is a way to send a cleaned up Chief file.
  2. Another flared roof CA video: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/1527/creating-a-hip-roof-with-curved-eaves.html
  3. https://www.usg.com/content/usgcom/en/design-studio/floor-ceiling-assemblies.html The Gypsum Association also has the specs.
  4. https://www.usg.com/content/usgcom/en/design-studio/wall-assemblies.html
  5. Chief downspouts seem finicky to me. I use molding polylne in section view and place/align in 3d. Just a suggestion.
  6. Just an attempt. I didn't try to start with a polyline. I did a curved railing (I didn't see a curved wall option) which gave me a radius that I could specify. Changed the wall type to interior 4 and unchecked railing. May not be the best way.
  7. Tried same as Mick. Works fine.
  8. I don't usually address the cabinetry views, but was curious about this. Opened a plan and placed a wall cabinet and the default was checked as frameless. I didn't change that and I had a flat bottom. Went back and checked framed in the dbx and got the recess.
  9. Provide the PDF set and the Engineer will red-line the plans with comments. Those corrections need to be made to the final plan set and resubmitted to the Engineer for approval and seal.
  10. just tried without the Quotes and it worked.
  11. http://www.usgdesignstudio.com/wall-selector-overview.asp I also use GA files. Plan reviewers will accept UL or GA files here.
  12. Dental office. Entry with tray ceiling at front.
  13. This may be one way to get what you want. KB-00449 I saw a video about creating a cricket, but I don't think that would work for your need. I haven't done a manual dutch lately.
  14. Worked for me. Thanks support. Michael, I've never reinstalled, only updated. As I mentioned, I had done several projects with the beta version with no problem. I don't know what the difference was with the download yesterday.
  15. After seeing these posts, I checked and found that I too was missing a most of the wood textures. Called support and went through deleting core content and reference files and reinstalled core content. This did not resolve the missing content. Called support again and got instructions to manually install. This also did not work. All textures worked well using X10 beta. The update took out the textures. Hope they resolve this quickly.
  16. I would strongly recommend you get familiar with using SOLIDS and boolean operations (solid intersection, solid union, and solid subtraction). Just made a sloped pan with solids. Works well.
  17. "MANUFACTURER CATALOG". (certainteed)
  18. Another previously undiscovered good tool. Thanks Sam.
  19. I've had a couple of projects with grooved stucco look. For the horizontal grooves, I use the exterior molding polyline, which wraps the corners and trims at windows and doors, unlike the MR. I then use the MR vertically, which also trims and allows for the windows and door. Not a perfect solution, but works for me. My walls are block with stucco surface. The MR doesn't cut the stucco surface, however.
  20. I've noticed the sluggishness recently, as well. Nothing to document though.
  21. I had not observed that in the dbx. I have never needed to have different trims on each side. Or at least not in a number of years. I do remember using a molding line once to change the material for one side. Good to know this has been conquered. Thanks.
  22. Just tried the interior door on a blank plan. I could change the door slab colors each side, but couldn't change the trim colors. (OOB) interior panel door.