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  1. andr0id

    How to profile the tails on deck beams?

    Ah, so he replaced the beam with a rafter! I still have to learn all the ways to cheat in CA to get what I want! I see that adding a poly tail though might get a more reliable materials list. Thank you!
  2. andr0id

    How to profile the tails on deck beams?

    Is that a "Deck Beam"? How did you manage to add the tail?
  3. Hi there! Anybody have any suggestions as to how I would add fancy tails to my deck beams as shown in the photo? The deck tools seem pretty inflexible in this regard. Thank you!
  4. andr0id

    Editing a 3D Symbol and it's bounding box.

    Thanks TKA. Coincidentally, I was trying to build a fireplace with bounding box for combustible clearance and was getting similar odd behavior. I finally got it to have the right bounding box by moving the origin to the front, but I get to see the backside of the fireplace in the library view. I wish there were a decent video of this end to end.
  5. andr0id

    Site Plan on a large site?

    Thanks Joey, this wasn't really meant to be complete, just to ask about the exploded view. The dashed line is the 50 foot setback though.
  6. andr0id

    Site Plan on a large site?

    I couldn't find many examples of making a site plan on a large site. I thought of doing something with an exploded view and whipped up a sample. I used Plan Footprints within the plot and then sent the house and garage to the same layout page at a larger scale. This is my first time doing one like this. Does this look like a reasonable way to do it? Thanks for any comments. plot plan with enlarged view.pdf
  7. andr0id

    How to make a bumper zone around an object?

    Thank you, that worked great for the left and right sides, I'm still fussing with the rear clearance. it doesn't seem to respect it going that way even though the boundary box is clearly visible in the symbol preview pane..
  8. Hi Everyone, I created a custom model of a Rumford Fireplace. I want to create an invisible bumper zone around it (like the invisible toilet 15" clearance bumper) so that it has the correct combustible clearance built into the model. A "base" made out of a polyline solid with a thickness of zero seems to work. Is that how it's done? Anybody have any tips on the best way to do this? Thank you!