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  1. X10 is definetly worth the update, it had a few kinks they had to work out at first, but most of them are fixed now. The only issue I had as someone else pointed out on here, is ray tracing does not work as well with the materials optimized for the new pbr feature. However with that being said, pbr rendering can look just as good if not better than ray tracing with the right materials and lighting used (plus there is no wait).
  2. Thank you, I should of thought of that in the first place
  3. Sure can. jennaWINEGARDNERentertainmentcenter.plan
  4. Ive been designing and modeling a few pieces of furniture and builtins here in chief and for some reason I'm having issues with countertop overhangs when a cabinet is butted to another cabinet that is a different depth. Ive attached a photo, but ive never ran into this issue in x9. I have countertops set in my defaults to be the same all the way around, but for some reason when a cabinet is placed adjacent to another, the cabinet with the larger depth will not carry the correct overhang to its adjacent cabinet.
  5. Did a test cabinet to see how it would turn out, but I think I nailed it. To keep this post in this thread ill supply a how-to write up shortly for anyone who is curious about how I did this.
  6. Sorry didn't know where to post, thought this would be the best section. But i think I figured it out, thank you for the advice.
  7. Alright guys need a few suggestions... So I'm a custom woodworker and I'm building built-in bookshelves and a mantle unit for a customer. Normally I'm able to come up with certain techniques in modeling custom millwork projects that are "out of the norm" or beyond the standard cabinetry presets here in chief, but this one is a little more complex.... The unit I'm building consists of floor to ceiling bookshelves with a fireplace surround and mantel in the center. So far easy to do.. but in this particular build the customer wants the bookshelves to have angled dividers/faceframe-stiles that the shelving will go in-between. I've attached some photos to this post so you can have a better idea of what I'm doing here. I build everything custom so I know exactly how I will build the unit, I'm just unsure of how to create a model for it here in chief. I'm assuming id use some sort of 3d polyline to create the angles, but I'm not too familiar with using this feature. It would be nice if I could somehow use a partition and angle it in between two cabinet sides, and manually add shelving in between. If anyone has any ideas id be eager to hear... EXAMPLE OF SHELVING ELEVATION VIEW OF UNIT I AM BUILDING
  8. The update has now fixed the issues! Very relieved... thank you! PBR looks amazing btw, your team did an awesome job.
  9. I love the new pbr renderings, definitely a plus. However I've been having some major issues in x10 regarding the material library and its core content. I am missing many texture properties in my wood and flooring categories. Support came out and said they fixed this, however this is not the case. If anyone else is experiencing please let me know and report, I'm hoping they can fix this ASAP. Example Error Messages BEFORE X10 UPDATE You can see on the before image of this kitchen the texture and grooves of the wood floor. If you look at the above attachment, it is washed out and has no definition with the seams in the wood. I would include more photos but I am at my limit. I do have another post with the rest here
  10. If they get back to you, let me know what they say
  11. Thats what I was thinking, thank God im not the only one..
  12. I'm not sure why this fix is working for everyone else but me.....
  13. I've updated several times, still no fix for any of my issues. Very upsetting
  14. Ugh I'm so frustrated right now haha, its gotten to pretty much all of my materials. Even tile, vinyl sheets, and laminate... Played with every setting available, all of my roughness maps, and ambient occlusion maps are missing. In this plan my flooring has skewered itself for some reason. Grout lines are huge, tried adjusting scale and patterns also... And this is happening in new plans as well. BEFORE AFTER
  15. And same with this plan, I even tried replacing the flooring material with an entirely different one and still issues.. It shows the roughness map highlighted in red and gives me no options in any of the material classes to adjust its roughness. Even in polished.. BEFORE AFTER UPDATE