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  1. Check to see if the object(s) you are trying to select are not locked.
  2. ....In this backsplash below, I used the snipping tool of the customers tile pick, saved it in the library as a material and mapped it on my material region. Its quick, and most important, the customer loved it. Even more important, I got the job! The ribbon is just another material region with a tile found in the library. Because of the random nature of your sample, it would be a bit challenging to have this fit together seamlessly without the use of third party software modifications as suggested. If you can get a large sample of this as DzinEye suggested, it just might work.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Michael, on the Plot Line option...Line work is noticeable crisper. I also do prefer the lighter pattern line work.
  4. Rob, I'm working on a kitchen design now, I placed my outlet on the island just as I would a wall with no issues (using X10).
  5. Who needs Watson when Mike is in the room! Thank you, thank you!
  6. Did that, no luck. There must be something like a preference or default setting that has to be checked... I did contact support and they were not able to reproduce what was demonstrated in video either.
  7. Training video 600 shows how to control these properties by layer sets. I was only able to control what was already controllable, and that was the color. Any way to also control the text height? I mimicked the video in a new file, but no luck. Any thoughts? I'm using X9 latest upgrade.
  8. Brilliant Michael, thank you for that!
  9. I'm saying for sure, but in some cases I know sometimes I had to force "rebuild framing" even though it might already be checked.
  10. yeah, unfortunately you missed that option by one version