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  1. Great! Will give it a whirl... Thanks very much! Ric
  2. If you look at the cheek walls on second floor from the interior in 3d...I can't seem to get them correct? Also, if you look at the back elevation, I have a couple of misc. lines in the facia I can get rid of either? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks. Ric x15 CAPE WILD LIFE DO IT ALL OVER 1d.plan
  3. Ok...making progress. Still a couple of small things...if you look inside in the 3d mode...cheek walls stilll a little funny? Also, if you take a "back clipped" section...the 21/12 pitches don't seem to be the same elevation??? Thanks so much for the help! Ric CAPE WILD LIFE DO IT ALL OVER 1d.plan
  4. Ugh...sorry don't quite understand.
  5. I can't for the life of me get the dormers to work correctly. From the exterior I can't get the dormer roof planes to "join" the upper most roof plane? And also can't seem to get the "inside" to work when viewing in 3d? Any suggestions are much appreciated... Ric Using chief 15. CAPE WILD LIFE DO IT ALL OVER 1c.plan
  6. Where's the best place to post to get some help with a plan I'm working on?
  7. Thank you all for your time.
  8. Here is a section view...but doesn't show the shadow board... I can't get to a "point" but if I use a 1" facia and change a little framing in the "structural" tab...I can get it close enough. But the shadow board continues down past the facia as in the previous layout?
  9. Also couldn't get a "flat" soffit to work?
  10. I set the facia to 1"...and can get it most of the way...but when I add the shadow board it extends down past the facia? DOOLIN FINAL MODEL PLAN 6.28.23 forum.pdf
  11. Greetings, Having a difficult time reproducing this eve detail...any suggestions? Thanks in advance for you time. Ric PS Using version 15.
  12. Any suggestions on how to make/apply this molding?
  13. Greetings, I'm trying to put recessed lights in a sloped ceiling. Pitch is a 6/12. Can't seem to get the light adjusted to point straight down onto a countertop? Tried using the eyeballs... Any suggestions? Ric