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  1. I have a door that is approx. 1 1/2" recessed into a wall with a tudor arch surround. The door itself has a straight top. I tried adding a niche with an arch first then the door but its not working. Any thoughts? I have attached a picture of the actual door. Thanks!
  2. I did a search on "electrical connections" and nothing came up except my post?
  3. Working on an electrical plan and find the wire connections difficult to organize. The wire ends pop in not centered or on the fixture symbol. I find myself spending a lot of time moving the wires to make them make sense on the drawings for the electrician. Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Tom
  4. I will try this, cropping the points should be fun!
  5. I am struggling to create a tile material with the attached image. This is usually very easy for me, but I am having issues, does anyone know how to make this image work as a wall tile material?Thanks in advance!
  6. I called Chief today on this issue. I had to create two custom countertops to sit on top of the kohler Jute cabinet from the manufacturers library. The cabinet doesn't come with a countertop, so I had to create a custom top. I still couldn't add two sinks, so I now have two countertops....ouch.
  7. Looking for a sconce symbol similar to the attached. Creating lighting symbols is not one of my fortes! TWL47_frb_us sconce.pdf Thanks!
  8. I have been wondering for years if this could be done! Thanks for the link to the video.
  9. Thanks to all for your suggestions!
  10. Hi David, I agree and wish I would have just stuck something in there instead of wasting 1/2 day looking up training videos and searching for answers. I could also put a partition in and add the base molding. I just thought there was an easy way to stop the two walls from connecting. Thanks, Tom
  11. I am working on a shower in a master bathroom and used a glass wall for the division between the bath and shower. I would like to inset the glass approx. 4" from the main walls without the walls snapping together and creating a corner. The yellow interior wall on the left side will not move beyond the glass. I have tried the wall option through wall end or start and it still snaps to create a corner. I would like to line up the exterior wall with the interior and maintain the glass shower wall. Is there a way to turn off or control the wall snapping distance? Thanks all!
  12. OK, I have seen this issue on the blog before, but still can't find the fix. I want to use the room divider tool, so I could have two different ceiling heights and the divider wall removed the drywall on the connecting wall. It is possible to use this tool with two different ceiling heights?