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  1. evergreen

    Can't select an item...

    Check to see if the object(s) you are trying to select are not locked.
  2. evergreen

    4.25 square tiles in Tile Backsplash

    ....In this backsplash below, I used the snipping tool of the customers tile pick, saved it in the library as a material and mapped it on my material region. Its quick, and most important, the customer loved it. Even more important, I got the job! The ribbon is just another material region with a tile found in the library. Because of the random nature of your sample, it would be a bit challenging to have this fit together seamlessly without the use of third party software modifications as suggested. If you can get a large sample of this as DzinEye suggested, it just might work. Its quick to try this first before making your own custom tiles.
  3. evergreen

    Pattern line weights in elevation views

    Yes, all great points...thanks again!
  4. evergreen

    Pattern line weights in elevation views

    Thanks for the tip, Michael, on the Plot Line option...Line work is noticeable crisper. I also do prefer the lighter pattern line work.
  5. evergreen


    Nicely done Graham!
  6. evergreen

    White washed brick

    Very generous. Thank you Eric!
  7. evergreen

    Cabinet Mounted Outlets

    Rob, I'm working on a kitchen design now, I placed my outlet on the island just as I would a wall with no issues (using X10).
  8. evergreen

    "Dimension Text" & "Text" Height and color

    Who needs Watson when Mike is in the room! Thank you, thank you!
  9. evergreen

    "Dimension Text" & "Text" Height and color

    Did that, no luck. There must be something like a preference or default setting that has to be checked... I did contact support and they were not able to reproduce what was demonstrated in video either.
  10. Training video 600 shows how to control these properties by layer sets. I was only able to control what was already controllable, and that was the color. Any way to also control the text height? I mimicked the video in a new file, but no luck. Any thoughts? I'm using X9 latest upgrade.
  11. evergreen

    Column dimensioning

    Brilliant Michael, thank you for that!
  12. I'm saying for sure, but in some cases I know sometimes I had to force "rebuild framing" even though it might already be checked.
  13. evergreen

    Updating Layouts

  14. evergreen

    Updating Layouts

    yeah, unfortunately you missed that option by one version