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  1. This is crazy because I have done it before and cannot remember or find how to do it. I have symbols I have created and they are in my library but would like to add them to my toolbar for quick access and need help to do this. Thank you
  2. I am looking for a 3d board and batten in cedar to match the natural cedar bevel siding in X11, I am working in X12 but it should be fine. Does anyone have it, I have looked all over and not found one. I am doing a house in a resort and the exterior needs to be exact for the design review committee. Thank you
  3. I am using X-11 and doing some editing on an older (2 or 3 years) plan and the layout pages are black and white. When I print to PDF the color comes out but not on my computer. Tech support is closed today and I have looked all over. I know there must a button somewhere. Thank you for your help. Steve
  4. Does anyone know how to do this or has anyone done it? This is what my client sent me Thank you
  5. The reception office has a circular cabinet layout. Are there resources to do this? Thank you
  6. Has anyone got any stained concrete floors
  7. I would be open to talking to see if we could work together. I have been a custom and Remodel builder since 1976 and started doing my own design with Chief version 1. I quit building 4 years ago and have been full time design since. My number is 509-607-0300 and my website is www.stevesenger.com I am in Washington and in a small resort town in the mountains and have been working with Snow loads up to 270# so am familiar if that is an issue. Thank you
  8. I have the same issue and came here for relief and found your post! I shall be waiting. Thank you