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  1. Yes, I can reproduce this...Opening a new plan, though, this does not happen. Not sure... Let's see if someone else will chime in with some more insight.
  2. If you open the arrow and under line weight, its look like at one point it was changed to 30. The arrow below connected to Rich Text "REPLACE DOOR" is checked "By Layer" at a line weight of 2. Outside of this, not sure what the source of the problem is especially if it's something that keeps happening.
  3. Select arrow and check line weight in Active Layer Display Options at the bottom
  4. And while they're at it, update gable soffit and eave soffit mapping. Give option for them to be in either the same direction or like it is done in most cases rotated 90 degrees from one another.
  5. tada.... Messed around a bit, and the Chief tools pulled through yet again!
  6. Thanks Chop...was hoping to have light data options to show in nighttime view. Will play around...I saw Glenn used a Polyline Distribution Path.
  7. Any way to do this? I tried rope lighting. Could get a curve out of it but just in x-y plain.
  8. It looks like you made two solids. make one solid L-Shaped then bullnose the two edges individually
  9. Thank you, Mick. Yeah, 32's don't seem all that abundant (unlike the 27's) and I remember seeing even 36's at my dentists office and they don't readily come up either in a search. Will check out the BenQ's in meantime.
  10. Thank you Rene. New PC is due in before Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the latest technology/features. My current system is an old Gateway gaming rig (12 years old). Still going, but outdated and tired.
  11. A new PC is on its way and looking to upgrade my monitor as well. The new AW R-12 PC (Intel Core i9) was ordered with an NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6 I'm not a computer techy but while looking around at different monitors I was exposed to things like IPS vs VA, response time with 60, 144, 240 Hz monitors, the deep black quality, gradients...etc.etc. Simply put, what I would like is a monitor that is crisp (high quality text for word processing and spreadsheets, browsing, etc,) AND a fast response time for smooth camera panning in CA. I'm currently experimenting with a SAMSUNG 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz. Love the wide format, text sharpness, not bad, but their advertised 75 Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time does not prove to provide a smooth panning experience in CA. Not sure if this is because of existing video card (GTX 960) limitations. I did also purchase (and now returning) an AW2720HF monitor from Dell which did offer great smooth panning when set to 240HZ, but did not have the sharpness nor color quality I'm after. I would like to have something at least 32-inch in size and something that is OOTB calibrated (I realize some tweaking may still be necessary). DELL?, ASUS?, LG?, something else? Thanks in advance for any input, Mike
  12. Check to see if the object(s) you are trying to select are not locked.
  13. ....In this backsplash below, I used the snipping tool of the customers tile pick, saved it in the library as a material and mapped it on my material region. Its quick, and most important, the customer loved it. Even more important, I got the job! The ribbon is just another material region with a tile found in the library. Because of the random nature of your sample, it would be a bit challenging to have this fit together seamlessly without the use of third party software modifications as suggested. If you can get a large sample of this as DzinEye suggested, it just might work. Its quick to try this first before making your own custom tiles.