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  1. Yes, you're right, but thanks all the same, though, and a second thanks to Chopsaw as well.
  2. Yes, I see that this is an issue in all of the walls created from the start by modifying Interior-4
  3. Lol, yes - even though it spoofs the fir framing just fine in the dbx!
  4. Wow, thanks everyone for all of these replies - the notifications of which only arrived here this morning. Eric's definite problem isolation took care of it immediately, solving a problem that has been recurrent for me for some years now, so thanks very much again! Mark
  5. Sure, and thanks. I assume you mean just the *.plan file and not the whole "export folder" bit? If so, I've attached the one with the problem doorways (Hmn*) as well as the one where the doorways are working (Vsk*). For what it's worth, I tried copying the working doorway from the good plan to the bad, and I also tried copying the whole wall, including the good doorway, from the good plan to the bad, both to no good result. Again, thanks. Hmn.A.180129.plan Vsk.A.180130.plan
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows why sometimes doorways (set to use no casings) will not show the drywall on the door framed jambs, so that instead one sees the framing. In some of my plans, maybe most of them, they work correctly as at the left of the photo, but every so often, I get the situation as shown on the right. I've tried changing various settings as well as the usual silly workarounds, but it'd be really nice to just know what the problem is instead of going through all that baloney with the polyline solids and the mouding scraps, etc. Thanks in advance! Mark
  7. keilrd

    Change Interior Door to Exterior

    While long having dealt with the same issue, and always having to make a room either a balcony or porch or some other exterior type room (and re-define it's structure to be like an interior room, so that I can have alternative casings and materials on either side of a door, just moments ago I ran into a little check off box that seems to solve the issue for me and may for you, too. I'm using X7 and on the General tab of the Door dbx, there is a checkoff at that bottom, at "Interior Doors," where you can select to have "Separate Trim and Materials on Each Side." Hope this helps. If you or anyone else has some idea of how to get the drywall to show at the jambs, that'd be terrific to know. Mark
  8. keilrd

    "Accurate Move"

    Ah, I was afraid that this would be the case, and if it's the end of the story, then I really also think that's too bad. Thanks, Glenn.
  9. keilrd

    "Accurate Move"

    I've searched this (subject title) phrase as well as "slow dragging," and "slow moving," several different ways and except for one post, which didn't end up entirely clear, have been unable to uncover anything relevant to this question. Moving from X4 to X7, I have discovered my heretofore beloved "accurate move" function, the symbol of which was that longer yellow arrow at the edit toolbar, has either been eliminated or modified, for I can no longer find either the symbol or even the command, for that matter, anywhere within its (X7's) program or help file. In spite of what seems to be the consensus view (at that singular post I found) that it was unwanted, unneeded or just a plain nuisance, I found it rather invaluable: uncheck snapping, hold down shift+ctrl and move any item or group of items as slowly as one likes. While the post mentioned seemed to indicate that X6 and beyond use "the arrow keys" for "accurate move," I've not found this to be the case - no matter which other keys or combination of them I hold down (or don't) while pushing the arrow keys, the selected object only moves in 1" increments. If anyone has any knowledge about this at all, it'd be awesome to have. Thanks very much in advance.