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  1. Treehouse2339

    House Address

    Sweet...Found it and works. Thanks!
  2. Treehouse2339

    House Address

    That looks great. I was not able to locate the catalog. Do you know what it is called?
  3. Treehouse2339

    House Address

    Can someone tell me how to put an address on the wall or fence of a house?
  4. Treehouse2339

    ray Trace light halows.

    thanks. I will try that.
  5. Treehouse2339

    ray Trace light halows.

    Can anyone tell me why I get these light areas at the ceiling wall connections and some other places as well. This picture is 3 passes s maybe let it go longer?
  6. Treehouse2339

    Importing DWG detail files

    It might be that the file from that company is not complete.
  7. Treehouse2339

    Importing DWG detail files

  8. Treehouse2339

    Importing DWG detail files

    Changing background color doesn't seem to work. I also checked to make sure text is turned on. I attached a screen shot of how it should look and the dwg file if anyone wants to try. water_heater_seismic_reinforcing.dwg
  9. Treehouse2339

    Importing DWG detail files

    I have a company I joined called AGS which has CAD details for downloading. The issue is that When I import the file, The text will not show up on my plan, just the drawing. I am not sure if it is on their end or mine. I have made sure that the box for text is checked. Anyone have any insite or maybe a better site for CAD details?
  10. Treehouse2339

    Crown molding and Open To Below.

    I have a living room and in one corner an open to below from the floor above. When I apply crown molding to the walls of the living room it continues through the opening. Is there a way to stop the crown short of the opening and 45 the end into the wall?
  11. Treehouse2339


    I have a detached garage I am adding to an existing plan. I want 13' ceilings which I set up. I want to create a simple gable roof on it. When I draw a roof plane over it for some reason it does not draw the roof on the wall. It draws it at a much lower elevation. any one know the answer? Also If I generate a roof automatically will it also re due the roof on the main house?
  12. Treehouse2339


    Now I feel really stupid. Thank you!!!
  13. Treehouse2339


    I will try that
  14. Treehouse2339


    From what I understand, you have to cancel from the old computer first.
  15. Treehouse2339


    Yes and it lets me download it on my new computer but then after I put in the key it says I am trying to load the program on a second computer and wants more money.