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  1. Ok, so it sounds like I just have to grind through it to get it over to the engineer. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi JJohnson, How will that help them? They need AutoCAD files. I don't have AutoCAD so I don't know, but can it "explode" the PDF into CAD? What about layers, etc?
  3. Hello, I'm working on a project where I now need to get CAD files to my structural engineer. I need to send him all floor plans, elevations, sections, etc. What is the best way to do this? I tried File/Export....but that does one view at a time. Is that really the only way? Is there no way to do the entire thing at once?
  4. Deesee- I am looking to switch over to an Imac 27" from my current Dell laptop.  I use Macs for home, and love them, but when looking at new computers, you can get such faster PC's for the same price, esp when it comes to better graphics cards.  My current Dell laptop just sits and spins when I am working in 3D modeling.  So I saw you work on a Mac, how has your experience been? Has the performance been oK?

  5. I figured it out! I had to uncheck a key box in Mac Preferences:
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to use CA with my two monitors (MacOS) and I drag the Layer, Project Browser, and Library panels over to the second monitor. It works fine until I switch to another "Space" (I use the Spaces feature on my Mac and have 4 different Spaces (desktops) per monitor. Anyway, if I switch to Space 1, and then go back to CA, all of the panels show up on the same display that I have the main CA window. Are there any Mac users out there having the same issue? How do you deal with it?
  7. I have the same problem. Have no idea how to fix it.
  8. I think both methods would work. I used Eric's method for the moment since it solved my problem. Here's another question though, how would I make a wall that is on an angle...i.e. follows the stair slope? I'm basically trying to create headroom for the stair.
  9. Man do I feel like an idiot!!! That was so easy! Thanks a bunch Eric.
  10. Hey guys, I'm working on a renovation of an old house and we're adding a stair inside the house. As part of that work, we will be cutting the bottom portion of an exterior wall (of the 2nd floor) to allow for head clearance. I've tried to redraw the shortened 2nd floor wall, but it keeps going down to the floor level. I need to stop a few feet above that. See attached image for more info. Any ideas on how I can do that? Thanks!
  11. Ok, I think I got it. Thanks a million!
  12. Wow, that is fantastic! Looks just like what I wanted. Ok, let me try your suggestions.
  13. Ok, I have tried. I've watched several videos, used the google machine, and I can't figure this out. Can someone give me some guidance on building this roof. See attached sketch. Thanks in advance Danny
  14. Never mind! Figured it was that darn "Patterns, 3D Views" layer. It was off in one of my views. Not sure how that happened, but who cares right?