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  1. Thanks Chop and Gene! I guess I designed my house with every possible weird thing Chief doesn't like!
  2. My ground floor will have gypcrete poured over radiant so I want to double bottom plates. The 1-1/2" gypcrete will be to the level of the 1st plate and then sheetrock can be normally nailed to the plate above the gypcrete. But my basement is just 4" slab poured before the wall are built, so I want to show those as single bottom plates. I'm stumped because there only seems to be one place to set plating under framing and it applies to all floors.
  3. Thank you, thank you. That was a great suggestion. It auto calculated to 7-1/4" rise and I ended up with a few more inches of headroom and a slightly smaller stairwell. Win, win!
  4. Thanks Eric, That looks like a good video that has everything in it. I'll watch it tomorrow.
  5. I'm on IRC 2018. I'm detailing out my floor heights. I've got a really big family room in the walk out, so we're using 16" trusses to avoid posts. So I've very carefully stacked my basement and 1st floor defaults with the exact heights of everything we're using and then I reran the stairs. I've got 6'11" from the nose of the step that hits the ceiling and the next step up has all air overhead, so I think that means I got an extra 3" overhead. And my rise and run are within limits, but treads are < 11" so I have 1" nosing as required. I'm not required to have a landing, but I do because it looks nicer from the great room. So did I get it right?
  6. HAHA, This just got posted on Reddit r/coolguides
  7. Thanks, that's a pretty decent little tutorial and it got me a lot farther than before. It's builds a ledger and the wall above, no truss or header though, so I've got to keep tinkering.
  8. First, is there a technical name for this type of shed roof that is split and then has a row of windows? I want to build my barn/workshop with this type of roof, BUT I will not have a bearing wall under those windows. My garage door will be on the side where the single window is right now. I know that it would be built by putting in a truss with a ledger to attach the lower rafters, but I'm not sure how to get Chief to do that. Does anyone have a sample plan that is this kind of roof that I could sing along to?
  9. I will have to tape, but we can L5 later and paint. No banks to satisfy, just my life's savings.
  10. So, it turns out to be more complicated than that. You have to dig deep into USG's library to find a document called Fire Rated Assemblies. it details every possible metal, masonry or wood framed wall, ceiling and floor you could possible think of with one or more layers of sheetrock installed along with the actual UL test number. Some assemblies say -joints filled some do not.
  11. So, I'm building my own house and our permit lasts 12 months or we have to pay extra for a renewal. I'm trying to figure out must finish vs. nice to finish to close out my permit in time. I'm looking at IRC R301.11.1 for fireblock materials and it explicitly says, "5) one-half-inch (12.7mm) gypsum board." and that is all. So does tightly butted gypsum board meet this requirement? It looks like it does to me. I would very much like to install sheetrock and then tape, float and paint after we close the permit at my leisure. Of course I will ask the building dept, but wanted to know if there is anything that says it MUST be taped and floated that I am overlooking. Thanks!
  12. andr0id

    Accessory Structure Question

    The only thing I can find in my Illustrated NEC is that IF you have a receptacle in accessory/detached buildings, it must be GFCI protected.
  13. andr0id

    Set ICF height & length

    Thanks, I found the mat under plan materials and made a clone.
  14. andr0id

    Set ICF height & length

    I'm sure I had found a menu item to set ICF block length and height but I can't seem to find my way back to it. Can anybody help me out? I want to set Fox 48"x16" as the default size to show.
  15. andr0id

    How to profile the tails on deck beams?

    Ah, so he replaced the beam with a rafter! I still have to learn all the ways to cheat in CA to get what I want! I see that adding a poly tail though might get a more reliable materials list. Thank you!