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  1. Its a large barn area that has hanging fixtures inside and wall sconces on the outside. No chandelier.
  2. I am using X14. I have mine set for 40. This little plan only has 6 outside and 8 inside lights. Cameras were set for 20 and I changed them all to 200. Still a puzzle.
  3. Kbird, I know that it must be a setting issue. I have both checked. In camera view the inside lights show as on and the outside lights are off and the Raytrace show both as off.
  4. When I am in camera mode exterior, I see the inside and outside lighting but when I go to Ray Trace the lights are all off.
  5. So amazing to have so many people take time to help find an answer to this problem. Thank you all. I am still learning so much about this program and it never ceases to amaze me about the support.
  6. If I do that and save to the library, do I have to go back to the library each time to use it instead of the icon on the taskbar?
  7. Its odd. When I open a new plan and go to ceiling fixtures and tap on the 4" recessed fixture and put it on the plan it has the name R4. Then when I go to the ceiling fixtures and tap the 2" it is R and a smaller looking fixture. But then when I go back and change back to the 4" and the 4" now says R but does maintain the larger looking circle. and now they both come up as R on the plan which is annoying. Also populates that way to the electrical schedule.
  8. I was able to change the individual light cad block but trying to figure out if I can save it to that particular light so when I place them it will have that title on the plan. Thanks alot for taking the time to help.
  9. where do you think the text would be turned off? Or can I add my own text to the item?
  10. Interesting I cant attach the file here as it says its over 14 megs.
  11. I use 2" and 4" recessed lighting quite a bit. Normally the 2" is specified as a circle and an R in the center. The 4" is a larger circle with an R4 in the center. I think I must be somehow changing a setting because sometimes half way through the electrical the circles stay as they should but the 4 goes away so both lights just have R. If Someone has he answer to my frustration thanks.
  12. So I am designing a separate rental unit in the basement of a home. The city fire department wants a 1 hour fire rated ceiling for the lower unit, floor of the upper home. Right now there are conventional 2x10 floor joists separating the two units with 3/4" T&G ply on the floor above. Is anyone aware of the easiest layer makeup to achieve the 1 hour rating? I would like to see most of the required layering be on the lower ceiling so that additional material layers would not have to be at different elevations on the top layer ends where it does not need to be 1 hour. My initial thought that 5/8 x rated rock on the lower ceiling might work but i think there needs to be the equivalent of 5/8 x rock on both surfaces. Then I was thinking cut 5/8 first and install it between joists close to the upper sub floor. but tenably I think since the top of the floor joist would not be covered it may not work. The good thins is there are no wires or ductwork in the way at this point. Hope that made sense. Thanks in advance.
  13. Disappears when I try to move it into place. I put a 1/2" deep soffit in the top of the niche which solved the problem but there must be an easier way.